Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A creative splurge..

Now I know I said don't expect any scrapping from me - right?
Well I have felt a little more inspired of late..These 2 I scrapped with Mel and Fee at a crop last Friday.. Check out the handmade flower in 'Bubby Love' ..We all had a go at one.. Kinda cute..
Then these three I did today..Darling H took all four out and i scrapped...This wa the first..Just working into my jive..Then this:
Getting better..Got the Glimmermist out and tried my hand at my own bunting....
Then this..(But ignore the misspelled title! Didn't even notice until the image was on th laptop!!):
Went the Glimmermist again...And apart from being unable to spell..I think it is my fave for this group..


Thursday, March 25, 2010

He sleeps..

I did promise to post photos of Will's 5 min sleep..So here it is.. And then a few more coz he was just so darned cute!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Is all we hear around our house at the moment. All the animals get called 'Monny'. Solomon is only one of our cats but she is obsessed with him and all the others. She chases them around yelling 'Monny!'at the top of her lungs..She hates it when they go outside..Tries to coax them inside when they are outside..Pulls their tails..Says 'nigh nigh'' to them..She know the dogs are called 'dog-ogs' ( So very adorable when she say it.) But she insists they 'sit'and calls them "monny"too..

C xx

Monday, March 22, 2010

Outside My Window...Sunny skies..A lovely Autumn day for my girls junior school sport..

I am thinking...That I should get back to editing photos for clients..

I am thankful for...my husband who got the groceries and a pastie and cookies too for my lunch today..
From the kitchen...Our steamer part to our coffee machine arrived in the mail today (the orginal did a disappearing act about two weeks go)..Alas it was the wrong part...Rrrrrrrr

I am wearing... yep you guessed it...maternity pants..Will just copy and paste this entry for the next 6 months hey??
I am creating...photos..Yes playing with my editing skills lately..Trying to tweak my colour..
I am going...snooze after this post. I had quite a big Sunday..

I am reading...websites about Canon 5D camera bodies..I am also in 'la la land'.....

I am hoping...for a new camera and know I am not going to get one..Need to downgrade my hopes me thinks!
I am hearing...Ready Steady Cook theme music and now Peter Everitt's highly annoying voice..Must change the channel..Probably should just turn the TV off really..
Around the house... The chairs and wall opposite me contain not one but 4 dolls, a toy pram, a toy trolley
and toy car...

One of my favourite things...Being able to have a sleep in the middle of the day if I so choose..

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Obstetrician appt, photoshoot, photo editing, scrapbooking crop maybe...

A photo to share...My darlings after being outside all afternoon..Right up until the sun was setting..I was just about to drag them into the bath and give them a late dinner..Gotta love daylight saving and weekends and Autumn and messy hadns, face and hair!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wide awake Will..

I haven't had a newborn shoot in a while..I haven't had a little blue one either..And isn't Will such a cutie??
Of course his Mum and i were desperate for him to nod off so we could contort his sweet little body into adorable poses..But do you think he would play along??

After a few feeds and outfit changes..It was becoming increasingly obvious he wanted to flash his gorgeous baby blues constantly..who was I to argue?

So I kept snapping away and I love them..

Mum wanted this one to immortalise what she called his 'werewolf'ears..Too funny..

My fave so far I think...Love the little hands..

And I love how blue his eyes became on this background..Having four girls means I am seriously light on for props and backdrops for little boys..Can you work out what I used?
There are more photos to come..But this is just a sneek peek for Rachel and her family..Hope you like them. I will post his few sleeping shots to prove he slept - for 5 entire minutes! Soon!

C xx

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Washing drying on the clothes horse in the Autumn sunshine..It's on the clothes horse because after almost 5 years in our home, we still don't have a clothes line..

I am thinking...about what to have for dinner. Actually I am thinking that I can't be fagged making dinner..
I am thankful for...playgroup..Always fun and because it was dress up today Milla got a new purple frilly fairy dress..

From the kitchen...the floors are filthy. AGAIN. Luckily Milla tipped a FULL jug of water onto the tiles last night and I used J and G's used swimming towels to mop it up..Saves mopping today I think!

I am wearing...  thongs that have obviously seen a good Summer..Looking a bit flimsy..Aah..They will see me through Easter..

I am creating...NOTHING. Have no energy or interest in anything remotely crafty..I am also up to date on clients photos...
I am going...to take the twins to a dance class this afternoon..AAAAAGH!! What am I thinking???

I am reading...other people's blogs..So interesting..Peeking into other people's lives..

I am hoping...The twins are unco..and HATE dance classes...Hehehehehe
I am hearing...the washing machine and the clock ticking..Delightfully quiet around here..
Around the house...My thongs are multiplying..I see another worn pair floating around the lounge room floor..I guess this means the weather remains warm..For now..Also a calendar with a week/month fillling up...Sigh..

One of my favourite things...I know I sound like a broken record.. Buth the quiet is just SO nice right now..
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Hallie's famous Aus presentation, Kell and baby Oliver visiting, dance class, coffee morning here, Rachel and new baby William coming for photos..Yay!
A photo to share...A bit late..Seeing as her birthday was a month ago..But better late than never...This little note just melted my heart..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Picture perfect..

It has taken me an awfully long time to edit the photos of Gina's family..Because almost every shot was perfect. They have the honour of being the easiest family to photograph. I officially have no trophy for this award..But perhaps the extra photos will more than make up for it..

So, I have tried to show some example that are little bit quirky..Not perfect, but showing the fun and love this family obviously shares.. The group shot was my fave. I had instructed the kids to run towards me..Dad joined in and I think the resulting image is totally cool!

Baby P was tricky. didn't want to smile..But..right at the end I snapped her in her Mum's arms. Grinning like a chesire cat..Perhaps she was pleased she had managed to vomit pumpkin onto her white suit! Nevermind sweetie..I fixed it!

Thanks guys..Awsesome fun..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Always the first..

These shots are from last year...
In 2009 they all had sports together..But today Hallie went off to her first senior school sports.. Milla and I turned up to check out the action and wouldn't you know it - she was wearing her school shoes! No runners! So as all good mothers do I turned around and drove all the way home and brought her runners back to her.. Probably won't help her win any events..She's not athletically inclined..BUT her smile was enough.. I sat with her while she sat in her house group to eat her lunch. She was all by herself..her friend was in another house..There were BIGGER kids everywhere..But I had to go..I had to get M home back to bed..Thankfully her second cousin Maddy..Came and sat with her..
But as I left, I was again struck by the issues faced by the oldest child. Doing everything first..It's a big ask really. Plus her younger siblings are twins. When they have to face these new and confronting situations they will always have one another.. And now that she is going to be the oldest of five..Well let's just say..The pressure I feel is being put on her, it was one of the major guilt issues I had with this pregnancy..I know she will be fine. But it tugs at my heart strings a little when I see her 'little self'dealing with new and strange situations, like today..
You have to content yourself with accepting what is and realising that all that she faces is moulding her into the adult she would become.

Monday, March 8, 2010


My sister in law has started this daybook Monday stuff over at her blog 2 pixies.. I always enjoy reading it so I though I would give it a go...
For Monday 8th March..Labour Day..2010

Outside My Window...I see the day seat Rod is in the process of building, a pair of workboots, a muddy red wagon and wet ground..Yay it rained!

I am thinking...that my highschool sweetheart must still be hot..He just got engaged and comes second in big ski races..sigh..Shouldn't look back..But who can help it?

I am thankful for...Littlest Pet Shop toys..The girls are happily engaged with them..If not a bit noisy..
From the kitchen...my fridge and pantry are disgracefully messy..But they have doors - that close - so who gives a damn? Also that all it's associated smells are not making me want to puke quite so much this week..

I am wearing...My new (expensive) maternity 'skinny'jeans. LOOOOVE them....So comfy..Good purchase..

I am creating...this post for my blog?? That's about where I'm at..Actually I did make caramel popcorn lat night..Yummy!

I am going...to perhaps take a nap whilst M is napping..But it is a public holiday and I need to keep the bigger girls quiet...So she CAN nap..
I am reading...NOTHING..But have just finished 'The War Within.' An autobiography about one man's life and journey through the Vietnam war...

I am hoping...to get an ultrasound appointment this week. I haven't booked and I forgot  that today was a holiday..Oops!
I am hearing...The Academy Awards on the telly and my three bigger girls trying to play quietly..Not sure how successful they are..

Around the house...Washing to be folded..Washing to be washed..But overall tidy.. The dog is watching me intently from across the loungeroom.. I wonder what he is thinking? Something profound? Nah.. He has just picked up his ball..He wants to play..sure buddy..Next week..

One of my favourite things...My girls do their own hair on days off from school..Big news in this house..seriously makes my life easier..Plus the twins hair is so long, gorgeous and curly..I love it..Especially when I don't have to do it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Ultrasound, parent teacher interviews on Wed (that I have no appointments for and it is Mon - Yikes!) and maybe a movie night Tues..I might get to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D!

A photo to share...Milla had a meltdown in Target this morning..We hit the toy aisles..The baby doll aisle was heaven sent for her..Row upon row of 'bubbas'..She is crazy for them and has a vast selection at home..Needless to say getting her to leave such a vast and colouful array without one proved to be a challenge..She dug in  her heels, screamed, hit me (!!!!) and screamed 'BUBBA'at the top of her lungs all the way out of Target..Lovely..I did my best not to laugh at her misfortune..She is so cute when she's angry..It just mkes me want to giggle..Bad Mummmy..
So in honour of her current obsession...


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hopefully this will go along way to explaining my up and down behaviour in regards to my blog and general lethargy..
Yes we are on to no.5...
I did the test twice jut to be sure..I was pretty sure..But I had the extra test so why not make sure? Now..This was some time ago..If you check out my surrounds in the photo..I am in the caravan at Yarrawonga..So this was me on my own..Finding out I was pregnant for the fourth time.. We have since had the first appointment and everything is fine.. It has probably taken us almost this amount of time to wrap our heads around the news..
I am 13 weeks on Monday and I am SO tired and nauseous..It's nice for the news to be out too..
So for right now it has become a 'wonderful surprise'...
You surprised??
Join the club..
C xx