Friday, April 29, 2011

lets swing baby..

I told Rodda I wanted some photos like these..
So I worked him up to it...
I set the camera functions and encouraged him...
 and I was very pleased with the result!

So I can happily say:

Photos by Daddy..Instructed on how to take them by Mummy..
Well done Daddy..and well done Mummy..
Tocumwal..Easter 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

Don't you just love his fascination in the first series of shots??

The fascination only lasted very briefly before the egg was wedged firmly in his mouth. Followed very closely by the swallowing of foil..Hmmm. The girls and their cousins got a massive haul this Easter and enjoyed spending time with family..Which is what Easter is all about for us.

It was VERY cold Easter morning and we had to hold the girls at bay for a good half an hour so the sun could warm them when the hunting began.. ANd then it began in earnest...All over very quickly.. and then we had to spill them all out on the floor from their baskets to divvy them up evenly. Mind you - the girls were very thoughtful and made sure during the hunt that the little ones collected their fair share and were totally involved..Sweet.. Love him and his bunny ears..So did he it appears...

Bye xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

boy love..

The only two challenges I was able to get done before going away this month were both boy layouts and I love them!
First up:

For the life of me I cannot remember what new product brands I used here...And not having my scrap room near  me does not help! I know there is some cool new Basic Grey in there though.. I love my little flags.. This month at STB your layout needed to feature an item of clothing..This is RJ in his very first shirt..He is so scrummy! Some Studio Calico My Huey mist here.. I love it. It dries quicker and isn't so wet when you first spray it. A bit of paint splatter too..

This is the 12345 challenge.. I piece of kraft - check...2 photos smaller than 4x6 - check... Three different alphas - check...4 patterned papers - check... and five embellies..also check.. seriously divine baby photos of my little RJ boy.....

By the way..Loving wireless broadband...Able to blog while away on holiday...Will post some snaps soon...

Thanks for lookin..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

too fast..

he is 7 months old...
he can:

sit on his own and rarely falls - unless he is vigourously 'hugged'by his two yr old sister - and then he often face plants..
is reaching for everything from the sitting position..
has a new fascination with wheels. The kid will pull a toy pram onto himself in an effort to get to the wheels..
eats three meals a day.
give me a 'cats bum' face when he has had enough to eat..Very funny!
weighs 8.3kg and is sitting pretty on the 50th percentile.
sits happily in the seat of a supermarket trolley..pulls at everything within his reach.
sleeps in his baby carrier...aah heavy but oh so sweet..
chuckles when I blow raspberries in his chubby neck.
can roll both ways..BUT hates laying down now. Would prefer to sit.
Is still feeding during the night.
has no teeth yet -but I think there is one close...
is a big mummy sook. Hates it when I leave the room.
flaps his arms and legs like a crazy person when one of the cats or the dogs pass him by..
Couple that with cute little squeals and it's a pretty darn cute thing to watch!
Looks like this:

...and I just love him to pieces..WhenI took these he was just so happy. Smiling and giggling. I think I got 50 decent shots in the space of five minutes!
Look at those big baby blues!!

..and here he is doing his sitting thing..Oh so clever.. It''s hard to tell but he was dong the flappy arms and legs thing during this group of shots!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet little Jess..

My dearest friend Lisa gave birth to a beautiful little girl last week. Welcome Miss Jessica Paige..

She is just such a sweetheart Lis...Truly gorgeous..
Love C xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Freaky Friday

Apparently they were being:
"Like Grumbles"
Pictured here with his grandson:

Some likeness??
Well..I suppose they are all related..
Happy Holidays everyone..
C xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jodie and Ben

Oh my gosh. How MUCH fun did I have photographing this lovely couple, their family and friends???  I hope they knew I was totally sincere when I said they were a very easy couple to shoot. The love for each other was so obvious and the love was even more evident when I started editing their photos...

Truly, their's was a day filled with joy and quaint vintage charm. It was brimming with love, happiness and fun in a spectacular country location. Congratulations Jodie Ben, Scarlett, Lily and Eddie....

Thank you again guys.. I hope the rest of your wedding was as much fun...And I hope Eddie recovered from his little wedding wound!
And I gotta say - the cake topper - Awesome!

Call me for an appointment to see then ALL in full!

C xx

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Right now.. our house...

  • Milla is crying hit with a door....Hmmmm..
  • Kissed it all better..
  • The washing is eating me alive...
  • Baby is sitting..quietly..Playing with a packet of wipes..Loves the crinkly noise it makes..
  • Girls are cleaning their room.Apparently..
  • We are waiting for visitors.. They will have to take us as we come..Human-eating laundry and all...
  • I am fully dressed, showered and blow-dried - (we are having visitiors)
  • Rylan's highchair is coated in smooshed toast...More on it than in his mouth..
  • Baby is crying...Wipes have lost all appeal it seems..
  • Girls are squealing - apparently a new cleaning technique - will have to try it..Later..
  • Girls are pulling the legs and arms of a baby doll..Won't try that..Rylan wouldn't appreciate it..
  • They are talking about the pies big win yesterday on the TV. Yay! We were ALL there!!
  • A toy car sits to my left..That is still a surprising and new feature in our house..
  • Baby is now playing with said car and is quiet again..
  • Girls are quiet again - cleaning perhaps??? Not likely...
  • Milk is out on the bench..
  • Coffee machine is on and waiting for me..
  • Drawings and textas strewn across the kitchen table...
  • Girls are loud - AGAIN..Cleaning???
  • Mr Potato Head appears to be staring me down from the coffee table..He's freakin me out.. Look away man..
  • Milla is crying again...Third time for the day..
  • I feel bad..I trounced M for wailing the house down this morning when we were ALL still asleep.. Turns out I forgot about daylight savings and she had actually slept in..On the old system anyways...Sigh..
  • Baby is still playing with car - no- wait...Whining starting....getting louder...Time for bed....For me too?   I wish...
  • Gotta go...put him to bed.. If he ever stops grabbing his toes:

Bye xx

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thankful -- Friday..

Because I had no download left for a true thankful Thursday!
So I am thankful for:

  • sunny skies..meaning I can get out and walk with my two littlies..
  • conversation..with my two and half year old. It is continual.."What's that Mama?"
  • A decent block of sleep at night ..Rylan is improving...At last..
  • mushy veges..He is munching on homecooked stuff now..
  • Hallie being nine..We took 2 trolleys through the supermarket..She pushed M and I pushed R.. The twins danced around between the two. What a sight.
  • junior masterchef..My kids made dinner..Awesome..
  • Two bubs sleeping during the day at the same time.. Down time..... aaahhh..
  • my wok. I cook EVERYTHING in it... It's the only thing big enough..
  • a baby who sleeps in his baby carrier..
  • scrapping..A creative outlet that I crave..
  • Macca's coffee.
  • seeing great photo shoot locations everywhere I go..
And on that note... Also a photo to share..Just because I can't blog without one.. This was Milla. Being my test model on location for a wedding I was shooting.. Wedding went super well.. Photos to share of Jodie and Ben's big day very soon..