Sunday, December 14, 2008


Thanks for all the lovely comments about my Master's win. It's great just to be finally able to tell people! I am very proud of my entry this year. I was 36 weeks pregnant and creating over that giant tum was no mean feat!

Thanks also to Fee and Mel (Master's in their own right this year!) for encouraging me to enter an giving me ideas! I ouldn't have done it without you both!

I haven't seen a copy of the mag yet..So am looking forwawd to it arriving! My prizes have arrived though! I picked up 5 giant parcels at our little local post office on Friday. Wow! When I explained what I had won to the lady retrieving them, the customer in line behind me was very jealous and said so! You see there is a scrapbooker lurking around EVERY corner!

My girls were excited to help me open everything and being sticky tape fiends, were thrilled with the copous amount I received! Won't be searching for that elusive roll this Christmas Eve!

Pens galore too! Them being 'junior scrappers' that they are, they too were drooling over all my goodies and eagerly ready to swoop on anything I might allow them to have! Needless to say, my newly arrivde stash is still scattered around our entrance way until I can find a home for it all!

Thanks to a little bit of blogging and congrats I have rustled up my nine team members:

Alice Fettling
Anne Marie Cox
Julie Gordon
Kathie Link
Lynette Van Barello
Melleny Ams
Michelle Jamieson
Tammy Templeton
Toni Crane.

Congrats to you all and looking forward to working with you. I think I have travelled to all of you blogs that I can find? You work is amazing.. I am honoured.

Thought I woud post a couple of photos of my biggest girl. Looking beautiful and working the moment.. Thanks babe..

Friday, December 5, 2008


Seriously! Lucas is so cute and two weeks Miss M's junior..Perfect age to match them up! Nic's other two boys are betrothed to my other girls..Keep it in the family I say!
Now he is two weeks younger - but twice as heavy! Little oompa loompa!
Love him Nic!
Love these photos!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sash's family..

After a false start due to weather, we re-sceduled the session o the following weekend.. Out town being what it is - the weather hadn't improved enough the following weekend. They were all troopers though and we had fun taking them inside!
Thanks guys!
It's fun to photograph families that are so natural and relaxed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some scraptivity..

In her cradle for the first time..Love the little discarded dummy sweet.. Loved playing with the new Crate range too!

It's not always chocolates and roses with a new baby.....Used the expoxy stickers as a border - got the idea from CK..

I LOVE the chocolate little letters from Basic Grey...Mmmm yummy

Used all old product on this layout and it came up well..

An old photo - new product= winner..I inked a border for the photo..

Again - new product frenzy got me here! But I have mixed it up with some old stuff too! Love Gracie's little 'teeth in her lip' smile!

Having an 'off the edge' phase at the moment.. Had trouble finishing this one.I don't work well with very pale colours.. But isn't the baby just adorable! LOL!
That's it for me..Scrap updated now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Models for Mummy..

I decorated these little singlets for Milla a while back. Then of course I made her model them for me!! You can tell that by the time we got to the last one she was a wee bit over it! And naturaly the weather hasn't been particularly kind to us here yet so she hasn't had a chance to wear them out!
And of course the big girls couldn't be left out - so I put the letters of their names on a singlet fo them too!

Don't you love the M! I am going to put one on a bib for her.. I have been making bibs too..

My dear hubby mentioned today that I am in a very creative space right now.. I have been sewing up a storm! I will share my latest creations soon -as well as my layouts.. Have a few of those backed up!

Am off to a 'Celebration of Learning" hour at H's school!
Oh and yes the pink wall from a previous post is local - The side of the Haymes paint building!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

H Bear

Wasn't too sure about these 2 shots when I initially took them.. But in true black and white they have come up really well..
Both taken around the corner from that pink wall!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My biggest girls..

One hot pink wall, three Macca's inspired girls and a baby waiting not so patiently in the car - voila! That's how you do a photo shoot with four children! LOL!
But seriously - I love that wall and my girls too!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jeremy and Kelly's wedding..

It wasa beautiful Spring day. Perfect for getting married! Jeremy and Kelly both looked fabulous and were radiating happiness - which show in the photos I think.. Narmbool is such a gorgeous venue and the biews were amazing.. Evie and Piper were the flower girls and I could hve kept snapping away taking photos of them all day - way cute!
I was lucky to be a guest and enjoyed myself immensely. Although a wedding with an 8 week old takes it's toll on you! I was very tired by the end of the evening - especially seeing as my husband was a groomsman and was kept very busy all day!
Milla was an angel though and slept most of the reception..My beautiful baby girl.. I didn't take one photo of her or get one of me and Rodda...
Congrats guys.. They will be winging their way to Europe righ now!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here are the girls bday cards, I always make all my girls b'day cards and write a special note in each...I can still barely believe they are five..

It has taken a full week to get their presents housed..

For the layout.. I have used a tag from a piece of her baby clothing.. Mel's idea..She gave me the little suit..that the tag was from.. The phot is one of my most cherished from her birth...Her first feed..I was shaking so much from the anaesthetic, but like the little trooper she is she got and went gangbusters!

Speaking of being a trooper..My poor little angel had her first immunisations today, at 8 weeks old.. one in each of her precious little legs and she has been off colour ever since.. I gave her some panadol and that helped a bit. Real tears for the first time... So I have included one of my fave photos of her little footsies..Close to being her legs..and a better photo prop!

I have more layouts to share asap..Had a bit of a play with the new Sassafras ranges.. Yummy and so cute with all the brights and animals..
Will share once I get them off my camera..


Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy birthday..

It was a very big week in our household last week. Jemma and Grace turned 5! We had cupcakes for kinder, cakes for their birthday dinner, cakes for their party.. Let's just say - I won't be baking for a while!
The girls also got HEAPS of presents. So much so that many are still in their packaging on our lounge room floor now! We could start a modelling agencies for barbies and bratz we now have that many!!
They also got clothes, make up (shame!), jewellery, Little People, playdough actvities and reading lamps for their bunks.. AND..
They got their ears pierced after their not so 'little' party at the plaster fun house.. Yikes! Grace cried a little but not Jemmy, who proudly went first because -
" I was first born!"
The photos above were taken during dinner out at a local Italian restaurant with family on their 'actual' birthday.. They owners gave them all a ball of pizza dough - which kept them all amused fr the entire evening!
Love you babes.. My little twinnigans, my angels, my growing girls.. Now with cute little shirt dresses, leggings, pierced ears and a new little sister, you appear to have grown up overnight..
Happy 5th Birthday..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Trying my hand..

at photoshop brushes, blog banners.. Like I don't have enough on my plate!

I think it looks ok??

I alsohave some photos to post..I did a mini photo shoot for one of my BFF.. and these were the results.. Little Lucas is ony two weeks younger than Milla..

Hope you like them Nik...They are ready for you..
It's nice for the occasional touch of blue on a pink girly world..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creativity alive and well..

Well it was! I did these last week..
This week a little more tired... I have just got up from a nap and am waiting for M to wake up now too.. So a quick post of what I have done.. I love the first photo.. Rodda took it when she was only minutes old..
Felt a bit wistful about my bump..So I scrapped those photos.. Mind you I am completely overlooking the swollen hot feet and associated conditions that went with the bump...The human condition I suppose to ensure we all have more kids!! LOL!
I have done nothing but scrap Milla...So I changed course and scrapped Jemma. This was one of the first RAW images I took - whilst we were on holdiday in QLd in May... I love the circle..
And of course my Ali Edwards inspired birth layout that I simply love the result of... A bit of a change of pace, using a slightly more graphic feel..
Mind youhaving completed all of these. I have noted my current obsession with all things scalloped!! LOL!
Bye for now!