Monday, October 29, 2007


It's a bit late, seeing as I have been home for over a week, but it is better late then never! So here are the photos from our girls weekend away! We all had a wonderfully relaxing time in Apollo Bay and the weather was divinely warm for October!
Seeing as how these lovely bunch of ladies are not scrappers, I had a hard time initally getting them to pose on the beach for some shots! I would take a couple and they would start to stand as if I was finished!! I want at least five minutes and varying poses...I got two minutes, two poses and lots of smiles...That'll do!These ladies are all mum's to twins. This weekend was our regular multiple mum's getaway! This is the second year we have done it and it was all very civilised and relaxing - I also got a spunky new pair of shoes!! So it was good all round!
Special hugs to Helen for making the effort to come all the way from Shep. Love ya mate. Thanks girls for a fab weekend away and hope that your multiples are keeping the mayhem to a minimum now that you are home!
That's just a multiple myth!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Darling H injured her 'sucking thumb'...She was devastated, as the photo atests..
BUT...HOw I am going to get her to stop?? She made me remove the bandaid for bedtime,and the injury was obviously not so severe that it stopped her from tucking it away in her mouth!!

She doesn't suck it at all at school. Rarely during the day now, except when she is extremely tired...But she is almost six.

The bear, Poppy also pictured during a stage of running repairs to her precious head (I am such a great surgeon!) goes hand in hand with the thumb sucking. Poppy doesn't leave the house. But if she is relaxed, with the bear, ingoes the thumb...

The reason I am so concerned is because of this:

I have another one to contend with! Jem is 4 now and i want her to kick the habit earlier than H! I am stressed about them having poor teeth! I had poor teeth and I wasn't ever a thumb sucker!

Any clues anyone?? I have tried covering with bandaids, gloves....


They do sleep well though...That's a postive of thumb sucking I suppose.....


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BRACELETS by Dadda..

I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day and I could hear that Rod was busy doing something with the girls...

Words like, ,gold, pretty, and phrases like, "Just like Mama's" and "I'm a grown up lady" were being bandied about with enthusiasm. I knew we were in a rush to get to the afternoon tea, but I was curious enough to go and investigate without tirading about running so late.

I found them gathered around their father, each having a little gold bracelet attached to their wrists. He had used the cheapy chains I had bought him for a dress up party weeks ago..

Funnily enough I had seen that gold chain lying around our bathroom for that entire time and it had never occured to me to do that with it...

Gotta love them Dadda's with daughters....
He'll be painting toenails next!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Whilst the Little Scrapbook Shop is still running it's various Girl's Night In fundraisers, I have completed 2 of the challenges across the weekend, so thought I would give you a little looky see!

I love the innocence Of Hallie in the first layout! So at odds with her often fiery nature!
I also love the layout and photo of Grace. The challenge was to use ribbon (think pink!). Not one to shirk a challenge, I made the entire background out of ribbon!
I really like the title too! Came to me as I was scrapping it! I took the photo of it on a black background, as the arrows and some of the words come off the edge of the layout!

How the dickens am I going to put it in an album??
Hang on...I have...Just going to count them.........41!!! Cripes!
I have 41 layouts stacked against each other in tow piles on my shelf!!!
I don' think storage will be a big issue somehow!
Have changed my scraproom around today too. Don't quite know what posessed me...I have mine and the girlies table joined in a L shape. Will see how it works..


Friday, October 12, 2007

After listing all the places we went and all the things we saw on our 'road trip' to and from the Goldcoast, I thought I would list all of the little and big things that made our holiday so special...Thanks to Paul and Lisa for their hospitality, generosity and help. We had ball and in part it was thanks to you..Remember though to let the girls go to the toilet before you put them to bed!!!

Coldrock ice cream
pekaboo with Paul and Lisa
pinhead and boxhead...aka G and J
ladybugs galore
AFL grandfinal - go the cats
NFL grandfinal - go the storm
shopping in surfers
learning to spit toothpaste
collecting shells
making sandcastles
making sand angels
plenty of takeaway
Jem swimming without floaties!
visting the Lockharts
Wiggles World
bottle feeding a calf
the tiger cubs
goldcoast curls
post it note artwork
doogy duck (RIP)
sand on the balcony
sand in the bathroom
sand in our beds
sand in our hair
sand in our bums (KIDS!)
indoor pool
outdoor pool
tog tan lines
elevator 'duty'
Hallie eating dim sims
Late nights
Early mornings
clucky Barnasses
Hallie'shooting star
sunscreen allergies *sigh*
Cruisers (vodka)
Big Banana
Pay TV
blinking building (point of reference for us)
endless sunny days
learning to dive
daily helicopter sightings

Drop over to the Little Scrapbook Shop tonight. We are hosting our October cyber crop and are all busy helping raise money to fund breat cancer research. Check out the silent auction or join in and so some of the challenges. WIll post my challenge layout after it goes up over at LSBS.


Monday, October 8, 2007


Grace and Jemma
They're 4.
At the same time.
Minutes apart.

Four years ago our twins came into the world, in a rush and it was a really scary time. 2 tiny little bubs, one struggling to breath and the other just so pale and tiny. Wrapped in silver foil like sweet little souvlaki's, our world had been turned completely on it's head.
But they thrived and grew and look at them now!

Our angels, my sweet girls, who so many assume make our life difficult by just being 'two'.
Our life is wonderful and full and perfect because you are two... We love you...


Sunday, October 7, 2007


We are home!
WE had an awesome holiday and alot of the time was spent on the road. Driving to the Goldcoast with three little girls was no easy challenge.

Along the way we've been to:

West Wyalong
Peak Hill
Surfers Paradise
Coff's Harbour
Liverpool (NSW)

Whilst on the road we have seen:

The big banana
The biggest oyster
A submarine
A giant lobster
macadamia groves
fruit trees
4WD vehicles
road trains
The Lockhart family
sunny days
pay tv
3 motels
wide loads
a multitude of 'golden arches'
Dubbo zoo
the ocean
big northern rivers
dry southern rivers
purple paddocks
yellow fields
satellite dishes
two sunrises
two sunsets
The Sydney Harbour bridge
The Opera House
Manly beach
a shooting star
a pelican
mountain ranges
high rises
Movie world
Shann's car in front of us!
an insurmountable amount of insects lives lost..and one bird..
heaps of DVD's
extreme speed zones
a few police cars
one large detour
very few tears
loads of artwork
long straight endless roads

Will post about our time on the goldcoast soon! I have taken heaps of shots..So it will take me a while to get them all ready.

Good night..and it's good to be back...

Celeste xx