Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blooming beautiful..

This is my gorgeous friend Lisa and her girls on her maternity shoot.
You look wonderful. Truly. Can''t wait to meet the new little princess!

Love C xx

Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 x 12: Feb..

Taken on the morning of H's birthday breakfast - in a real HURRY!
Will try to be more inventive for March. Ordered a wireless remote for my camera - so this should help my creativity and skills!
Happy weekending all!

C xx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little girl and a little spunk monkey

WW1 challenge.
White with brown and a vintage item..
Fun. Not a colour combo I would select on my own, but I like the result.
Plus I scrapped Jemma. Which I haven't managed to do for a while..

Stuck challenge.
I love this layout. Bad, bad photo. Sorry. Don't know what happened there.
Ink, mist...Ribbon lace...and some cool new product.. Thickers..MME Stella and Rose stickers..
I was so happy I incorporated black! Always a tough ask for me.
The ballon and some of the yummy papers are by Bella Rd. I think the mushroom is old October Afternoon. Not sure it was just in  my stash..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

shabby banana chic

or..shabby chair, banana coloured dress..cute photo... ..
'shabby banana chic'.....
more from the Myrtle & Grace shoot to come.. just a teaser..
my little sweetheart...she is so yummy..

Monday, February 21, 2011


Makes you wanna go and murder a hamburger hey??
So now we are on solids, life becomes more complex..
Gotta plan meals, cook food, transport food...........
And the napisan bucket is getting a serious workout..
Love how that little mouth opens when the spoon comes near..
Like a little baby bird really..
He flaps his wings too..
Excited by smashed pumpkins!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharing these:

Show Us your Stuff Feb Sketch challenge
I had a go at doing that inky background thing and I like it!
This is mostly all Echo Park.That lvoely boy range I have been using so much.. And of course my little RJ man - at only two days old...

Stuck sketch challenge...
I had fun with this colour combo.. and I loved using the ribbon...Noice.. All old stuff..Including Sassafras flowers..

One just for me..My little bugalugs..All swollen at the beach.. I love, love the shabby Crate paper..

Show Us Your Stuff challenge.. Using a handmade heart and all about love..
Obviously my DH and I... I had so much fun making this one. It's nice to change up from phrases and papers you use on layouts about the kids.. I even used the Studio Calico lamp I cut out from their greeting card that came with their kit. My hearts have twine, brads and I have glossed them as well. Very simple and not over excessive... Used quotes from Cosmo Cricket papers,Websters pages and Bella Bvd Lovey Dovey range. All stuff I have had for ages, that didn't suit kiddies layouts..

Another just for me.. I smile when I walk past this layout displayed in the hall.. Again with the Echo Park stuff..Very handy..

And again..For me.. I love this one.. Little birdies, bunting and a baby in a basket!
What more could you want?
Have used the Alphabet Soup stuff..Plus Cosmo Cricket and other various scraps...

Night..Need to rest up..
Have 9 little girls here tomorrow for a butterfly themed party..
Give me strength...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A layout for her...


I am sorting out my whimisical groove..
I love this layout..
Love the beautiful bright cabbage rose paper by Crate Paper..
Love the paper flowers..
Love my bargain MS ribbon sticker too..
Love my Martha Stewart butterfly punch..
Love my girl

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy birthday H

I can hardly believe she is 9..
Makes me a little sad..
Alot happy..
She is beautiful...

Nine little things we love about our girl:

1. Her mile a minute conversations...
2. Her burgeoning fashion sense..She has a thing for grey and it does make her eyes pop..
3. Her quirky little love notes left for us..
4. Her creativity..She creates from paper - like her Mama..
5. Her LPS addiction..She has so many littelest pets..and they all have names..
6. She is polite and respectful.. A pleasant trait to have..
7. Her "humph"..When things don't go her way..
8. Her ongoing affection for a certain scruffy bear.. 8rys strong relationship a bear and a girl..
9. Her sweet, loving and excitable nature..

Happy birthday my sweet first little St Valentine's baby girl...

Love Mama xx

Saturday, February 12, 2011

meet my nephew..

Mr. Darcy...
and his first shoot with his Auntie..

Are we ready to begin shooting little man?

Firstly...A bit of a feed to help settle those photo shoot nerves...

Check out the cool frown action goin on here..

At the begininning..He didn't want to play nice..It was really hot and he didn't want to go nigh-nighs..

Hey? You? What you doing with that big black thing in my face?
And by the way - this fluff is cute but dang hot..

Awww..unintentionally.. Got him in a love heart....Like to credit my awesomeness at photogaphic props.. But sadly no...It was fluke..Cute fluke..

Peely fingers...Makes me sad for my big five month old boy...

This is my favourite! I love it! He looks like he is modelling those BONDS!

Always gotta have the sweet feet shot..

Baby in a platter, in, the grass, with a resident spider keeping an eye on my skills..ooohh yeeeew..
Things I will do for a good shot....LOL..

HOpe you think he is as sweet as I do...
C xx

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gotta love a challenge - or 2

Kids are at school - back on the scrap wagon. Yay! Thought I would try my hand at a couple of challenges  - you know to get my eye back in:

 colour combo challenge:
Ooh am loving the Pink Paislee bunting stamp.. Interesting colour combo... Think I made it work, considering it was my first attempt after a long hiatus..

Inspiration song "Forever Young"
Martha Stewart cardboard doilies..Yummy. I really love the look of the new whimisical embellies that are out now..I have the sweet little whimsie hearts by webster pages and I also made my own - a button flower with a self adhesive pearl in the middle. Finally got to use my tulle flower too..Might  have to hunt the op shops for some more olde worlde buttons.. Jounalling is about the girls enjoying their childhood summers while they have them..

Still using the October Afternoon bunting paper.. Have got a lot of layouts out of it. Always good. Handmade squishy flower. Who'd have thought folding a little bit of paper and flattening with your palm could look cool?? Also bought the Martha Stewart multiple butterfly punch.. So have been playing with that too. Some very OLD prima flowers made it on too...

And one just for me..Not real pleased with this one..I have so much trouble with pastels.. Am gonna practice some more me thinks.. I really like neutrals.. and love thelook of incorporating black stamps or rub-ons.. But the critic in me tells me I missed the vintage/whimsy mark with this attempt.. I always work so much better with brights... They are my comfort zone.. Still -  Made my own bunting from a brown paper bag, which I stamped on with ink...Also used new stamps I bought..Pink Paislee I think?  Ooops I threw out the packaging already and I didn't take much notice! Another handmade squishy flower too! Like the little snail..I do..Es cargot all the way baby..

Thanks for looking.... 

Friday, February 4, 2011


a little bit anyways...
The three big girls went back to school today.
Milla and I wandered about our empty house..
"Where the girls Mama?"
I love how she treats them as a collective..
"At school  bugalugs."
"Wanna go school Mama."
No sadness or tears, just a statement...
I even cleaned out the pantry.
I did all the washing.
Big sigh as I hung out the bathers, the shorts, the singlets...The last load of holiday washing..

Now don't get me wrong...I am glad to have them back at school. But I worry for them on their first day in a new class...I miss their smiles and their overwhelming helpfulness...I miss their wierd little stories.. I miss them talking to and entertaining their baby brother.. I miss their noise (!!!$?) No seriously..the noise of them playing their pretend little games together..

I don't miss the stress of dealing with all 5 at once. Six weeks of older kids, a toddler and an infant is more than enough. Doing the groceries this morning with 2 was a relative breeze! In fact almost enjoyable..I bought far too much - I was enjoying it that much. I am pretty sure the old ladfy thought I was smiling because the price of bananas hadn't gone through the roof just yet - but no..Just relishing the ease of two little ones firmly seated in a trolley.. Who'd have thunk it? Single people would have thought me a busy Mum! LOL!

And she misses them...
That probably makes me the saddest...
Ï have sleep..Then go to get girls Mama??"
Yes baby...

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my little RJ man..
He did marginally better last night..
Will keep puddling through..
And will look at the website too!

C xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is the face...

That is making me nuts, keeping me yawning, bringing tears to my eyes...Leaving me with very little energy left over for the other four little people, let alone my husband....Sigh....He is five months old - and used to be a pretty good sleeper. Wake to feed and then go back to sleep...

Not anymore..

That face - is awake half the night..Screaming...NOT sleeping..Feeding...NOT sleeping...Crapola..
I am so tired and I know it's gonna happen again tonight - and this time I can't sleep in with the little turd...

Girls are back at school tomorrow....

Last night he cried at 9.30, 10.30, I fed him at 11.30, cried again at 1.00am, brought him to bed with us at 2.00am..Not quite sure what happened between then and 5.30am..He might have been asleep on the boob..Then he was awake and letting it all rip until 7.00am. I lost track of the amount of times I re-wrapped him - only to have him screaming all over again.. I know I lost it twice - tears and I think I yelled "STOP IT"very loudly in frustration. Which was obviously SO HELPFUL.....Not sure how many times I tried feeding him to sleep..But it was a few.. So much so that I stopped putting them back in my nightie..All class me!
He eventually went to sleep sitting up, wrapped and his head fell onto my arm..What the???  He woke at 8.30. I fed him and we both went back to sleep unitl 9.30.......

Bring on the day baby!

Time for some positive action..I got some panadol. I brought some dummies..Which he so far hates by the way... We ARE going to have a better night. I hope xx

I know everyone has bad days..I just felt the need to vent this one...