Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creativity alive and well..

Well it was! I did these last week..
This week a little more tired... I have just got up from a nap and am waiting for M to wake up now too.. So a quick post of what I have done.. I love the first photo.. Rodda took it when she was only minutes old..
Felt a bit wistful about my bump..So I scrapped those photos.. Mind you I am completely overlooking the swollen hot feet and associated conditions that went with the bump...The human condition I suppose to ensure we all have more kids!! LOL!
I have done nothing but scrap Milla...So I changed course and scrapped Jemma. This was one of the first RAW images I took - whilst we were on holdiday in QLd in May... I love the circle..
And of course my Ali Edwards inspired birth layout that I simply love the result of... A bit of a change of pace, using a slightly more graphic feel..
Mind youhaving completed all of these. I have noted my current obsession with all things scalloped!! LOL!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black and white beauty..

Here is my attempt at some traditional black and white photography with Milla Moo...I had her laid out on some black fleecy material I have bought for other photoshoots..

I nuded her up - for authenticity of course (hehe) and she obliged by weeing all over the material in five minutes flat! But I did get these three lovely shots and a sweet one of her bottom (which I thought I had best not post!)

Check out the tiny little rolls developing - yay baby!

Having a busy school holidays so far - we have been out or had visitors every day this week. Still going out tomorrow and Friday.. But kinda need to as Rodda will be sleeping off his 2 night shifts - eek! On my own ALL night...

Wish me luck in getting three girls, one baby, two dogs, three cats and me fed and ready for dreamland!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Some layouts at last!

t's amazing how quickly after giving birth the creative energy returns. I was itching to scrapbook fairly promptly.. Had to wait to recover and I also had to wait until I wasn't napping all my spare time away!

Mind you spare time is at a premium aroud here. It is 8.30 in the morning and Milla rises around 7.30.. The other 3 girls get up MUCH later.. So I have found this a good time to post anyway. I have already put on a load of washing and am boiling the kettle for my brekky..

Thank goodness for the school hoidays.. It means 2 more weeks before I have to work out the nightmare of the school/kinder run with a 6 week old! Rodda has gone back to work today.. So it's D-day around here.. How will I cope on my own - with four..

I'll let you know tomorrow!! Hehe!

It's amazing what you learn to accomplish in little snippets of time though.. My scrapping and photo editing is done when she is asleep, or content in her bouncer.. I am learning that 'near enough is good enough'... I am happy with the layouts.. Just happy to be actually WANTING to scrap really!

Mind you I have also made to frames for gifts and I think I might attempt to get the sewing machine out for a layout today...

I must be mental..

Wish me luck for today.. Gonna go hang with my Mum and even might grab a little exercise.. OUt for a walk on this windy Spring day..


Saturday, September 20, 2008

One month old...

and growing. She was weighed yesterday and is now 8lb 11 oz! She has a cute little double chin and tiny little fat rolls forming on her legs.. and a little pot belly!
Her belly button is fully healed and she is LOSING her hair!! My poor little ebony-haired angel looks distinctly like 'Uncle Arthur' at one month old!! She can either wear it in a comb-over or I can spike her remaining little tuft at the front up!! I think I like the spike.. She looks more like her twin sisters now..
They too had 'grandpa' do's and bald spots..
Off to a bday party today....Bye..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pink x 4

Oooh I am a lucky little vegemite..
4 sweethearts..
These are the photos I am putting in a 4 photo mini frame we were given for Milla's birth...
She's losing her dark hair - oh woe is me...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 days old and...

and obviosly the Mama is feeling a bit more lively after her c-section, coz the camera has come out a fair bit more and Miss M has a gorgeous new outfit on!!

Look at those itty bitty pinkies!!
And the obligatory screaming bath shot from the same day!
I WAS NOT bathing her - her Dadda was!
Look at the cord stump - right now she has the cutest little belly button - amazing how quick!
On the scrapping front - I did 2 - yes 2 pages of my Milla Moo yesterday..
Will post them soon!
Go the pies!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 days old..

Looking pretty in pink and endearingly cross-eyed in that last shot! She was very alert from day one.. definitely not one of those sleepy bubs in the early days.. She stil likes her awake time now and can be awake up to an hour after a feed...More during that witching hour around tea time.. Her darling blue eyes follow you ar a toy if you have one..So cute.. She is also getting stronger in her neck and ill toss her little self around when I am trying to burp her...She is a very good burper - could win a competition with her belches! I am breastfeeding with her sitting up and facing toward me still and I am thankful to say that the reflux spewing has stopped...

Milla is having a lovely snooze at the moment though and her sisters are all at school and kinder - so it a lovely quiet time in our house..Perfect for blogging!

I have tried to scrap today..Hmmm failing badly..Mojo isn't quite fully restored yet..Probably has something to do with the brain fog and vagueness I am feeling due to broken sleep...Mind you Milla has been having a five hour and then a three hour break between feeds over night....That's pretty good...It's just getting used to it all over again!


C xxx

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One day old..

....and already so beautiful..
Our darling Milla..Looking oh so cute..


or contented we are totally in love with her already....
She was definitely worth the wait..Even nine days overdue........I will post more shots as I get around to editing them. I am only up to day three so far!

Big thanks to everyone who has left messages for me..Especially to Mel..For posting Miss M's arrival whilst we were still in hossi...Also to all the girls from The Little Scrapbook Shop.. Thanks for still popping by and keeping in touch with me I really appreciate it - especially seeing as I haven't been at the site for absolute ages! I will get there - I promise!

I could go on thanking forever.. But also special thanks to Fee who created my nappy bag - which I adore - and it is in fully functional use!!

Milla and I are doing great. she is settling into our family well.. She is a bit of a spew bag - but we are sorting that out as I type...Gotta feed her upright..It was really the sweetest thing the first time I breastfed her that way. She looked up at me with eyes wide open as if she was surprised to see me there..So sweet...

I can here her stirring bye for now..

C xx