Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Leonards

I must admit, taking great photos whilst heavily pregnant is not easy. Doesn't help that the weather is appaling! Makingit difficult to go outside!

So thanks, little Leonard's for smiling and being cooperative - mostly!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introducing Sarah..

BUT she's NOT my baby!! I have two other girlfriends who have been pregnant with me.. This Lisa's darling little girl Sarah Jade..

Photos taken at just 2 days old.. Scary..That will be me in just a few short weeks!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A couple more..

Just a few more shots from the wedding...Thanks to Nikala for tagging me! She is an awesome scrapper and photographer.. Thanks darl..
Now if I could only get the 'award' posted...Hmmm???
Will keep trying and tag some bloggers myself soon!

Five weeks to go and counting!

Bubba is a real little wiggler! Lots of tumble rolls and boots..Much more than even with the twins and more than with Hallie..

Maybe it is blue??
Oooh the suspense!

Had a growth scan last week..I hadn't grown enough..Only halg a centimetre in a fortnight..But the scan shows bub is only four days behind and already weighs just over five pounds! It currently has loads of hair and a tendency to poke out it's tongue when photpgraphed!!

I have fat sausage finger that tingle in the mornings..But good blood pressure,,So apparently this is carpal tunnel..not Pre-eclampsia..

Big congrats to Lisa..She had her second baby girl two weeks ago..Welcome Sarah Jade..Will post cute newborn pics soon!

C xx