Monday, April 28, 2008


Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!
Mel and I are both pleased with them!!
Thought I would share a few more...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thank goodness for this craft..

It has led me here..

Mel Nunn and I started scrapbooking at the very same time.. The reason I know this is because we met in our local scrapbook shop when our girls were babies..
Four and half years on the same three little girls go to kinder together and Mel and I are still scrapbooking..

But it's where scrapbooking has taken me, probably us, outside of glue and photos that I am grateful for..

It has allowed me to be published in magazines, blogging and created a love of photography I could have only imagined. This has bought me paid work in this field, a fabulous DSLR camera and put me on a steep digital learning curve, that keeps me entralled...

Scrapbooking has also afforded me new and wonderful friends..Which is what brings me up to now and these photos..Mel dropped by for an hours or so..The kids ate potato chips, stripped to their undies (??? we learn not to question their wild and wonderful ways!) and together we took these lovely shots... I could not have imagined it possible when I was pregnant the first two times.. I would have assumed I would need to go to a studio..

But through scrapbooking I am here and I have these fab shots to treasure..Thanks to Mel for the use of her camera and skill whilst mine is sick... and you just gotta love photoshop right?? I edited all these myself in Elements... We make a great team and have come a long way from glue and paper!

Good luck Mel - She is photographing another pregnant lady on Monday..Hope I gave some inspiration!

I will post more shots tomorrow, including some colour....Oooh..I am 24 weeks in these shots..
Sorry I blabbed on so much..But it's nice to see yourself lookin' good when you mstly feel fat and heavy..

I rock being preggers!!
That's all I have to say...

C xx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Changes..Lots of changes..

If I had my camera, I would photograph them.But slowly, things are changing in preparation for bubs arrival...

WE have the new car.. Rod cleaned up the baby car seat..and we put it in (for sitting duties!) scary!!! It's all getting a bit real!

Girls craft table (and collective crap!) shifted into their toy room today..I bought some aqua blue vinyl, usually used on the tops of tables and have put it underneath to protect the carpet..I tidied their bookcase..So now it has books (neatly stacked) and all their at equipment within reach of their art table ny the window...

So the 'scraproom'....Aka bub's slowly emptying.....

I did this layout a while back...But thinking about bubs..Makes me wonder at the new picture..With chubby little toes included...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

My apologies to begin with...As my brother and Cindy ponted out the layout 'She' in the previous post is not of their darling daughter Sophia,as I had stated..But my darlng daughter Grace.. Photo taken on Boxing Day 07 and created using alot of the lovely new 'Animal Cracker' range from Making Memories - in part to prove you don't have to be scrapping a bub to ake the papers work...

Now I will post Sophia..Looking divinely cool in her shades.. Photo also taken on Boxing Day.. Layout inspired by the lovely and talented Jamie Waters

On the non-scrapping front I am 23 weeks gone...Getting bigger by the day. Have finished a pregnancy journal..with space left to put in the remainder of my journey...BUT it's going away to be published..So I will post it a later date...

Bought a Holden Monterey 4WD today... OOOOohhhh...7 seats... The changes are beginning..

Have also cleared out my half of our walk in robe to accomodate my 'new' scrapping space... and today Rodda put a net on the roof of the toyroom for all their teddies - to accomodate their art table..which also has to vacate the room for bubs....


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back in routine

Slowly starting to get back into a routine after the Easter holidays..The girls are cranky and tired after kinder and school, but thank god for ABC kids!!

A little bit of TV and some rest time.. All good..All good for me to..I have been scrapping! Yay!

The 'love bug' layout I actually did in the caravan over Easter...The other is Sophia..This was the result of me efforts at the Imagination Factory crop...Friday a week ago.. I have some others too... But I have to slow down..I might run out of photos my camera is sick and has been sent away under warranty..

6-8 weeks!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A little something I created for a friend...It was a gift for her to givea family member on the birth of a new bub...Just a cheap normal photo album...Covered with material..I like ti.. Although the material was a bit pricey..

And.. me 19 weeks preggers..It was a couple of weeks ago.. But I looked goooood...All dressed up for a wedding you see...Bloomin' hot though..36 degrees....and no champers for me...Boohoo!