Thursday, August 27, 2009

Party Photos

I couldn't move the photo to the bottom..But you get the general idea..This was at the end of a big afternoon of cake, playing, toasting, chatting and presents!

I love this one..Hallie Blowing too and helping keep her safe from the flame..

She was just so in awe of Mama's creation...Thank goodness..

I spent most of Saturday creating it.. I had helpers.. Grace was a bit unwell and slept the afternoon away..Having only 2 helpers was then lots easier for some reason.. One less pair of hands to occupy I suppose! They helped cut the musk sticks, stirred the cake batter, loaded the lolly bags and even ate some along the way!

Thanks Mel for the pudding basin - it was perfect! I handmade bunting to hang.. You can see it int he background inone of the shots...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Totally cheeky!

This is her sweet cheeky face..Grinning down at me from her change table last week! This is seriously the only way to get a shot of her smiling and showing her teeth..I have to encourage ratbag behaviour - which I get - and then her eyes go all scrunchy and closed...Love it..Love her.. Little one year old..
Her party was screaming success.. Huge...and she wandered around among the legs of the many adults looking a little lost for most of the day.. I was crazy busy and didnĂ˝ get alot of shots..But I will post them soon..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some more little snaps..

...of my little one.. These were also taken just near home.. I have given her some time out from modelling for me for now.. We have her party to get through tomorrow..So actually I will be still photographing her - just not posing her!
Lastly - this is my round 4 entry for Embellished Idol..
You had to incorporate painting and distressing, stitching, layering and oh yes - chipboard...
I painted the background after attaching soem textured cardstock in the same colour..
I am quite happy with how it turned out..
Off to check on the first part of M's party cake...I am making a gaint cupcake...Gawd..What was I thinking??
Seriously.. ALso off to monitor the girls as they help fill the lolly bags..

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We still have the party to go on the weekend..But my little baby is one!
I am very sad..
I am happy for her but I didn't want this year to go as fast as it did.. I can hardly believe a year has gone by already..
Looking forward to the next year monkey..and all that toddlerdom will bring!
Love Mama xx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I promised..

More locations..and here is another near my house.. My poor little model was wondering what was going on when her mother plonked her in the long WET grass by the side of the road on a cold foggy morning..
I got tooted at by a very big truck and an old man pulled over to offer me a ride beacuse he thought I had broken down..No thanks..Just photographing my baby in the dead of Winter...Isn't everybody??

Thursday, August 13, 2009


What a big Saturday!
Mel and I took all of our six kids to the local park for a photoshoot. Armed to the teeth with props, filled with confidence and with children fully bribed..
We headed for the local park and snapped away!
I took the ones of my children.. Mel..Bless her took the ones with me in them!
By the time we were done I was exhausted..
Milla was an absolute trooper..As were my other angels..They earned their treat and extra pocket money..
With great shots from my own local area in my pocket. I am feeling fully inspired to find other great photo locales..
Stay tuned for other images..Mostly featuring Milla..As the other girlies ar back in school..
If you would like your family photographed on location..and youlive near me..Let me know..
C xx

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I've been scrapping..

I think my mojo has come home..
I also cleaned my desk..
That helps..
The first one..I love.. I cut up some American Crafts paper and included some good old Basic Grey..
The round one is for week 2 over at Embellished Idol.. The title is hard to see.. 'Through your eyes'.. HAve used doilies again... So versatile.. Mel and I even considered snafooing them from the coffee shop yesterday..
The next.. I love the strip I used for the title.. Because she truly is - so ..not you average girl...
The remember one..I don't do pastels overly well.. But I loved that paper and I had a little flower splurge at Lincraft earlier in the week.. So naturally this was the result.. Love the houndstooth and the pink woodgrain from Ac too..
The butterfly layout is a bit older.. But I love those Amy Butler punched butterflies..And a friend got them for me specifically.. So here they are.. Plus I love that photo of Milla at 6 mths old.. A whole half a year ago already! I have just noticed the butterfly is folded over.. That would be because I stack my finished layouts on a bookshelf beacuse I am too lazy to spend money on albums, when I could be spending it on new product..
And the last.. Well I finished and now I am not sure if I like it?? I always use only one photo - or lots of smaller photos and I wanted to vary that up a bit.. My fave parts are the prima and lincraft flowers..( Mel and I are going to have a Prima order fest later in the week.. Ooh I am excited already!) and the out of focus large photo.. I love it.. and her obviously! Oh and the Webster's pages paper Oh which I am now a huge fan!
Mel and I did a photoshoot in the Winter sunshine yesterday - with ALL six of our kidlets.., illa did really well.. The photos look awesome and I will post some of my faves next.. I need to edit them and my eye hurts.. Bit stuffed..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's me or the dog..

Took the girls out for afternoon tea..
Came home...
What did we find?
Two lolly bags destroyed..
The contents devoured..
All that remained..
Empty lolly wrappers..
Lolly pop sticks..chewed
And bits of hard lolly stuck to the carpet..

Monday, August 3, 2009

A layout

for Embellished Idol. It's the first week and I quite liked the challenge. The colours are not something I would normally choose. But I really quite liked the red gold combo.. I painted the doilies red...
It's nice to be in a comp with a weekly challenge..Motivates me to scrap more..
Pink was fab! She is awesome..So acrobatic..

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yes.. I added to her..And then I took her photo before she pulled it out just minutes later.. The long bit pinned back is her strip of baby hair - from birth. But under it is new growth.. Little cutie..
Am off to Pink concert tomorrow...
Yay me!

Nighty night..