Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Now I know this was a while ago - January in fact...But I had all sorts of trouble uploading the photos.. But I tried again and voila!

So this is one of the shots from my first every wedding shoot! I was vry nervous...But the whole bridal party were very relaxed and just so lovely!

It was a very WET JAnuary Satrday - so my skills were seriously tested! But all went well! This is one of my faves... The happy couple Jane and DAve... Congrats you guys....

Celeste xx

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My darling niece..Sophia.. She is 2 in JUn and squeals in delight at the sight of her cousins..She trails then around the house at Grans and loves to make them chase her! Devil!

I took these photos on Boxing Day.. But I have only just managed to find the time and energy to edit these shots and all the rest from Dec, Jan and Feb!!
Trying to get my mojo for photos and scrapping back...Sophia's Mum Cindy reminded me that the camera will be getting full workout once more in August - which I suppose it true!!

What's on my agenda otherwise - wedding planning ( I have six to attend this year! Rod's in one and I'm in a different one...phew..) and we got chea flights to Qld..So we will be off there in MAy.. Closer on the horizin?? We have our 19 week ultrasound scheduled for next week... Will we or won't we find out what we are having??
I'll keep you posted...

Oh and a big thank you to all who left comments on my post about the loss of Papa..I used some of my post as part of my eulogy to him at his funeral, which was nice...