Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess who's..

Just the three of us mind you..
Should be an adventure...Go the pies!

Friday, September 24, 2010

More bubby boy goodness..

Now Cindy and I spent the months leading up to Rylan's birth planning his newborn photoshoot.. The day before he arrived we sat and sifted through many websites deciding on the sort of shots I wanted.

Lets just say - I am SO HAPPY with these..They are perfect and capture him and this time totally..He was ten days old when these shots were taken. I love the one with me. Messy hair and all. It totally tells the story of the early days at home with a new baby.
Joyously exhausting.
In his beautifully bright coloured quilt - a treasured gift from dear Mel..
In the toy bucket! Perfect.
And nakey on the beautiful fluff that Cindy purchased for just this occasion. I think this one is my absolute fave. Frame for this one..
Thanks Cindy....From the bottom of my heart..They are wonderful and showcase your talent!
And a couple that I took on the same day..Poor little mate had 2 cameras in his face..
Get used to it buddy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Introducing Rylan James....

Hope you are as smitten as we all are......
Birth weight: 3340grams
Length: 49cm
I love the third last photo..he's looking at me with the camera..It seems like he's thinking about getting used to this big black thing poked in front of his sweet little face.. It also shows off his sweet little mullet! His belly button stump came off the day after he came home so I am glad I got these shots too.

These are all shots from his 5 days in hospital. He is 2 weeks old today.. I will post a more recent photo soon!