Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now, we have reached our download limit..So me blogging is a real feat! It took 7 minutes to load this photo! Needless to say I am so glad we don't have dial up anymore!!! I could never go back!

So I haven't been to anyones blogs lately.. But will catch up when my speed is back on the weekend! I am also absent over at LSBS so my apologies ladies. Am missing you, but can't hack the slowness - it is painful!

Here is my fave shot from our family dinner at Nanna and Pa's this past Sunday. Hallie is such a willing little model. Nanna has so many lovely flowers (we DO NOT!) I was going banana's with the camera! I took photos of all the cousins, but it was a wee bit sunny....not the greatest light..

It was lovely catching up with them. The kids get along so well, we should do it more often!

Kids at school and kinder tomorrow - am going to scrap...Wish me luck!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


After finally catching up on some well earned rest after the retreat I managed to get some photos done... I loved photographing boys - Makes for a nice change and it's easy when they are as hansome as these 2...Sam and Jake...

Thanks Nik for sharing your sons with me.....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Back!

It is Tuesday night and I am knackered! The kids have been sick and me too!

BUT..... I just had to post about the retreat!! I had a ball! So much fun especially meeting these 2 chickies, who (sight unseen!) invited me to spend the night with them in Sydney before the retreat!
Thanks loves...Helenand Lisayou are both just the nicest girls..

All the other chick from the retreat ( I will list you when I am not so tired) YOU ROCK! Everyone was so welcoming. Alison Shearer was lovely. Such a pleasure to take her class and meet her..

Anyway here are some of the shot s I have played with from our little photoshoot in Sydney - BEFORE we had even made the 3hr bus ride to Meroo!!

Beauitful girls aren't we?? Not modest either!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007


A quick little share...Of a few layouts... All for the LSBS. The first two are a couple of layouts from my snow photos... The LOve Elsie products are very versatile!!

The swimming one is my DT challenge for the cybercrop last week. Again with the LOve Elsie products from the LSBS!

And finally my latest from SM....On the very last page. One of my fave shots from last Summer!!

And now I am off! Off to Sydney for the LSBS retreat!! Yay!
Lots of scrapping and plenty of meeting of lovely ladies in person. Those of you LSBS'ers that aren't going, if you drop by my blog - we will miss you!

Bye..Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away......

Friday, August 10, 2007

TRANSFORMERS - chicky style!

Darling Gracie....

How does it happen? I know every mother asks that question.. and although I am happy that we have no carseats, no nappies, no cots and no highchairs...I hadn't expected them to transform into young ladies so quickly??

Beautiful Hallie Rosie....
I know every mother says this as well - But aren't my chidren beautiful??? Huh?

Sweet Jemmy....
My angels, my life....My own little transformers!! Somehow I don't think they can go back though??? Plus they are much prettier than a car!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


A big HAPPY BDAY to Sam, who turned 5 today!!!

Oh..... and H saw the blog with Jem and Gracie in their dresses and wanted her photo in her dress posted too - so here it is...The third of my 'ragtag princesses'.. She'll be upset her face isn't in the shot...But I like it!!


Yep! A busy day with the camera was followed up by a slack Sunday! I spent most of it on the computer, playing with my photos and the girls never even got dressed!
They went from their PJ's to their dress ups and I never put a brush to their hair!!! -As you can tell from these shots!!
Too cute. Mind you - it was very difficult pulling the knots from their hair on Monday!!!
We had a picnic on a blanket on the floor for lunch as well - and the girls were positively beaming. It's amazing how the little things please them the most!!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007


Haven't I had the best weekend photographically!!

I had a ball taking all these shots yesterday..It was really alot of fun and the girls got paid in kind for their services! - A lolly!!!

Our new gren wall was particularly kind to me! I love the one of Jem out of focus! I also have a great shot of my fave shoes with the wall in the background too.

I played alot with my photoshop and I was very happy with all my newly learned skills! I spent close to 15min on each shot...But it is definitely worth it!

And as you can tell - I even managed to work out how to download brushes and load them up!! I was hvaing a ball at the computer.

Probably should do some scrapping now though!!


Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here are my most recent layouts from the mags. 'Special bond' featured in FK is a particuar fave of mine! I took the photo of the twins swivelling around on my office chair..Sometimes it's the uncoventional shots that are the best!

The H2O layout was alot of fun. And a part of my new motto - "to scrap the little things!" I find that I get a bit hung up on scrapping the lovely portait shots?? But after a while I find it a bit difficult to come up with a good title for these photos when there isn't anything specific happening in them??

Anyway, Rodda was aghast when I told him it was going to be published! He had yellow hair (another story!) at the time and was not impressed that he was only in his boardies - a 'love handles' issue - apparently???!!? LOL!

Anyway, I think it came up great!!
There you are, that is my share for the day....
Scrap the little moments..
And they are my words of wisdom for the day too!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


As promised!
My puppies taking a dip!! How cute and cold do they look??

I have this technique. I have to encourage VERY loudly to get Mags in (she has recently had surgery to repair her cruciate ligament)and then I throw the ball with Wilson on the lead. Maggie takes the plunge and swims out to the ball. She touches it with her nose and swims back. At which point I have been letting Wil off the leash to swim out to retrieve said ball!
It is quite a lengthy process, just to get Mags in to use her leg...But then yesterday - more success!!

I was busy shushing Wilson on the shore, who whines and carries on a treat when he is detained from getting the ball....I looked up and darling Mags was swimming back WITH the ball clamped firmly in her mouth!!!

I went bananas with excitment for her and she continued to bring it back!! CLEVER GIRL!

Wilson, unimpressed, stood shivering, whining and get this - teeth chattering - on the shore! You would think he would be suitably happy not to have to put his delicate little paws in the sub-freezing water??
But alas, he has ball addiction....Need I say more?

I also go this lovely shot of the girls.......


Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It is the middle of Winter and yes it has snowed previously, but I do love the pool!!

Our entire extended family went up this particular Sunday and we had a blast! The girls had a glorious time with Sophia. She loves the water too and the delight she has is so innocent...

Hallie can't get enough of her little cousin right now!!

Jemma only has trepidation now out of her depth. She spends all her time hanging onto my neck in the deep end. Where she can touch the botton, she swims like she can't touch the ground! Go figure!

Gracie on the other hand, jumps off the deep end and swims out to me. Her little feet going like blue blazes... I have to really watch her, she almost has too much confidence!
I think lessons for the twins might just be in order next year...

Speaking of swimming,Maggie our dog is required to swim to heal her leg after her surgery...So in bitter weather I have been using my bestest encouraging voice to coax both dogs to fetch the ball from the lake...
Gotta be cruel to be kind.
Will upload photos of them next time...