Monday, December 27, 2010

How was your Christmas???

Ours began like this...Presents, PJ's, smiles and a start time of a pleasant 8.00 am...
Followed by the always frantic exit to get to Xmas lunch in time..

And then we enjoyed a pleasant meal on a warm and wonderful day. Gran decorated the table in the the patio. Grumbles, (happy birthday to you) cooked up a feast on the spit in the BBQ, we 'Jamie Olivered' some roast spuds (yummy..thanks Jamie..), Nana made Grandfather's famously delicious tomato pie and my brother and sisiter inlaw made a delightful combo of pudding, pav and the now infamous gingerbread..Which sadly I did not get a snap of.

A fantastic team effort..Merry Christmas to all my family. Thanks for putting up with my camera in your face!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Filling in time...

Till Santa comes...

Today the bigger girls made and played with playdough in xmas colours no less...And they made some Christmasey creations from it including a turkey, teddies, kebabs, baubles and holly..Filled in an afternoon quite nicely.. Only 3 more days till Santa now..
Took a self-timer shot..With ME in it..Took a leaf from here..And am planning to do more of them in 2011..So look out for my ugly mug more often!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Some things are just better in pairs..
Like reindeer and sleighs..
Two by two..
Santa and Mrs Claus
Cookies and milk..
These sets of pairs are some of my faves from December
All of them singing a perfect duet together..
Happy Tuesday..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Final challenges:

Get Picky Sketch challenge
I have used the strips running in both directions from the sketch as my grass and trees. I have doilies as my back round circle shape. And my photos are odd shapes and off centre- different from the sketch. This was Rylan in his first hoodie. I was oddly excited by this? I think it signified he was growing up - maybe?

Oooh pastels...I hade fun with this one..Misting, stamping and some of my most treasured photos. I love catching those candid moments between my kids...

And no challenge here..This was one just for me. I really wanted to get these photos scrapped. Aren't they awesome? He was literally minutes old..I love my little kite - and again clouds.. Very simple layout. Came together quickly too..Always good!

Stuck sketch challenge
Cute little sketch this one. very easy to make it your own.Lots of misting and using up alot of scraps too! I ahve used some stickers from the new October Afternoon school range as well. And I have been dying to use the little lion since I got it.. He really is a happy go lucky kind of boy - so far anyways..

These will probably be the last challenges for me for the year..And probably the last scrapping related post for 2010. We head off on hiatus after Chrissy. But you never know..Maybe I will get a bit done post- Boxing Day..
C xx

Friday, December 17, 2010

4 +1 = 5

Almost all looking..

And three little cousins..My little Milla was desperate to be in at least one shot..
Aren't they sweeties??

Just a few of my faves Cindy and Sammy..What a good looking extended family we are!?!
Looking forward to snapping little DS when he arrives..
Hope you like them - there are lots more too!
C xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sneak Peek..

For Alyce and Adrian...

And we were worried we wouldn't get any decent shots??? Seriously? How beautiful are all of these? And these are only MY faves..The little crazy arty ones that appeal to me rather than the simple portrait..Although I have included a couple of those too.. These cute little twinnies were SERIOUSLY tired and really not that willing to play the photography game..Just to show you an out take of what they were like when placed on grass:

So I was totally happy when I got to edit them..I found a few smiles too!
Gorgeous kiddie...Thanks..

Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I was totally challenged by this colour - or lack of colour scheme.. I am not even sure I have done it right? Think it is supposed to be on white cardstock? I didn't have anything grey to mask with on white so I opted for black instead. I watered down white paint. Used th girls water spray to mist it on. Even still you can barely tell I masked the clouds..Sigh.. Lack of grey materials too - so I photocopied some of my new boy papers.. I did find some grey stuff upon closer inspection of my scraps though..Worked ok. Anyway...I decided to do it ..But I really do prefer colour in my life!

So I ventured over to the Colour Room ....Surely their title implies a much more appropriate challenge for moi...Well monochromatic green isn't exactly the colour palette of my choice, but I had a go and I quite like the natual feel of this colour combo. So much so that I added my little woodland friend, a little tree and some handdrawn grasses too! Of course I was able to use my lovely chocolate and green glimmermists too!

And after all this..I had a play on my own and SPLASHED out on colour... I love this range of boy papers from Echo Park.. So fun and bright.. Like my little fella in the plane and his banner? It definitely needed a pilot! Got this idea,( along with my clouds on string - from a previous post ) from the Cottee's: 'I'll change my name to Elizabeth' advertisment!  And the other 'little fella'...Well he was only minutes old in these shots and giving his lungs a little test run!

Nighty night!