Monday, March 25, 2013

Spencer sneaks:

Just a few teasers for my followers who like Studio Calico kits...I have enjoyed Spencer and the scrapbook kit add-ons Daily Grind and Front Porch Blend...I loved all the little embellies it came with this time!

I think one of the aspects about being on the Studio Calico DT I am appreciating the most is the digital aspect? I am having alot of fun making my own embellishments with the photoshop stamps..As you can probably tell from the sneaks..

Spencer goes live on the 27th peoples!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To infinity...

..and beyond.. I hope that's how long he stays obsessed with Toy Story! We watch it everyday..We knock other toy story toys over with rex..We soar the house saying 'to infinity and beyond..' We pull Woody's string every other moment...We love Toy Story...


Friday, March 8, 2013

just because:

Just because it is still Summer..Just because I adore their shorty jammies.. Just because I love them freshly bathed..Just because we were heading out for a sleepover...Just because they are mine:

Off to bed early..
21km run in the am..

Wish me luck..

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have ben enjoying playing along with FatMumslim Instagram photoaday challenges for the last few months.. Today, (And the other day) I felt obliged to put the Iphone on the backburner and take out my real and first love my DSLR to undertake the challenges..

Today's photo prompt was fear. I had mulled it over all day while at the swimming pool, school drop off, the supermarket, working...And then I wondered where my old mate was...It is REALLY hot here today and I hadn't seen him inside in the airconditioned comfort..

I stepped and outside and glanced inside his kennel..He was sprawled out on his side and didn't respond to my first gentle call.. As often happens these days..he's going deaf..My heart lurched with fear - and then he sat up - albeit groggy - but he sat up and came out to greet me..

I grabbed the camera and snapped him for a few minutes..Knowing full well he particularly dislikes my big camera..I kept it to a minimum.. and I shot these:

He's fifteen this year..he's lost his partner in crime already..He's deaf..Slightly blind and can only go a short distance these days.. He still runs up the hall like a crazy fiend and likes a little roughing up now and then.. But mostly he sleeps ALOT..

A very real fear is the loss of him.....


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big boy room:

We were offered free bunks..Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.. We jumped at them! Carted home in the trailer in pouring rain. Unloaded in even more rain...

A shopping trip the following day where a dinosaur emblazoned doona cover, doona and pillows were chosen and then a full afternoon of room rearranging  and redecorating ensued.. And here is the final result.. That's his precious homemade baby blanket now being used as a throw on his top bunk..His handmade name pillow made by two pixies..His handmade dinosaur by Sash...His monkey taking pride of place and a cool croc we bought at Aldi before he was born..

Swinging around to the other side of his room..His feeding chair - now his reading chair (also care of twopixies) is in the corner. All his artwork I made is clustered together - and I made his dresser look extra pretty. He has a wooden train I picked up for 50cents, his robot clock and new dinosaur book ends..
And a mini-photoshoot today in his chair to cap off the te transition to big boy bed..Which is going well..He's sleeping in more and has only fallen out twice so far..


Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to Neverland:

Hello! Studio Calico's design team reveal is up! The Neverland kit is up for sale! I really enjoyed this kit and got nine layouts out of the main and add-ons Wendy and Lost Boys:


Although I am not a project lifer (as yet), I really like using their digital products on my layouts. Alot of the digi elements on my pages this month you will see cropping up on the pages of the PL design teams. The digital items are really very versatile and well designed.

I am still playing with my silhouette cameo - but you will notice alot of the stuff on my pages this month. I am loving it. But still adjusting to allow time to create and cut items for my pages. Kinda allowing room in my creative process I guess?

Thanks for looking..

Also drop by the Studio calico blog next week as I am involved in a spotlight feature...