Monday, September 21, 2009

A quick sneaky peek for Kathy..

I am still getting through the editing Kathy..But here are a few of my faves already..and I haven't even gotten to the outdoors shots yet..If I didn't already say it when I met you as a starnger in Target in the the day before we met - you truly do have a beautiful baby girl and that little cheeky man just lights up the camera!
More to come..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last day of term..

and now the holidays are here..
This is my current fave shot...She LOVES going to the school to pick up her sisters..and now loves to walk everywhere.. Combining her two favourite things makes for a happy bubba and a great photo opp!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colour me happy....

.....and coat me in sprinkles! I found a field of yellow flowers only five min from home...I have habit these days of driving and always keeping an eye out for good photography locations..So when I saw this field yesterday morning..In the centre of town no less.. Obviously only days ago it was weeds..But a few days of sunlight and viola - MAGIC!

Naturally, I scooped the midget up after her afternoon sleep and went back to take a few test shots..I took H Bear with me to keep her smiling.. That's her in the first shot (unedited) running through the flowers to get Miss M's jacket..She's in her 'footy gear' from school...Was too much hassle to pretty her up..She made a damn good assistant though and had a ball running through the flowers too!

Cindy: this may be an ideal location for that little shoot we are planning?? Don't know how long the flowers will last..
So for anyone interested:

$55 mini shoots at the moment..Gives you 45min photo time and 15-20 images...Of course it doesn't have to be in the field of flowers..But it is really sweet!

More images more time..I can quote you...

Email me if you are in the greater Ballarat area and are keen:

Oh and Miss M threw up when she got home and Hallie hit the hay real early...Lucky I got in when I did..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A beautiful bellyful..

Thanks so much to Michelle for letting me take photos of you..You are totally beautiful and your belly just knocks me over..So lovely..I think these shots came out really well..Considering it was blowing a gale and we were in my front yard! We had five children and one baby (not sleeping when she was supposed to be!) hanging around too!
Well done you!
Can't wait to meet the newest little family member..
C xx

Saturday, September 12, 2009

They asked for..

handmade art and here it is.. Thanks Embellished ...I had alot of fun with this.. Swapping my double sided tape for a sewing needle and thread has been interesting.. I have a lot of pricks and a sore sewing thumb..But I love the result.. The grass is lace and the stems various strips of ribbon..
I had two model choices..The midget it was intended for and the bigger midget who is in Prep and can still fit into a size one t-shirt..
Off to watch the pies..They have made a comeback in the third quarter!
C xx
The headband flower is just a bigger version..and I LOVE it.. I am gonna make more for them..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The flip side.. having a shift worker for a husband who is away alot, tired alot and you are left as the single parent - is the TIME he is at home.. He gets to be part of their REAL life..Quality time and the ordinary everyday stuff as well. He makes their breakfast, helps with homework, cooks dinner. Supervises bathes, heats bottles, changes nappies, brushes hair..Does the school drop off and pick up. And it gives me a break from that everyday stuff too..

I am grateful for him..everyday..The days he is here and the days he isn't too..

He had Father's Day off..Which was lovely..So I was able to wrangle him into some photos..
Thanks for looking..
C xx

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The early bird..

So this is my entry for E Idol round six.. The inclusion list was right up my alley.. So much so that the following 2 layouts are also possible entries..Then I just had to decide which one!

You had to include:

4 or more photos


circles ( Which was good for me..Made me use my fiskars shaping tool I won with the Masters..I am circle crazy now - and cheaper than punches! I have so many sizes to choose from!)

flowers A no brainer for me...Had to peruse 2 baskets full of flowers ..How was I to choose?

tags ( I had to go threw my really old stash to find these... Think Vellum tags with metal rim?? Stacey out there reading my blog will remember me purchasing these from her back when J and G were tucked up in their twin pram!)

handstitching: I saw the heart done large by Elizabeth Kartchner ( I think?) so had a go at a mini version..I like it..)

HOpe I mad the right choice entering the first one..

And this one is a photo of my sweet H bear at Wet and Wild earlier this year.. Again with the circles.. But I cut the centres out of them by hand. Less detail.. as it wasn't a challenge I suppose!

And here is the kitchen version of the canvasses hanging in my dining room.. Are you going to The Imagination Factory Retreat?? I am..

So here I am up and about at 7.30am on Fathers Day...Thanks Miss M.. H is in bed with Dadda..Bad dreams at 5am.. So I thought I might as well post.. M is wandering around with my enmpty coffee cup and is currently curious about all this tap tap tapping on the key board..

So anyways...Here is my craft for the week. I must say that being part of Embellished Idol
has certainly helpewd ny creative verve.. Or I am just coming out of a 18th long slump..That started with a little blue line in a window...

Think I might walk the little miss down to get some eggs for breakfast in bed..

Happy Fathers Day one and all...Hope to get some nice shots of him and the girlies today..

C xx

PS Hello Kyles!! Great to catch up yesterday and looking forward to photographing your family on the beach in a feww weeks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A very crafty birthday..

Milla's gifts from Sammy ,Cindy and girls.. When I assisted M witht the opening I was just blown away with the pillow.. What a special and unique gift.. Others have seen it since..I thin she will definitely have commissions from this! She is so clever and talented with a sewing machine... Luckily for me..she is my sister in law!

And these are Milla's canvases that I made for her.. I used just scraps of paper, paint and mod podge..They are hanging above her cot...I believe these will be the class at The Imagination Factory retreat in November this year.. Like what you see? You can make them..Book for the retreat..I have other too..With an apple and a pear..Hanging in my kitchen.. Haven't photographed them yet.. And I will be creating templates for boys room..monsters, rockets, robots etc...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been on dial up speed for the past week...Rrrrrr..

But I am back now and just a quick little post.. I have some layouts to share..But I haven't photographed them yet..

I have shared round five for embellished idol though.. The layout is rounded..The dark background is my kitchen table.. I kinda chanelled Ali Edwards..
This was a bit of a tough one for me.. I have this awful thought that I may not see them grow up - stupid I know - but there you have it..
So when the challenge was '5 things to do before you die'..It kinda creeped me out..
But made me scrap it too..
The journalling reads:
I hope I am grey and wrinkled then I get to see:
them grow into confident beautiful women ( with the cheeky shot!)
see their babies, know them as mother (Milla and baby doll)
see four beautiful in love happy brides ( H dressed up)
where their education will take them ( doctor shot)
The realisation of their potenial and their dreams (seriously cute shot of Milla RUNNING up the hall in tutu!)
Trying to get the photos to match the journalling was tricky.
I had sick kids most of the week and god awful weather..MAde for terrible light for taking good photos! Gracie didn't want to play nice for the shots..Which is why she looks sullen in the 'doctor shot'...When I got them printed..Half of them sucked..Had to get them re-done.. Sigh..
It's done.. Just waiting now to see if I made it to round six..
Have also inlcuded a photo of Miss M..Just coz I edited it - and she is so darned cute!