Monday, April 30, 2012


In an endeavour to journal more of the important and everyday things that happen in our life on my scrapbooking layouts..I am going to occasionally journal here on my blog with a photo so that I can refer back to it when I scrap the photo. Typing up what happened here seems to flow better than when I try to write my journalling on my pages? Wierd..

 So if reading about the mundane things in my little isn't interesting to you feel free to navigate away now. I will link these post back up to the resulting layout eventually. But seeing as I print photos so irregularly now I have to journal as the photos arrive on my computer not when I scrapbook... Otherwise I forget what actually happens the detail and what not..

So today it's about him and dinosaurs:

One of his first real words..Said at Christmas time and hammered home with a Justine Clarke song (Roar Like a Dinosaur)..Was 'ROAR'....All through the Summertime in Yarrawonga we would put this song on in the car and he would roar...Along with the rest of us! He got this gorgeous stuffed
orange dinosaur from Santa and considering his 'roaring' abililty it soon became a major hit and goes to bed with him now. He also doesn't mind sucking on his tail either. He now points out all the dinosaurs (and there are alot) on the walls in his room and say with this cute little O shaped mouth.."Roar.."..Divine..He's actually saying the word in the second photo..

And because it is the 30th I had better post this  Show Us Your Stuff challenge:

Inspired by a little red mushroom..I had a scrap of this paper leftover and cut it all up to create this.. I am really happy with the result and happy to have scrapped their birthday photo - considering they are 8 and half now!

Edited: Apparently I missed the boat on this one? Collection for this challenge closed already? Must work out how the dates for challenges work over there at SUYS... Hmmmmm..

Saturday, April 28, 2012


4 out of five of my babies were born in the Spring time..My husband heralds in Spring by being born on the 1st.. And I make into Spring by a whisker too.. Leaving only one of us a Summer babe..

 So when this challenge asked what makes me htink of Spring.. Birth..My births mainly.. And cute sweet newborn babies.. My sweet darling newborn babies.....So here here is:

A sweet simple page.. Withs ome of my yummy new washi tapes playing centre stage..... Thanks to the lovely lady who left me a comment asking me to play along at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge.. I did..It was fun!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gumboots and sunshine?

No I think not! The challenge over at Scrap The Boys this month was to recycle something from your boy. Toy packaging etc... I have used a clothing tag from a shirt he was given. The brand obviously being gumboots.. I saw these Summer photos and thought it made a quirky and unusual title..

Please feel free to navigate away if his bare bum bothers you...It was after dinner and I didn't want to waste a swimmer nappy on a ten minute dip..

I added the balloon as an after thought and I loved it! I also loved the subtle pattern of the background paper.. Right up my alley at the moment..
I have a bubba boy sleeping and a little Miss M tucked up in front of ABC kids.. I might just take the chance and go and use some of my fabulous new washi tapes I received in the mail today as a prize from Show Us Your Stuff! Thanks so much Marelle and crew..

Very simple and quick layout..Thanks Scrap The Boys.. Another lot of Summer shots scrapped and done..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some challenges:

Kraft It Up:

The challenge was to use  three kraft items on your layout...So I have Kraft bunting at the top and laong the bottom..I have A Kraft and white striped tag..a couple of Kraft embellies as well.. I a bit circle crazy at the moment?? I love this birthday photo of Rylan.. I especially loved his Myrtle and Grace  red birthday jumper..Which no longer fits him....

Polly Scraps: I found this site through my lovely friend Eb and thought I could have a go at their challenge. It was to use the quote "Life Is Always Better with a Smile"...And isn't it?? A very bold background here..But I like the way it turned out. Haven't used paint in a while... I also used a stamp! Ho ho...Had to blow the dust off it though.. I think at Polly scraps they like you to use some stamping? I also used ribbon..Which I haven't done in a while either.. Mind you it was ribbon I cut off the inside of one of my new tops..LOL...

I really want top thank all the lovely ladies who run these challenge blogs.. I enter them mainly as inspiration to get me going and scrapping - not to win...Having said that I won two last month and I was totally thrilled...

Thanks for all the time and effort ladies...Greatly appreciated one and all...

Thanks for having a gander..
More challenges to come...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet Ollie B and family:

I had the pleasure of photographing our lovely friends again.. Last time Nate was this big.. Kelly has started an etsy shop and new blog recently: Sweet Ollie B - with lots of handmade goodies..Pop over and have a look..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Freaky Friday:

And I'll leave you with that shall I?
I actually created 7 layouts in and around this chaos...
Happy weekending everyone..
I will have some photos of me to share next week..
Keeping me in the frame...for 2012.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stuck April 15 sketch:

I think I confused Sara over at Stuck this month.. She has posted my second layout for the first of the month as the 15th layout. This was the layout for the sketch:

I hand cut lots of stars for this one. I actually like the handcut look? A little bit more freestyle maybe? I quite like the look of the holepunced circles too. Just a bit of a bitch to stick down! I was going for a Christmas look that was still sweet - but not too girly as R was in the photos..

It was obviously a Christmas card photoshoot. Jemma looks pained because she was - I had just clunked her up the side of her head with my great hulking camera...Ooops...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right now they are groovin to:

I have wanted to do a post about the music in our lives for some time now..

I just get sidetracked.. Really?? Me??

 Anyway it got me thinking about music in my own life..Certain songs hold special meaning for highlights in my life..Here is a quick rundown:

As mentioned below the tape (shock horror!) Summer 87 was my transition from girl to teenager..

The music from Cats filled my childhood and formed a love of all things musical..

Car travel as a child..I always think of John Williamson..One song about aboriginal girls pretending to be boys.. To ride with Drovers for you know what...Haunts me to this day.. Drovers Boy it is called..

"Believe it or not"..The best theme song to a TV show ever..

To Sir With Love...My favourite song at 16 - which I shared only with my uncle Terry - because it was a very old song..So not cool..

'Ride On time" by Black Box reminds me of home in Haddon and that we had it on record - and my Mum hated it...hehehehe..

Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet - year seven - every song was cool..

"Adiago For Strings"..Oh my ..Hauntingly beautiful and introduced to me by my uncle Andrew..

"That's What Friends Are For": Coolest and daggiest karaoke moment with all of my besties at 18..It is on tape floating around somewhere..

All things reggae..My nightclub and uni  days..we danced to the the band "White Men Can't Reggae" at Hot Gossip every weekend for two years..

"Throw Your Arms Around Me" - Hunter and Collectors...My song with Rodda..Danced to it every pub we went to and danced to it at our wedding too..

Creed's song "Arms Wide Open"...Hovers over my memories of Hallie's pregnacy and  birth..

I don't even know the name of it..But a song about fathers and sons...Played at my grandfather's funeral still gives me goosebumps..

"I just haven't Met You Yet"...Michael Buble...Made me cry when I was pregnant with my surprise number five babe..

Milla had us play Glee's hit "Don't Stop Believin' "for MONTHS....It reminds me of Rylan's newborn phase because of this...

I can't think of the band right now...But the chrorus goes like this...."It's a quarter after one..I'm a little drunk and I need you now.."...Ohh it takes me back to rocking Rylan in the wee hours of the morning when he was tiny...

So in honour of remembering for my kids, here's what they (and us as a by-product) are into right now:

Bruno Mars:  almost any song on his album gets played over and over.. ( Much to Dadda's horror.) 'Girl you're amazing just the way you are.' This brings tears to my eyes..I hope my girls think this way about themselves..It's how I feel about them..

Justine Clarke:  'Roar Like a Dinosaur' seems to be a crowd fave..'Witches Ball' goes ok too..

Foo Fighters: 'Rope' and 'These Days'...(Yay! For Dadda and Rylan..Boy music!

So Fresh Hits of Autumn: our first 'tween' music purchase..I remember my first being Summer 87.. Think 'Walk This Way' and 'Danger zone' It was the Summer Top Gun was at the movies..
Favourites on this include LMFAO..'Sexy and I know It'...Have it up really loud.. And wouldn't you know it...'You don't know You're Beautiful' by yes..You guessed it One Direction... Does anyone else think their new song, 'You've Got that One Thing'sounds EXACTLY like 'I want It that Way????'

Katy Perry: still hits the right notes with Milla

Paradise by Coldplay: Rylan has a love/hate relationship with this film clip. The Chris Martin dressed as an elephant freaks him out..To tell the truth I'm a bit wierded out by it too..But then he can't look away either.. He sings woh woh woh...And get excited whenever he hears it..

Grease: gest a run on the CD player in the toy room with the door closed..

Rhys Muldoon: (teamed with Kram from Spider bait.. Think  Playschool on crack): 'Bob the Bear'... whose chorus.."Who has done the poo..Bob doesn't know and doesn't know what to do" is screamed loudly by Kram and my family..I even heard Gran singing it to herself whilst changing her grandsons nappy last Sunday....

If you look at it..A very ecclectic mix of girly tween and pre-school songs..With some boy rock thrown in for good measure...Sums us up perfectly really!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Our trip away to Mt Buller for the boys 'summer mountain bike ride' - was the cold snap! Buller was actually COLD - and it did snow! Ha! The boys had fun though - luckily they weren't the one to break their collar bone....Hmmmnmn..

Tam and I and all six kids..Yes five of them are mine.... Took them to the river on Sat and on Sun we all climbed the summit of Mt Buller itself. We pointed out all the ski lifts to the kids and were trying to explain how you get on and off them on skis.. Difficult with long brown grass all around..

The day had us convinced we might have to take them there to ski this year..well the bigs anyway..


Friday, April 13, 2012

Stuck layouts:

Hi There All!

Doubling up this part of the month. I did the Stuck sketch for April1st - twice....Was never sure about the first one. I think it's the very darl background cardstock - not someting I am used to anymore? I redid it with one of Hallie's birthday photos and I was much happier with the result...

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A bit of boy love:

If you please....Yummy..I'll take it...Look at his big baby blues.. He has me wrapped around his sweet little finger..I was up to him three times last night. I eventually took my 18 month old son to bed with me..Sheesh!

This is him snuggling up after a rather cold dash in the swimming pool..Thank goodness my girlies can handle my camera.. Didn't they do good?

I love how he rests on my shoulder like that. This is totally him right now. Mama's little boy..

enough..I could gush about him all day..
Navigate away now if my boy love is making you barf!!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate gold:

How was your Easter? We have had glorious sunshine for the most part here.. The kids even got in the pool on the first day! Not since though...

Mr Boy has found chocolate eggs quite to his liking. Apart from initially turfing the larger ones across the caravan like a sherrin footy - they have mostly gone into his mouth - foil free.

Miss M has had her usual trip to the local hospital with infected insects bites..sigh..This time she has had some issue with the pain of them though..Thank goodness for chocolate - it also soothes all manner of ailments..

The bigs - well they have spent most of their time outdoors on their bikes and playing with the other kids..They just stop in for - you guessed it - chocolate..

I rounded them up and with one gold egg up my sleeve..I took them up the back paddock..Some of these shots are from then...I love sunset photo flare at the moment..

Hope you are enjoying your Easter bounty...Chocolate is good for everything..


Monday, April 2, 2012

bella blogged:

My darling friends Nikki and Justin brought a perfect bundle of pink into their very blue world this past week. And it was my privlege to capture her in all her glorious girliness...Even if Nik was still coimg to terms with all things feminine and tiny - I am good at it:

Welcome my dear friends and Miss Bella.. to the delightful world of frills, bows, ribbons, headbands, skirts, satin, nailpolish, lace, dresses, lip gloss,  tights, hair ties, pink, pink and more pink.....It's a lovely place to be...