Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lovely Listons....

Look at these gorgeous kids!!It was freezing when I took these photos and the kids braved the cold very well! The shots show how close they are! They are also close in age..keeping their Mum on her toes!

On a personal front -I can't wait to escape to warmer weather...4 days to go! It is Friday afternoon...School is finished for the term...I wish all the Mum's and Dad's good luck and a safe holiday period!

Ooh and my Mum and Dad are now online and venturing into cyber space..If they happen to find me here - HELLO!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Well it it Monday and that means a couple of things in my world:

* Little Scrapbook Shop Sept cyber crop is almost at a close! Check out my DT challenge LO, above. I really like the way it finished up. I wasn't sure how to scrap these photos initially... That's the best part about a challenge...It makes you step outside the box a little..

* We are a week away from our first family vacation since having children...Well first serious one. Qld here we come!!

* Hallie has gone back to school....I love my child, but geez sometimes she drives me batty!

That's about it from me...Thanks for to everyone who stops by...Will post photos of the Lovely Liston children very soon..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here you are two more for Paper Pesto. I have loved working with Scenic Route stuff! The Ashville paper series is really very versatile. I was concerned at the colours, but as you can see I have used them in girl layouts and they look quite ok...Well I think so. I get over using pinks all the time anyways!!

The 'pooped' LO is with another older photo, Jem from Christmas night. It's not a perfect shot, but one that I will treasure in later years, when the holiday season isn't such a big deal to the girls... It happens eventually hey??

Also pop over to The Little Scrapbook Shop. We are currently holding our September cybercrop and there are some great challenges! I have done my first digi challenge! A magazine cover. Very simple..But I like it!

Finally.. GO THE MIGHTY MAGPIES!!!! I'm a closet AFL junkie....Didn't you know???

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A quick share..

Here is the first layout for Paper Pesto... And a card with the same Scenic Route papers and cardstock stickers and aren't the buttons just luuurvely???

It is a really old photo of Jem from Summer. It kept popping up on my screensaver and for ages I couldn't locate it in any of my files...It was really irritating me, as I love this photos of her...Needless to say I burned off SOME (hehehehehe) of the images on my hard drive in a moment of whimsy the other day..and there it was...Right in the Jan 07 file as it rightly should have been????

I added the flowers in photoshop...Love the effect!! The card is one I made the day my pack arrived in the mail...Right in time for my dearest DH birthday!!

I have 2 more layouts for Paper Pesto, done today (yay me!) and will upload them tomorrow after I have taken shots of them.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Righto! I have been tagged! By Kayla two weeks ago (sorry lovey!) and then by Lisa! So I thought I had better tag five more people:

Fee, Mel, Kerryn, Nikala, Marni, Tash...Copy and paste apparently!

One of the layouts form the retreat!!! I love this photo of her!!

If anyone can help this dummy put a banner on my blog...Drop me a line!!

The New Me!!

I have had a crazy week by all accounts and am starting at last to feel like myself again..Although the view is a more than a little different!!

I had my front left tooth removed last Wednesday. I was very scared, but it didn't hurt at all, thanks to the magic of anaesthetic(sp?)....I have to wear a plate with a tooth attached for 5 mths, while the screw in my gum heals....Sounds rather gross doesn't it??

So I have a brand new smile, (and a brand new haircut to match!) but a mouth full of plate and a hideous hag/witch like appearance when the plate is removed!!

I was in pain for a couple of days and then 'discomfort' from the plate, which I am still having!!

BUT...I had the stitches removed yesterday...YIKES! That hurt so much, my whole body was lifting off the dentists chair!!! I broke out in a sweat - everywhere and still have marks where I was digging my nails into my hand to distract me from the pain....

Anyways...I am on the mend and was just marvelling at the photos Rodda took of me! I am so used to facing a certain direction for the camera to disguise my grey, crooked tooth, it kinda of shocked me to see my new smile - great from any angle!!

The bottom photo is the before shot, taken by the lovely Lisa Pate while we were in Sydney..Mind you, I have photo-shopped out the discolouration... The top one is me, three days after surgery...I look good, considering the amount of painkillers I was throwing back!!

On a scrapping note...I have almost finshed my first layout for Paper Pesto Lots of lovely Scenic Route papers.. Stay tuned for a sneak peek!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

meeting Oscar..

I was given the opportunity to meet and photograph Oscar.. Cindy and Jeremy's handsome 4 week old son. I haven't photographed really new bubba's and Oscar exceeded all my expectations!

He was awake for the entire 40 minutes and tolerated all the moving and states of virtual undress with consumate ease!
Well done Oscar and thank you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Father's Day has come and gone again for another year. At one time in my life, my Dad was the only one in it...Now I have three important father figures in my life...
My Dad, my husband and my brother...I was lucky enough to spend Sunday withall three of them and to coax them into a little impromtu photoshoot..

Dad's really are the greatest...Happy birthday too to my husband. Rodda, you are everything...

Saturday, September 1, 2007


At long last I can tell!! I have been accepted onto the For Keeps design team!!
I have known for four months and have been creating layouts for them all this time! I am not good at keeping exciting news to my self - so this was no mean feat for me!!

It was also lovely to see all the other ladies on the current DT, layouts in print! You guys are awesome!

So these are my layouts from the first issue as part of the DT!!

Oh and it's the first of the month so my download is back baby!