Thursday, August 21, 2008


... brought to you by Mel!

I have just been up to the hospital to visit Celeste and her very special bundle!

Please welcome to the world Miss Milla Isabelle Vermeend! (Yep its another pink one!!)

She was born on the 19th of August 5.30pm weighing 7lb 2.5 oz, 51cm in length and 34cm head circumference.

Both Milla and Celeste are doing fabulously and I have heard that all 3 big sisters are besotted with their new sister.

While visiting I did happen to notice that Milla looks a lot like her biggest sister Hallie. I guess I will have to wait to see her with her eyes open to decide.

Congratulations Celeste, Rod, Hallie, Grace and Jemma!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


and check out Kirst's blog for EVEN MORE photos of me, the twins and my beautiful friends..Nik who is preggers to and Lisa..Who was the smarty pants and had Sarah early...Beautiful little cherub that she is..Sarah I mean..Lisa isn't half bad either! All these shots were taken with 7 children under the age of 5 streaming around us..To think we will add two more to the bunch soon and the two eldest were at school and not even counted..

Some quick sums..If all four of us catch up with all of children..including those waiting to be born we would be surrounded by 12 kids....whoa... babe yet and not looking to be in all that big a hurry either.The midwife said if she were a betting woman she would take the bet that she would be seeing me next week...

I'm not gonna bet with her...

I'll leave you with a photo of Hallie.. All these shots of my bump..Then I snap one of her and realise how grown up she is becoming..Truly a BIG sister..

Love you baby girl..

C xx

Thursday, August 7, 2008

more shots...

Sheesh! This is turning out to be the most photographed baby bump ever!!
My good friend Kirst set up a back drop at Nik's house and took some more shots of me...They aren't up ta her site yet but I am dying to see how they turned out! I got her to take some with the twins, coz Mel hadn't been able to get them as they were sick at the time...

Of course I got home on Tuesday afternoon and felt gulity that Hallie had missed her chance of being forever captured with the bump.. So I stripped her off and set up the self timer on a bar stool and here are the results of that mini shoot in her bedroom!

NO more photos now until bubs makes his/her entrance!!
Camera is charged and card is empty and ready to go!!

I am due Sunday....
I feel no where near like I might give birth..
A friend suggested waving a packt of chips in the general vicinty..
Rachel on Friends wanted to smoke it out..

All interesting theories being considered..
Any other bright ideas??

C xx

Sunday, August 3, 2008

39 weeks

Thank Mel - for again taking some lovely snaps of me..These photos were taken at her new house and I spent my quality resting time editing them last night!!

The first few I ran a vanilla action on..The next a green and black one and the last was with a vintage action.. I am really pleased with them..

I do have a bit of fluid now though.. My face is decidely more puffy than the last photo shoot at 25 weeks! I have sock marks on my ankles these day s and the carpel tunnel in my hands is horrrendous! But blood pressure is still good!!

These will obviously be the last ones...On countdown mode now.. Feel more energised though..

No particular signs of imminent labour...But it is funny to think how close it is. I can remember thinking that I might not make Augst and here we are!

My measurements are catching up too.. I measured 37cm at 38 weeks..Will see how I go at doctors appointment this week..assuming I get to it!!

Bub's room is ready, cot change table, cradle all good to go. Picked up the new pram too and just need to get a clothes hanger thingy for all the itty bitty clothes and we are good to go!

Celeste xx