Thursday, June 7, 2012

Heady love:

He love his 'headies'...Every night after his sisters are in bed he gets them out and plays. He takes time to put arms, ears and eyes in any hole he can locate and then shows them off proudly to Dadda and I..He loves their hats especially and will locate every variety that we have - and we have alot!

I think we have about six potato bodies - a giant leap from our solitary My Potato Head who was obviously bored alone and often found himself hanging out with cats, dolls and wearing and arm for a leg. Amazing what lengths a lone potato will go to in his endeavours to gain himself a family of potatoes isn't it????

But we got him..Now he has a wife and kids..He never gets out of the house and can be found on occasion wearing her lips and high heels.. He gets about in a cowboy hat often and I worry that he might think he is one of the village people? Maybe having kids changes things and the cowboy fetish is just his way of letting off steam??

Ho hum.. I can ponder potatoes and their thought processes all day..But it gets nothing done..
Needless to say...Rylan loves him and his little baby chats..