Thursday, December 22, 2011

A share and an idea:

A while back I was feeling adventurous, crafty and thrifty all at the same time! So I created these layouts with a mind to making up a vintage/upcycled kind of mini kit? Obviously I ran out of time. The end of the year being upon us. But I haven't let the idea go completely and have put it on the backburner until the New Year when I find more time.  I had purchased some old patterns, vintage buttons and some funky vintage inspired stickers from Myrtle and Grace to include in the kit. As well as some new patterned papers and bits of patterned paper ( keeping the upcylced theme in mind) I was also going to have intsructions on how to use the items like I have and stencils created by me to use as masks..Ah well..The stuff is all still there. Please..Let me know by leaving a comment if you would be interested in one of these types of kits. At least then I  will have the Summer to come up with something or let it go if the interest isn't there....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishing you all a very:

Thanks to everybody who drops by my blog. Thanks also to everyone for leaving me such lovely comments all year.. I hope everybody stays safe and happy over the Christmas and holiday period...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stuck: Dec 15 sketch:

I found this sketch quite tricky. I have turned it on it's side. It was not long after wo lost Maggie. So I  really wanted to scrap a photo of her. I found this one amongst the pile and loved it. Miss Milla was so little..I love the blue paper. Thanks Basic Grey. Handmade flower on there and a flower from Spotlight too.

Getting rid of the kids this evening. Off for a night out for dinner with friends. I can't wait to get gussied up. It's not something I get to do much anymore. It was one of my fave things to do BEFORE kids. My girlfriends and I would spend ages decinding on outfits and doing our hair and make up. I have purchased a new floaty top for tonight - and my VERY high wedge heels have been winking at me from the walk in robe all week. They are so flirty - if they could talk they would say:
"How YOU doin?"....
Ahhhh sigh.. I have missed you and the delicious feeling of thiness the extra couple of inches brings me...I will tolerate the pain for beauty... You win wedges...I will see you tonight...Maybe I will take a few snaps of me dressed up. I have been working out..So I should commemorate (sp?) my efforts for 2011...


Friday, December 16, 2011

sweet family...

Just in time for Christmas. It was a joy working with you guys.. I think I did more chatting than snapping! There were too many to choose from!

C xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stuck Dec 1st sketch:

Apparently Sara designed this sketch on another my own layouts..Cool. Always a fan of bunitng I could obviously see myself using this sketch! I had fun with this one. The bunting I made from wrapping coloured sticky dots from these masking and sticker sets arond string. They are available at Myrtle and Grace:

The hearts I just hand cut them from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper I no longer liked and used it as mask I got the line along the left hand side totally by mistake - but I love it. I kept it too. Might use it again.  I have a real little stock pile of misted had-cut masks in my pizza box I use to mist in...


Stuck: Dec 1st sketch:

If you like this sketch..Head on over to Stuck and give it a go:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photos we thought we might never see:

So very glad you decided to have a baby.. Lind and Steve..So happy you let me photograph you at this time too..I know it's a cliche - but you are blooming.. And Steve..Well your're pretty cute too..especially when you are skipping....LOL..Can't wait to meet the little Macdonald...What about Ronald for a name? Bet you haven't heard THAT one before........

C xx

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like:

I haven't had the camera out to snap my own little brood in quite some time.. The photos folder for November looks quite bare! So needles to say, I have more than made up for it already and we are only a week into December. The silly season is upon us..
I took these photos on Fri night. We got our tree, put on pretty clothes and tinsel...We trimmed the tree and then had fish and chips.. Then we took a wander down the road in the hopes of catching a good shot for our yearly Christmas card. I am pleased to say I got it  and a few extra..I thought I would share... A fun family night...Gotta love that...


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Umm..thanks Jamie Oliver...

Actually it's thanks to my brother and sister in law who gave me his 30 minute meals book for my birthday..Yay! You know how sometimes you get these recipe books and end up just looking at all the pretty pictures..Well this time I am giving it a go..The kids liked it too!

So here was I making a 'catherine wheel 'sausage concoction, crispy baby taters and apple salad with my new prada perfume on (another birthday gift) and my new earrings from my new jewellery tree...yep more birthday presents...I am a lucky girl...

Thanks for all the bithday messages on Facebook, and via text too.....