Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm still here!

Haven't blogged again - for ages! Up until this wekend I just haven't scrapped! I didn't have the inclination - So I didn't force it.

Possible reasons for the lapse:

distracted by brand new car!
distracted by brand new leather couches
distracted by brand new plasma tv

Hmmmmmm...I would find myself stretched out on the new couch i fromt of the new telly and simply didn't have the will power to get off my butt and scrap!

Haven't really taken any photos lately either. It is the middle of Winter and one or all of the girlies always seems to have a runny nose or some type of illness, which doesn't make for good shots.

Probably should take some of the new car...

I do have some exciting news...I will let you all know when it all falls into place.....

Hope you are all still checking in on me...Here are some layouts I have done. I have done others, but are putting them away for the For Keeps ET comp...

This is the layout I completed for the DT challenge at LSBS during the June cybercrop. We had to use 3 different PP from 3 different brands!

Here is Gracie and sweet little Rabbit. I love the sunnies!

I got on a roll on the weekend and actually scrapped an event - rather than a portrait shot. Thanks to Mel for showing me how to use a canvas in photoshop. Now I can have lots of different sizex photos!! Yay!

That's it from me, am off to peruse other blogs!
Bye XX