Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quick scrap share:

A couple of layouts..Both of the boy this time..I had some free time (freaky I know!) on Sunday..So I did a couple of challenges..

This was for the Get Picky sketch challenge for August..Apparently I missed the boat? I thought it closed at the end of the month? Ah well khe sera.. The VW sticker is from the Echo Park Country Drive range.. Cool.. I've jazzed up his headlights and given him a niumber plate..

This layout is with a photo I love! He is so cute with his model stare - I think he was just really very cold! I have never entered this a challenge from this site before. But found it after visiting Stacey's blog and seeing her take I thought I would give it a go.. An apology to Stace too - I am still having drama being able to leave a comment..Rrrrrr. Any who:

Purple Pumpkin Sketch challenge:

I have flipped the sketch upside down and created this.. A little bit of everything going  on here..I think I made it into the challenge by hours...Phew...

Edited to add: Didn''t realise I had to use Purple Pumpkin product..Which was a wee bit short sighted of me...Oopsy...Never mind sketch was fun!


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Daily Grind: 1

My new camera..Divine and lovely and extraordinarily heavy thing that it is - has made taking everyday photos even easier. Poor lighting isn't so much of a problem. So  I  thought (along with everything else going on in my life!) I could sporadically post a series of daily shots. Taking shots of simple little things that are important - to us..But taking them uncoventionally and maybe artfully even? I give no promises of making this endeavour work. But I will give it my very best..

So first up is Miss M's daily coffee hit - well frothy milk with a sprinkling of choc and a cute swirly straw!

Keep an eye out then for the next installment of the Daily Grind..

Bye xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 + 2

Dani and her beautiful family were the  first lucky clients to get the full kapow of my new camera..Really I only had it the day before. I was pushing buttons when I should have been swivelling the wheel..Hehehe..But we got there.. Miss Z was dutifully asleep when I arrived and perfectly wrapped in pink to have some sleepy shots and then we woke her..Wow..She was gorgeous.. Two boys and now two little girls..The perfect pair - twice over! Thanks Dani...

C xx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuck!.....Blog Hop!

Good Morning Happy Hoppers!

If you have arrived here because you are hopping along with the Stuck?! Sketches blog hop, welcome! One lucky winner from those hopping will receive a We’re Savvy kit from Scrapbook Savvy! Who wouldn’t want to win this gorgeous kit?

For your chance to win, leave a comment and collect the words from each blog on the hop. The words are just a list, they do not form a sentence, so no being tricky and skipping any of the blogs. Once you have finished, email the list of words to along with your name and location by midnight Sunday August 28th.

If you've just discovered the hop, you can get started HERE.

And, here is the full list just in case you get lost...

Celeste <<< you are here

So, you're next stop on the hop is Chantelle

Don't forget to write down your word, before you go - BIRTHDAY

And you can't have a blog hop without a layout..This layout is based on the Stuck! Bday bonus sketch :

I have rotated it of course..This was a seriously QUICK layout.I have used the plastic curling ribbon you use to wrap birthday gifts:

Have fun blog hoppers!!

Celeste xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toddler, truck and that dratted tongue:

You know...Toddlers are curious little group.. This little man had his grandfather and Mum aghast at his forced smile and tricky little tongue that found it's way into many of my shots. But I let him run..Play with the truck I bought along..And hey presto..I managed a few little smiles..Not as many as his sister - with her gorgeous big eyes..She was a photographers dream... They both did really well considering it drizzled most of the time....


Monday, August 22, 2011

Workshop time:

Yay! At last! This workshop is one of two I am planning this year. The second will depend upon numbers and general success of the first!  It is going to be very casual and hopefully I can explain your cameras settings in an easy and simple way. I plan on including a 'cheat sheet' for you take away and will provide some afternoon tea and good coffee.. I can also provide us with some willing models ( I have plenty to spare...)

The workshops will only cover using your camera. If I have enough general interest in how I edit photos I may also run a workshop on the topic too..But using the manual settings on your camera will produce excellent images anyways. Will see how it all goes.

So if you would like to book you and your camera into an afternoon of fun and hands-on learning..Get in fast..
The workshops will be held in my house and we can take photos out and around my place. I will pass on my details as  you book..
I have had alot of enquiries about running these sessions and now that my littlies are that bit bigger. I feel it's time..Payment is cash only and is required on the day...

Hope you are too..

C xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

She is 3....

Oh my sweet little baby girl.. Some days I can hardly believe it..Others..well she is just so grown up..She wanted a Peppa Pig cake and party..So she got it.. Phew..The cake was a trial..Thanks so much to Cindy for her help with our Swiss Meringue buttercream icing..A real effort..But so VERY yummy.. I wasn't competely thrilled with the finished product..But I asked her today what her favourite part of her birthday was - her cake...Sweet pea...

Happy Birthday baby..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am...

in the car right now..On the way to purchase this:

Oh me..Oh my....I am so excited.....
Bye xx

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kraft It Up August Challenge:

I liked this sketch challenge - and I loved scrapping Jemma..It's not often I get photos of my little 'mem'. ..And she was modelling here too..Sweetheart.. Paint, stamps, homemade tissue paper flowers, paper doilies...All good things..Yay!!

Stuck! August Challenge:

Ooh...Aahhh.. I love a sketch with strippy bits!! I have 'faked'the sewing with pen lines..As I so often do these days.. And I used a fed felt flower that I have put on and taken off at least a dozen layouts over the past year! Yay me! Got my decorative border punches and blew the dust off them for this one too..
I do love this colour combo as well..I added the blue strips and words later..It seemed to need that  extra color boost..
Works well with the little fella and sweet chicky babes...

Oh and it seems that I am 'officially' on the Stuck! creative team! I can't wait to get into some sketches..Back into it....

Night...Our little Milla's 3rd birthday tomorrow..It's a biggy...
Better get my beauty sleep...

By the way - I have been blog hopping around..But at some people's blogs..I  appear to need to log in and then I get a comment from blogger saying I don't have the right sort of blog to leave a comment? It's only on some?? Others I am fine...Rrrrr..

I feel sad not being able to comment on layouts and such that I would like too?? If anyone know why I am having this drama - could they drop me a line..I don't profess to be very technological...Hehehe..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

he is definitely a bloke:

Everyday he gets a car and pushes it around the house. It so sweet to us. Having only had girls before..This is a new and exciting baby skill...We love it..He even vrrrrrrs..With little pursed lips..Give me strength..He is divine!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thanks for the memories..

Spending the morning with Kelly, her gorgeous twin baby boys and little Tara..Well it brought back so many wonderful, yet crazy thoughts about my time with three little people under two. Life is a whirl. You are buried under a mountain of baby things and ALWAYS have some form of spit up on you..Which is why the last photo is my fave.. This is  EXACTLY how life is with 2 babies.. You always have our hands full! Thanks Kelly.. I hope you like them...

Nighty night one and all.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Toofy!

Scarp The Boys August Inspiration Challenge:

I really love this photo and the layout too! I tried for a full week to get him to smile so I could see that top tooth! It became the great tooth chase of 2011..
I incorporated the woodgrain in the furniture..and the other colours obviously. I love challenges..Because normally with this colour combo I would have added some green. But I am so glad I couldn't..I really like the result. Plently of Cosmo Cricket Space Age in here.. Crate too..Always a fave.. Possibly my fave little embellie..The litttle (and long time in my stash) retro R...So cute...

Monday, August 8, 2011

39 weeks.....Still blooming.....

But she is a little bit pooped.... A private joke....D will totally get it... I love how these turned out.. I hope you like them too. Looking forward to meeting the new little Mr or Miss... My name selections for you:

Girl:       Claire (simple and elegant)
Boy:       Jasper (different..but if you can get it past hubby..I like it!)