Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Studio Calico June:

Here are my offerings for Junes kit A bit  slow in getting them uploaded as I have been very busy with photography clients lately!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh Autumn:

It's funny how busy I get as Winter approaches?? I think clients are busy doing things and activities when the weather is warmer? Nevermind..As proof by my lovely friends right here - photos in the cold can be magical!
I say it everytime guys - but your little family is so easy and fun to photograph. For three reasons:

a. you do as your told (hehehehehe!! I am a bossy britches behind the camera!)
b. you don't pose.. Seriously the reason I get amazing images is because you are totally natural with Milly. You just love her and the camera - and me - do the rest!
c. Milly is the star! We let her do her thang - and look at the results!

Thanks guys mwah!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Model assistant:

This is what happens when you ask your divine four year old to sit for a 'test shot'. I had a photoshoot at home this afternoon. The weather was poor and my
little star is only two. So I grabbed kitchen chairs and throw rugs and played around with the best light in the girls bedroom. I think Miss M proved the light and makeshift studio was pretty darn fine:

Gosh..I am bias..But she is just the most beautiful girl. I love her to pieces. These photos show her outer beauty - but she is so lovely on the inside too. kind to a fault..Generous...Outgoing and friendly..Open and honest with everyone..Funny and charming and energetic..Goodness..the energy from this darling little fliberty jib!

And this last one..More serene..A moment I captured..And I played with the editing for a little bit of fun!


Love you Moo 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beanies and leaves:

Just my boy in the leaves..Thought seeing as Autumn had passed us already - I had better get some snaps in the leaves before the turn to total mush in the wet of winter!

This was just a ten min shoot in the leaves of our neighbours nature strip yesterday. I literally carried the chair over and snapped away. A good tip for a quick shoot. Angles. If you cover most angles with your camera and keep moving you will get a great variety of shots. For Rylan I made sure I went from above..Down low..I placed him to the side in some shots, got in close to him and then I let him run around as well. I got some fab ones - and he was pretty much over the whole thing in ten min anyway - so perfect!

Asta la vista Autumn..
Helloooo Winter...

I really took these shots - just to capture that seriously cute beanie though!!