Saturday, July 27, 2013


I've been MIAfrom my blog for quite a while. It seems difficult to get time to post these days! We have been very busy. The school holidays came and went with plenty of activities to fill our days. Then first week back at school -we went to the snow. The kids had an absolute ball at Falls Creek. All my photos from these 4 days were taken on my iphone. I cannot be bothered uploading them. But they are on my instagrm feed if you are interested!

A few snaps of my darling twin girls to share today. I love winter shots! Something about the chill in the air and the wearing of bright coloured beanies maybe?

I don't often have the time to photograph my bigger girls. But when I find the time (ten minutes today) I always love the shots I get! I try to take photos of them together at least every six months. Someone once asked why - I would continually put them together for images? Wouldn't they prefer their own indentities? Well der! They have their own identities regardless! They are separate people. But it's important to me and them to document their twinship. It's special to them - and in the future I want them to remember that...

More scrapping photos to come soon I promise!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby it's cold outside:

It sure is! But it's also sunny! It's the school holidays and the sun is shining! For us this means outdoor activities are achievable and we can all get out of the house for fresh winter air! Yay! And this gorgeous little Miss..Who by the way is fast becoming my most generous photography model..Charmer...She happily obliged to step outside to have her photos taken. I am actually taking these shots for a photography prompt challenge that cam be found here. I normally post to Instagram and generally use my iphone, ( my IG page is celestejanev if your into it.) But my big baby (DSLR) was feeling lonely..So here you go..Photo prompt for these photos:cold:

 Hello winter sunflare..You make me so happy....

 Gotta love the winter wardrobe skinnies and boots..

I think my fave..Captured as we we heading back indoors..

Dontcha love her attempt at blue steel....And then with the photoshoot completed - indoors for some healthy just baked cookies..Yum.. Rewarding good modelling etiquette with food..Yeah baby!