Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby mine

The link is a better quality viewing....

Ever since I first saw Beaches..way back when I had no kiddies, this song brought a tear to my eye..Everytime I heard it..I knew I always wanted to use it some way. And now thanks to the ease of technology..I have. And it has brought tears to my eyes again.. I am no pro and obviously all the origonal handicam work was by my husband, as I was busy having the baby... But I love it.  I want a soundtrack to all of our lives now..

Thanks for looking...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Final challenges for May:

This was a really fun sketch and I have wanted to scrap these hysterical photos for AGES..
I love the Crate woodgrain paper as a background. Works well with bright colours and I have seen it used well with pastels too - very versatile. The letters in the title that spell Grumbles are from VERY old BG. I found them the other day.. I think thet came up well... Bunting is Sassafras stickers - but I have stuck small triangles over it - so you can hardly tell!

I have obviously turned the sketch...and taken quite a few liberties with it...Hehehe.. But I really like the finished layout. I bought the title paper, simply because I wanted to a layout with that title!I love the colours in this one. A self-timered shot - that I am really proud of too!

Using the word 'living'.
Not much more I can say except that this photo makes me miss him 'little'.. REALLY... Sleeplessness and all..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Once upon A sketch time:

Again apologies for the quality again. Don't know what's going on with my camera setting at the moment..
Any who.. This is the first time I have entered a challenge over at Once Upon A Sketch. I really like tihis layout. They are some of my fave photos of him right now. Still getting use out that Echo Park boy range. Always finding use from it on must of his layouts and actually some of the girls ones too!
That's all from here right now. The little chickies need the puter to do their homework!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

nearly due..

On a particularly cool evening I had the privlege to photograph the Lance family again. Kell is decidely gorgeous when pregnant and I love photographing her. Ollie is pretty darn cute too. Jeremy..well I can take him or leave him - LOL! Just kidding! In the space of 20 min, with a headache looming and a toddler taking off for the nearest road I was really please with how many great shots I was able to get! Beautiful family = beautiful photos I guess..

My fave is the black and white one where Kell's bump is touching Jeremy. I love it. Oh and these photos were all taken just steps from our front door - bonus! No need to have a heavily pregnant Mum trooping all ove rthe place in search of the perfect location. Plus Rodda had a hot coffee waiting for us when we were done..

Thanks guys.... 

Friday, May 20, 2011

A photo a day part 3:

A big week for Ryley J..He started to crawl...It's on now people...
An 8 month impromptu photo shoot - during someone elses shoot...
Home from a walk to pick up the bigger girlies from school..
Well hello! Facing forward now.. Big boy..Another milestone..
And finally me.. New hair today.. After a marathon effort at the hairdressers..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love this one.  Obviously I have turned the sketch..The photo has been hanging around for ages. I don't often cut photos into circles anymore. But this kinda worked for me. Lovely Crate cloud paper. misting as per usual, but on the doilie this time around.A bit of splattered paint.. Not an excellent photo. Sorry.  It seems I forgot to up the f stop when I used the camera. So it's not all in focus. Ahh..well no time to redo it around these parts..

Bird is the Word Challenge:

I have only recently stumbled across this challeneg blog. The challenge word was sunshine. I had the sticker left over for some yummy American Kraft stuff so it worked perfectly.. Very bright...The big fabric flower is Basic Grey.. Skies are grey: is Jillibean Soup.. The yellow wood grain behind the photo is the packaging from some Studio Calico letters..

Monday, May 16, 2011

A photo a day cont..

These 2 days document what I find around our house ALL the time. The big girls are at school and I can walk into their room or the toy room and find the toys doing things like this. The creepy thing is it looks like they deliberately lifted their books to cover up what they were up too... And the littlest pets all snuggled up in their little beds..Creepy sweet..

Little Miss M. With blanket, big bubby and sleeping bag on. Going down for her afternoon nap. I don't know how much longer these will continue..so I really wanted to document it..

Cats scratch don't ya know Mr PH?  Get away man - get away now! Perhaps his daredevil attitide to felines stems from the fact that it appears his brain is in his butt? Upside down day for Mr PH...hehe


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scrap the Boys May Challenge:
To scrap a collection of some kind. Well my little mister man.. is collecting hot wheels..Evev if he doesn't know it yet! Plus he loves to eat them!
 Gotta love this Basic Grey paper. The background is a bit older, than the green funky woodgrain.  I have this in all the colours available. I especially love the yellow. So much so I bought it again. Some stickers are Basic Grey too.. A bit of paint here..Including the rim of the lid of the paint bottle itself.. Yummy Crate Paper sticker.. Studio Calico wooden letters. Sprayed with Mr Huey mist..

Show Us Your Stuff May Challenge:
trims, ribbons and lace..
Right up my alley! I have had this photo of Milla and her cousins for a while. How alike do the look?
I have used ribbon and some sweet pink lace that I picked up on a massive roll at a local op shop for two bucks..Score.. I have also used som Girls Paperie stuff.. Luuurve this gear... Some Sassafras, some Kaiser..some scrap...Some lace paper doilies too.. Very girly..

Nighty night xxx

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A photo a day..for May..

The whole rhyming thing captured my interest. Wierd I know. I am going to try my very best to get a shot everyday..So here's what I have so far:

Our little Milla sucking her thumb (what the????) while watching TV. A new thing for her...Never has had the patience to sit still for more than a couple of minutes of tube watching...
To document his current wheel fascination..
Aaah.. we have located the tupperware lid drawer. ALL my kids have been allowed to play in this cupboard. Mind you he jammed his fingers in it only minutes after this shot was taken...

Had the camera out to take this shot specifically for Gran..So here it is..

Leraning to be gentle with our geriatric canine! Not going so well yet...Hmmm.

A self-timered shot..

This is so her..right now. She has specific computer time. Only half an hour a day. And she is on superclubs..A monitored, secure school-based facebooky site for primary aged kids. She chats with her friends at school. I asked her what she could possibly have to say to Tegan when she spent all day with her?? Then I remember the amount of time I spent on the phone chatting and twirling the cord in my fingers (yes it was attached to the wall!!! It was press button one though!) and I just let her go...
And of course Mother's Day art...

More to come... Well der..Lots more days left in the month..
So far I have noted that it has been difficult thinking of what I might snap each day.. But I am slowly letting go of perfection..The wet weather and poor lighting at home has made perfection VERY difficult anyways...and just getting the camera out when I have a spare moment...Is the only way for me at the moment..
It is very challenging. I wonder how my sister in law is going with hers?
We both had the same idea it seems..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The best parts of today were:

when Rylan was up at 6.30. Yes believe it or not! I decided right then to take a simple approach to my Mother's Day and appreciate the little things..

 So I took him to bed with me and yawned my way through his feed..Willing him to go back to sleep. Which he eventually did while I was patting his bottom rhythmically at 7am..I was thankful..He is my baby, my youngest..My only son..Early start? Yeah..But I go to snuggle with my little man all by myself..

When Gracie was in tears when a part of her homemade Mothers Day card went awry before I was able to receive it..I was still in bed, patiently waiting for my breakfast and presents. I cuddled her. I told her to smile and not to worry about the card. That she was happy - that would make my day special..

When they filed into our bedroom in their PJ's with presents, their baby brother, homemade cards, my toast, my coffee and envelopes filled with handwritten vouchers like: " IOU a big bear hug".. Well that was the highlight of my day..

Watching all five of them scrawled over my bed, enraptured and so excited as I read each of their cards and unwrapped their gifts..well that was quite simply...lovely.

When they cleaned the black board and scrawled the above message..I was proud to be a mother to my five little messy, noisy, sweet little ducks...

Presents shcmesents...Give me my kids with messy hair and PJ's any day..

Mind you....
 I did get a wallet,an armband for my phone and my family in stickers...
Photos of that to come..

How was your Mother's Day?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kraft it Up May challenge:

Here is my take on the KIU challenge this month. Simply put - no patterned paper. It actually wasn't that difficult really and I love the result.

I used a strip of quiting fabric, lots of glimmermist. Some new Jillibean Soup journalling circles. Various bunting stickers, flowers and brads... 

On the plus side I was able to whip this  layout up in an hour or so, in between making dinner, changing nappies and helping with homework!
Now - that's my kind of scrapping. Quick and effective.
Need more of it.

The photos are of Milla playing in the toy room. Just a regular morning hanging out at home in our trackies. She was making me coffee. It has taken along time for this creative play to take hold. But now she is into it in full swing. A barista career in her furure maybe?

Night xx

Monday, May 2, 2011

Daybook Monday

Reading my sister in law's blog has inspired me to dig up Daybook Monday..Well for this Monday anyway..I tend to ramble ALOT..So I won't be doing it every week..Plus the amount of spelling mistakes I make while typing makes a post this size take even longer..See? Rambling...
Outside my window..the fence and temp gate are up, the grass is mown and the sun has come out. Think I will let the girls loose out there once Milla is up from her nap..

I am thinking...that walking the lake this morning with an 8.5kg sleeping baby strapped to my front was ambitious. Yawn...

I am thankful for my sweet girls who cleaned up all the dog poo in the yard on the weekend - without being asked too. What a sight..Milla whelling around her toy wheelbarrow fillled with icky 'barkers eggs'.

From the kitchen..Fully stocked fridge and food enough for meals for the next three nights..A bag of mini mars bars that I let M buy when quite seriously the easter chocolate haul has swallowed the kids craft table whole...Sigh... Might make mars bar/easter egg slice!

I am going to hang out the wet washing after this post..Have been putting it off ALL day..Another load to do after it anyway....Cook dinner, make slice, feed baby, change baby, wake Milla, change Milla,clean up, bath kids...You know..All that stuff that comes after 3.30????

I am hoping to edit the photos taken yesterday from my Nana's 80th birthday. I have lots of requests for copies of them and I also want to print the out for mothers day for her.. Happy Birthday Nana..

I am hearing -  not much actually. Two littlies sleeping..Big girls watching ABC kids.. So the tv is all the noise and the tap tap of me on the keyboard.. Noice...Peace..

Around the house...Clean washing perched precariously on the back of the couch (it has been there all weekend)  Baby dolls of different shapes and sizes and in various states of undress around the house courtesy of Milla Moo..Mr Potato Head is leaned over apparently smooching a framed photo of baby M???   He is also legless - too much wine maybe man? Afternoon snack dishes left on the bench..as per usual..

A few plan for the rest of the week..Photo editing, washing (what's new?), Maybe a walk around our area tomorrow with my littlies, Mothers Day shopping and me trying to avoid diving into the easter egg pool. I may not resurface...

A photo to share:

My biggest girl..On the Easter holidays. My time for nice organised shots of her are limited so she has to pose during the holidays..Luckily she doesn't resist - much..