Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little sneak peek at..

a) my future! OMG! Look at her in this last shot?? Seriously?? She is eight!

b) more importantly..The clothing line Myrtle and Grace . It is up and running and I had the opportunity to photograph the clothing and put my kids in them too!  Rachael is making some really beautiful handmade pieces that are very versatile.. The red dress as featured on my 'far to grown up' 8 yr old...Well I wore it too! 28 weekd preg.. I will post photos to show as soon as I edit them. I loved all the little accessories too.. They really made the photos pop.. I especially liked the headband both Milla and Hallie were wearing.. The pearls were a delicate touch too..

Anyways..I prattle on.. I really just posted becauseI just wanted to get these indoor ones up for Rachael to peruse. I was very pleased with the result, considering I wasn't entirely sure they would turn out.. But the weather has simply turned on us this weekend and outdoors has become beyond impractical! 

So these shots -  I just took them in a corner of one of my brightest bedrooms and then edited them.. My other little twinnigans are insisting they too get a go in the dresses..So I will take a few more tomorrow morning! You should have heaps to choose from Rachael!

There is also one of Miss M and one of Rachael's Miss E from the outdoors part of the shoot..They are just a sweet little pair and were so very brave in the face of such a cold day! Standing and being brave for all the shots while the sun hid behind a cloud and the wind began to pick up.. True little supermodels they were.. husband thinks Miss H needs a portfolio and some paid work now..We'll see.. She did insist upon posing herself and constantly rearranging her hair..Rrrrr.. Which I kept putting  back the way I wanted it..I told her that a future in modelling means standing for long periods of time and doing as your told.. Not sure she can TRULY get with that program!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty Pippa..

I was inspired to edit this beautiful little the dreadful amount of rain and cold outside my windows and also by a quick cuppa at Mel's this morning....  She was an easy model really and Mum dressed her so beautifully too.. I think Gina you should check out the Shabby Apple. You will seriously love the little girls clothes you find there! Mel and I were checking out the clothes this morning whilst having some serious fun with various actions and a new technique concerning backgrounds..All Mel and I did was follow Rebecca Cooper's instructions.. I came home inspired..Photographed some scrapbook paper and voila..Pippa has a beautiful spotty background instead of a plain wall..And in the last shot - a pretty pink pattern to go with the delightful pastel wash action I ran...
Don't you just love those big baby blues??
I mean seriously cute??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

And the award goes to..

(for a day anyway)

These are the criteria I established over the course of one badly run day of the week..This week..
This self-appointed award is easy to achieve..If you garnered at least three of the following..You can justifiably award yourself too:
  • M dropped her cereal from a great height..I allowed the dogs to "clean up"
  • The girls went to school sans coats..the day was 11 degrees..
  • They DID go to school with extra dog fur sticking to their damn polar fleece jumpers though? Does that count for warmth?
  • I did their hair without ribbons or hairspray (shock horror!)
  • M wore the same clothes as the day before..Even with weeties dried out on the sleeve..
  • M had 2 plain slices of bread..Nothing else..For lunch..
  • I had half a pack of pringles..Sorry bub..
  • When "Grace whinged about another sister 'frowning'at her - for the third time (sheesh?!?) I told her rather loudly to -  and I quote: "Harden up princess. Frown back...And if she frowns back again.. Why don't you just thump one another and get it over with!" Plenty of frowning back at me after that little performance..
  • M had three sweet biscuits ten minutes before dinner..Sigh..
  • I also allowed the dogs to "clean up"after dinner as well..Generous to a fault I am..
  • I PAID my children pitiful amounts to unstack and stack the dishwasher, while I soaked in the tub..
  • I used M's top, that she was wearing,  to wipe snot candles from her nose..More than once..
  • M went without a nappy from 4 - 7pm...
  • I accidently gave M panadol for older children..She slept well..
  • I never raised a curtain in the house all day..
  • I never made my bed..The girls made theirs..
  • I did no washing.

Now..There can be no reasonable justification for these crimes against my mothering..BUT..I have the worst cold ever..The kids are all coughing and snotting too..AND I am heavily pregnant to boot.. So those are my excuses..Make of them what you will....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland..Again..

I promise that these are the last of my Winter photos of Miss M..But she was just so super cute in the little ratty hand-me-down beanie.. I also have a confession..I allowed a photography group at a shopping centre to snap her too.. Oops.. I had a look at them today..Wasn;t overly impressed either..Their black and white prints were so INSIPID..Almost grey..aaarrgh..But I did get one of her in colour with her blanket....All of the photos I have posted of her lately I LOVE at lot more than almost all of the ones they took of her. Some of the real close ups they took - seem a little soft focus too?? I didn't like them at all..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Me and my girls..

Very late..But this was the only shot taken on Mothers Day! We set it up with a timer on the way home from our activities.. very last minute and without Rod..He had left for work before it occured to me that we hadn't taken any shots!
Also - you can't see my bump! I am going to get some shots of it soon. I promise! I think I am going to drag the older girls out inthe cold tomorrow to the same location I took Milla to the other day.. Se if I can't get some nice shots of them too.. That's if I can be fagged prettying them up before hand.. I promise nothing in that regard..
Note: Milla no longer says 'bunt' for button..She says 'bunton'..which is really sad for me.. I loved her cute little words..But she is making so much more sense..Drat! She also has lovely manners. Says 'tanku' (thank you) without being prompted and follows that with the word 'manners'. She is just telling me so I know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

more of my girl..

The big girls are at school..Doing that thing they call learning..So they miss out on little photo shoots as they crop up..So I apologise for more of M..But she is my only model when the mood takes me..And today it did.. I snuck through Victoria Park on the way home from a paid shoot..And in between slices of bread straight from the bag while strapped in her carseat..(Nothing like a nutritious lunch hey?) We snapped these.. I am going to frame the last one..It is SO HER...cheeky and independent and loving..In between smiles She dropped the lip and asked for more bread...Little ratbag..I love them all!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Sorry for my absence.. I normally blog when M is napping..But lately I have been napping too..The middle of the day comes around and I fold up on the couch and sleep to the sounds of Days Of Our Lives..It can't hold my interest and I drift away..I have also been really SLACK with the camera..So I made an effort with M the other day and took soem Winter snaps of her..A great spot for photos right near Big W..People must have thought I was a bit mad..Plus it was really quite nippy.. I have more..But these are all I have edited right now.. Plus I need to go and hang my sheets up - in my new DRYING CUPBOARD..Woohoo!! I LOVE it..
I love my laundry now.. It's clean fresh and a place to hang and fold my clean washing..If only I could kill off the three night time inhabitants....Our cats.. They bed down and eat and SHIT in there..So it's a big job keeping it CLEAN and FRESH..But seeing as murdering their feline persons in their sleep would severly aggrivate my children's personal development..I will just have to content myself with waiting for them to die..Could be a while...I do encourage day time outings across the road...Nah.. I do love them..But seriously cats - never ever have three at once!! Sheesh!