Friday, January 30, 2009


I have been away for such a long time! Sorry! What with Xmas and the holidays I have had a hiatus from all things scrappy and even the computer!
It is so hot here! 42 degrees today!
I have posted some pics of the girls at Christmas because:
a) they are all I have edited!
b) they are really cute!
I really have to get back into the swing of things! Maybe when the heat wave passes..
So what have I been doing?
We went away to the caravan in Yarrawonga for a fortnight - hot and very relaxing - lots of swimming to be had.
We got home for a week. Only to find the cat had wizzed on the modem and we subsequently had no internet!
I spent the week madly completing my tasks for SM.
Then we went away camping for Australia Day with six other families. Kennet River on the Great Ocean Rd is fab. I boogie boarded - the first time since having kids - I am so glad I did - I LOVED it - a real rush. Made me feel youthful again. Spent the time waving at my sweet little five month old back up on the sand!
Now I am home and awaiting the start of school - and comtemplating the mess that is my scrap space.. *sigh*. I loved winning all the Master's prizes - but finding homes for it all is bloody hard work - OK ok.. I will stop complaining!
BIG CONGRATS to Stacey, Dave, Courtney and Dylan on the arrival of Miss Hayley Maree. Can't wait to meet her!
Miss M is five months old. She can:
Eat her feet.. (Very impressive!)
Rollover: front to back and back to front!
Eat rice cereal
Make new and improved funny faces
Make new and improved funny noises
Still wake up during the night - every night.
Go swimming
Splash with her hands in the bath
Sit up briefly unaided
Sit up long time - aided
Put her own dummy in ( mostly upside down, but we're not judging)
drool immensely
notice the dogs
follow me with her eyes ALL around the room.
Put her hands up to be picked up
Sleep in a portacot (thanks camping!)
pull at her ears to let me know she is tired
rub her eyes to let me know she is tired
sit facing forward in her pram
take a bottle of breast milk
get her right hand out her wrap ALL the time
That's it from me...Will post again VERY soon..