Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Piggy Wiggy's..

There's a first time for everything...Here she is with her first pigtails....Oooh I just wanna eat her up! So divine.. I can't believe she is going to be 2 next month... Actually I can..

She TALKS ALL the time...
Her fave quotes at the moment:

'I do it'
'mongrel' - Which is actually an interpretation of 'Grumbles' - who is her fave grandfather!!! Hilarious!

C xx

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy birthday Olivia!

I was lucky enough to get to be there and enjoy a birthday cupcake on the day this little petal turned one.
It is lovely to catch up with her and see how much she has grown..
She enjoyed her cupcakes too!
And then it was time for some portraits to commemorate the big day..
Then back to soem quick candids to capture the moment..
And then outside..Before she decided enough was enough..
Thanks Olivia..For  letting me share you big day!
C xx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazy love.. really the only way to describe our family shoot..
I would love to be all gushy about this shoot - but this little minx wouldn't play along...She whinged her way through it all..And of course I lost it ..Got cranky at her...Did what I tell all my clients not to do!
And as you can tell..It WAS only 7degrees...
I MADE them where flats with no socks..Stupid Mama..
So they look COLD in all the shots..

Cindy got them running for some shots..
But this didn't even warm them up...
I think even Rodda was feeling the drop in temp..

So after a few more frugal attempts to get the little M to play along..These lovely shots were the results and
it was definitely time for a location change..

And then these was some MILD improvement in attitudes and a little wind break in the form of a giant tree..
Still - Cindy definitely had her work cut out for her.. I really like the shot of me and Rod..It was one that I wanted and I love it.. Ilove that you can see the bump..

I love this photo..Even that the wind is blowing our hair EVERYWHERE amd Milla would only smile if she was allowed to run toward her cousin - who was strategically out of the shot.. I must give Cindy and both my little nieces credit..They were there in the cold too and NOT in the photos.. Cindy was barely distracted by them and some of our best photos of minx M were because the other girls were there!

Gave M a break from shots and Cindy captured these...

And then with her Dadda pulling faces in the background we got these..

Now I know it was TECHNICALLY a maternity shoot..I did strip for some bare belly shots right at the end.. Brrrrrrr. But I will save them for the next post..
So BIG thanks to Cindy. Who did a fantastic job in challenging conditions..With a challenging family.. and a hormonal heavily pregnant subject who normally takes the photos and is not often in front of the lens..

When I edited them, ( and I spent ALL last night doing the LOT!)  I noticed I wasn't looking in ALOT of shots..I was busy directing my family.. Can't even let go when I'm not the chief photographer..Sigh...

I also never realised wrangling 4 kids would be so tricky..Imagine what it would be like with 5?? Not long to go and we will be there....

Thanks again Cindy..Also big thanks to my beautiful husband and children..You really did a great job and earned the Macca's that followed...


Friday, July 16, 2010

Quote of the day..

"Find beauty in all things....."

Once I pass thirty weeks I always struggle with my appearance. It has to do with how I am feeling..The weight of the baby..Makes me feel..fatter - For lack of a better word..
I like this photo..My husband took it and of course I edited it...
But I look nice..Content and not too big either..
I have since had my hair done too..Told the hairdresser I felt frumpy and needed HOT hair to compensate for the bulge!
So whilst I still feel the need to stab thin, well groomed women I see in the street.. I am coping with my growing girth and am embracing it..
Also..I can't wait to meet No.5...I am starting to get excited! I will leave you with a timered family photo..Taken on the same day..

Not too bad considering I had to press the button and run - heavily preggers into the shot!
Cindy is taking some family maternity shots for us tomorrow..My husband has even cut his hair..
Looking forward to it..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the hols...

We did this...

No. 5. Enjoying the snow..Well prpbably just kicking up a storm to get me to put my top back down!
Me looking NOT so glorious..30 weeks..and 2 hours in the car with 3 girls and one little girl who could not be entertained!

This is her..getting used to the concept of snow..It took her a little while to actually EAT it and eventually PLAY in it!

And of course this is her LOVING the snow..She liked to be handed a snow ball so that she could smash it on the ground..Brutal little minx...

Our three bigger snow bunnies were totally COOL with the whole thing..LOVED every very COLD minute we were there..


Hallie...The smile says it all really..

and finally Jem..I know I am bias..But isn't she just the sweetest little snow princess ever.. I dig the curls and the eyes that look even bluer surrounded all in white...
It did take us long time to get there from Yarrawonga.. But worth it really. We simply pulled over to a snowed in picnic ground halfway up Mt Hotham and played for an hour..Sneakers and all..It was awesome...

Monday, July 5, 2010

I made...

for him..
Welcome little Paddy...

It must be the blessing of travelling breech! He is so cute and chubby - and only one day old! No squishiness to be found and I think he is just adorable.Makes me wish my last ten weeks would zoom by so I can hold me newest little treasure too!
I am very proud of my friend Sash..Creating and delivering a beautiful firstborn son..I just LOVE that photo of the two of you..You know I like the hospital band in it too.. makes me remember what we have to endure to get that special gift...
Oh...Michael..Thanks to you too! Good on you Daddy!
 Here's hoping Patrick is settling into his new home with ease and that Pippa and Harry (four-legged siblings!) are adjusting as well!

Love C xx

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The pies are playing..

Here is the reasons she is their No.1 supporter:

She ADORES her magpie socks..
She loves the footy on telly..
She has a DEFINITIVE magpie supporter hairdo...(at least in this photo!)
Apart from her socks she is naked..if that's not indicative of following the pies..well..
She has missing teeth (granted they haven't come grown yet - but work with me here..)
She is liable to yell LOUDLY at anybody..ANYTIME
She has three older sisters & 2 parents who are one-eyed dyed in the wool pies fans..

The pies areplaying tonight..Go THE PIES!