Friday, March 20, 2009

Your sixth month

Was very busy and you past many milestones.. Boo hoo to me.. My bubba boo is growing up way too fast!
In your sixth month you:

  • ate a wide selection of foods including, veges, baked beans, banana bread (little bits!), yoghurt (just a taste) , cheese, toast crusts..
  • sit up without support
  • are sleeping through
  • still enjoy your late night rollover feed
  • sit in you bath seat in the bath
  • got a nasty ear infection
  • got your first SERIOUS cold
  • took your first ride in a trolley seat
  • can say mum mum, bub bub,
  • cut her two bottom teeth
  • crawled (sigh..)
  • uses the big high chair
  • generally have 2 big sleeps a day
  • attempts to pull up on furniture (what's that about?? slow down girl!)
  • points with index finger
  • pincer grasps with same finger and thumb
  • blowing magnificent, slobbery raspberries
  • starting to wave

Oh my...I was supposed to be savouring this one.. Living in every moment. Where have all those moments gone..
Love you Milla Moo..

Mama xx