Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some cuter images of my tum..

I actually got in the bath that night and the girls giggled coz the heart was still there...

Thanks Grumbles, for Milla's new aqua wall it made good for some shots..

Showing off the only 'bad girl'thing I have...hehehehehe
Looks smaller lying down somehow..
Look at the fluid in my face! Yikes.. I thought I was doing well in the fatty face department!

Now I LOVE these shots in the flowers.. So cute considering I was standing in WATER and Cindy was wet to the knees taking them!! Sorry about the bra.. But I like the effect..
Thanks again Cindy.. It was totally nice not having to edit them and just getting the finished product!
Next up..Photos of bub.. Might be a while before I get to blog again..
See ya!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

You know you have a week to go when..

You wanna smash your TV (from a lying position- too hard to get up) if you see another ZUMBA ad...

You wanna kill the girl who credits every inch of her body TO ZUMBA.. oh .. and chop off her really long blond pig tails whilst in the process.. Rrrrrrrr..

Your dog comes to you for affection only when you are on the toilet..It's the only time I can reach down to scratch behind his ears where he likes it..

You are wearing the same three pairs of pants..stretchy pants..

You can't wait to ritualistically burn said pants in a few weeks time..

Your boobs rest on the top of your belly..Or has the belly reached the boobs? It is impossible to be sure?

You are throwing down glasses of milk with your head thrown back LIKE they are shots of whisky in the middle of the night..All while standing by the open refridgerator door in only a singlet. Damn heartburn..

You are getting up to trot to the fridge in the middle of the night also in an effort to freaking cool down the soles of your MASSIVE feet.

You grunt when turning over in bed. I call it the 'three grunt turn'..Because that is how many turns it takes to swap sides.

You long to sleep on your tummy..

You have sexy dreams that include Jethro Gibbs from NCIS???? What the???

Sex IS just a faraway dream...

Although you would rather eat nails than ACTAULLY have sex...(Nik's analogy..thanks babe)

You can feel teeny tiny baby toes scrape your ribcage..and it's NO longer cute..

You really want a sip of champagne..a whole glass actually..But would settle for stealing a sip from someone elses glass if necessary..

You have NOTHING nice to wear to your husbands 40th bday dinner on Fri night..and I have to see who I can steal champers from....Hmmmmm...

People start saying, "You're still pregnant?" well duh...

You are desperate to tell people what you are having..one week to go..Just wait..Just wait..

You are desperate to finally meet this new little person and find out what they look and sound like..Well probably like a screaming infant to be sure....

You are desperate to hold them..Outside of your body..

You no longer feel the need to nest and the house falls to shit around you..Until hubby cleans it up for you.. Bless him xxx

You can't fall asleep at night for thinking about what it will be like when the baby is born and here at last..

9 days to go.......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's 2...

And her big day is over and I am exhausted..Ready for this newest babe to come..But we have Dadda's birthday and father's day to go too..
But it was fun making a few little pretty things to help her celebrate.. Lots of pink..Lollies, flowers and even some little gifty bags I made up for her sisters and cousins who came to help us celebrate..
The weather didn't play fair and so the light was terrible for decent photos..She has this cute way of holding up both hands to show how old she is..I think I have captured it in a photo.But I will have to get her to do it in better light too I think. She was totally spoilt. Lots of new outfits for the Spring that is just around the corner..Toys too..
Her cake was just a packet mix that I  "over decorated"to disguise that fact! I quite liked the effect.. Very simple - LOTS of sugar!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


He had the sun in his eyes.. Poor little mate...
Loved his little shoes.. and his unbalancedness...

A bit of sunflare is always good..
What a sweetie....
I really loved all these bright funky..photos..Isn't he totally cute?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet sweet Sophie..

I had so much fun photographing this little poppet..Even though my belly got very wet..Dragging in the long wet grass!! Hehehehe! Love the mix of grey, grey skies, yellow tall flowers and this little miss..
She was very chilled out. Her Mum and I kept a conversation going throughout these photos..And the little love was sitting on a green shopping bag in wet grass no less!

Gotta get with an outfit change too..

I love the dark green leaves..So big and glossy..Just like her eyes!
Home now..And didn;t it RAIN the minute we left!

Having Milla in the background helped provide giggles aplenty..

This is my favourite.. A little no-traditional..

Andf of course a favourite traditional portrait too..

And just coz I think she has the most amazing eyes..
Now I know it seems that I photograph a lot of 'little ladies' - and I do..
But my next post - yay a BOY!
The harming a delightful Oliver coming up soon..
Shifting from beautiful blue eyes.. to pools of melted chocolate..
Thanks Sophie and Michelle..
This was fun!