Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to tell the difference..

Is now realtively easy, as Jemma now is the proud owner of preety pink glasses.. She only wears them at school though.. So she is still mistaken for her twin now and then..
I am not sure exactly how I feel about this new development.. Don't get me wrong I am totally ok with it..But back in our day, it was a bullying sentence to have glasses.. So I have these residual bad feelings I think.
Anywho.. These days it is just plain exciting to have glasses, so Jemma is totally thrilled.. I took them both to the optometrist thinking everything would be fine.. You know how you neve rthink anything will be amiss with your children?
As it turns out she is longsighted, and slighty worse in one eye.. Hopefully she will not need them by the time she is ten..
But how darn cute does she look. Grace has tried them on and she looks cute too? So if one twin needs glases and the other does not - does that mean they are still identical??
I'll leave you to ponder that thought...
C xx

Monday, July 27, 2009

I love everthing about this..

Her very first swing...It was really cold out.. She was so rugged up.. Her nose was red and her hands were freezing.. But the smile was huge and real.. She threw her head back and lived it.. Lucky girl.. All I caught was feet.. Perfect..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shopping spree

Look! I bought myself a baby!
The other supermarket shoppee's were askance at this strange lady taking photos in the carpark of her child...Really? In the carpark no less?? She hadn't even packed her groceries in the car..Tsk..tsk...
But I had to capture the moment..The little terror was climbing out of the designated seating area..Disengaging her wily little body from the dodgy seat belt time and again.. I would turn around to put the vegetables or (other less nutritious item) in and the devil was up on two feet smiling with distinct plans of stepping out!
The only solution was to plonk uncerimonously in the front area of the trolley..Which, naturally, she totally loved.. Her own little personal rollercoaster ride up and down aisles and through the carpark - Awesome!
Seriously, I am going to box her up and send her to David Copperfield. I thing a troupe of ingeneous mini escapees who dribble and smile their way out of supermarket trolleys, prams, high chairs and other adult devices of baby captivity would make a grrat addition to his show...
Now.. Just to find her some partners in crime.....I know they are out there....
C xx

Monday, July 20, 2009

Up and away..

She is eleven months old..BUT she has been walking for most of her tenth month. The bigger girls having gone back to school has made all the difference between crawling and walking.
Instead of being smothered with sister love everytime she managed to get onto her toes.. The house and the hallway was free of those pesky sisters, invading her personal space.. And just look at her go. The world viewed from all fours is practically behind her..
She turns..
She spins...
She weaves..
By crikey there is even a RUN in there when she is declothed!
How joyous hey? To run free and unhinbited when completely starkers?? I tried to imagine myself doing it and the wiggles, jiggles and overall mental image I had of myself running naked around the house sent shivers up my fully dressed spine... Ah youth..
C xx

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A statement of fact..

I don't quite know why Wilson went with the pink scarf..
But there you have it...
Brrr... Winter is upon us...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


She likes giant carrots, long hops in the meadow and is a big fan of glitter...

... enjoys glitter as well (obviously) and a bit of grass goes a long way as well...
She loves a spash of colour and thinks that jumps racing is an abomination..Here here!
.....likes a cool drink during a big photo shoot..Being hydrated is important to a good model.. Fluffy also likes to nap on the couch and thinks bunny might make a nice meal..If only she weren't made of plaster... Hmmm?
They are our latest and greatest Plaster Fun House endeavours from the school holidays.. I encourage you to venture out for this activity. Kills a few hours..
I obviously do not expect you to spend your own precious time willingly setting up mini studio's and props in which to photograph the finished product..
C xx

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scrap therapy

Everyone needs a little scrap therapy. I know I do. My mojo is at an all time low. Plus I can't see my scrap table, for the crap on it. That in itself always makes being creative all that more sigh worthy....
Anywho...Scrapping with Mel always helps with the mojo. So here are my creations from my 2 holiday scrap evenings with Mel. I like them. See the big bit of dictionary paper? From Mel's really big arse disctionary. So big, Tobey uses it as a stool! Totally non-archival - or really archival (very old book) depending on the way you look at it I suppose... and I really don't care! I like the way it looks!
But on the archival safe materials, both Mel and I had alot of fun playing with the new Basic Grey Lemonade range. The yellow lace bit at the bottom is from the new June Bug range. Neatly used to advantage by me, as Mel doesn't always cope so well with yellow products!
Took the girls ice skating in Bendigo today. Teeny weeny grannies on ice - the photos when I post them will explain it all...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The last I promise..

These are the last ones I will post from this little shoot - I SWEAR. But I had to post some of J and G.. And then I couldn't help but add the cheeky ones of M. I had awesome fun playing with different actions on all of these shots. Amazing the difference you can create with the same background?

M: I fluked this light sepia look. By trialling more than one action on the same image. Pity I can't remember exactly which ones!
J. I just love the tinge. Looks like it comes straight out of the seventies!
M: has a muted vintage effect, she is also slighty blurry in the bigger shot.. But I love her grin and all her teeth! Plus you can see how decidely SMALL our little backdrop actually was in the left shot!
Both J and G in the last group shots I have run a retro action to bring out the colour of the background.
G has a vignette around hers too.
I love to play in Photoshop. So soothing.. to me.. that is..
Mel si coming around to scrap tonight. I scrapped at hers last week.. Will post some layouts I promise. Because yes I do still scrapbook. I am just lazy. Can never be fagged photographing them and uploading.. BUT in the interests of 'good blogging'I will comply and upload whatever I create tonight..Mel always seems to inspire some level f creativity in me...
I also need to discuss whatI am going to teach at the Imagination Factory's retreat. I have no idea as yet.. Sigh..
If anyone has any ideas.. Please leave me a comment. As I am buggered if I know what to do.. I will NOT be doing mini-albums of any description. NOT at all my thing.. Dust gatherers...
C xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Always in for a free giveaway..

Its simple. All you have to do is post a picture of their new bottles and the phrase, Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!
Email your link to and your name will be placed into the draw for a six pac of the brand new, never released WINTER 2009 colours.
Thanks Mel and before her Jill....

Meanwhile at home we are bring out the winter woolies:

A great trick for itty bitty feet that won't keep their socks on in the dead of Winter:

  • tights under their pants

Perfectly modelled here by Moo..minus the pants for maximum effect. I just do her onesies up over them to help keep them up. I even put socks over the top and viola - can't even tell they are there and they are keeping her warm and when she gets up from her nap she's therefore not cold when I don't bother to redress her - which is often..

The drawback is the way she fiercely tries to escape from them via wild kicking and struggling when I change her nappy.. You would think I was trying to strangle her with them, or perhaps she thinks she looks like a mini -elf gone astray from the North Pole and is seriously unimpressed with this likeness?

Now that I think of it she has a black and grey stripey pair that would be quite at home in the toy workshop.. Put some antlers on the dogs and I have the perfect cheesorama Chrissy pic!

C xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Did you hear?

That Collingwood won on Friday night?
Fourth on the ladder!
You would think Milla would be happier in her magpie gear hey?
I love her little scarf..
So cute..
I couln't make her close one eye for the photo though! Hehe.. Then she would have been a true one-eyed magpie..
Go the pies!
I also just got my THIRD parking ticket in 6 months at the local shopping centre.. Grrr, I could rip someone a new %$#*%.. right at the minute. I am fuming. What is th epoint shopping for gorgeous bargain clothes for your little loves when a ticket makes the outing so much more pricey?
Do I tell darling dearest?
I feel- that NO would be the best way..
BUT I have three little tattle tails who witnessed my hissy fit upon arrival at our vehicle and they are most likely to bring up my potty-mouthed behaviour during our dinnertime discussions... it would go something like this:
D: So what did you girls get up to today?
M: (stony, but secretive silence)
G: Oh. Mum swore, threw her keys, slammed all four car doors and behaved like a crazy person.
D: Really?
M: (silence, but slightly red -faced)
G: Yep and she got a parking ticket.
Great.. Wanna be a fly on the wall at our dinner table tonight?
C xx

Friday, July 3, 2009

snapshot for the weekend..

How much trouble are we gonna be in?
I mean seriously?
Off to the footy tonight.. in the hoighty toighty (sp?) section..
Should be fun.
What does one wear to the footy where the scarf stained with sauce from previous encounters doesn't quite cut it?
Friends and their various offspring over for dinner tomorrow night..
Also SHOULD be fun...after preparations and cleaning up..
The scarf would be better attire for this evening maybe??
Have a great weekend everybody..
C xx

Thursday, July 2, 2009

And away she goes..

You think it's when they start school that they begin to leave you..
But in all reality it is so much sooner than that..

Milla Isabelle, 9 months..

C xx

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Say no more if you please..

Just pray I survive it..

I was never a big Survivor fan..

But I think I might liken the next two weeks to this reality TV show phenomenon. Just what challenges shall confront me as I strive toward the start of term 3?What will I have to face in this personal struggle in the freaking dead of Winter with my darling angels unable to get outside? My house is my island , my children my endless round of punishing challenges... I am sure I will face the following:

  • Days of whinging, endless frowning, much disgruntled grunting ( a well practised technique in our home of chicks.), tiresome foot stamping.
  • I am sure there will be screeching, squealing, hitting, even punching as I sort the winners from the losers and struggle onwards..
  • There has already been cajoling, bribery and outright yelling - and that was from me!
  • Tears shall issue forth, fights will ensue and timeouts are a definite possiblity.
  • endless supplies of indoor activities..Cleaning up their toy room, playdough, scrapping, movies, baking, painting, dress ups, make up...
  • Hissy fits are on the are tantys and door slamming..
  • Crap from one end of the house to the other..Daily..
  • Copious amounts of washing, plenty of messy knotty hair..
  • Playdates, bike rides ( in gale force winds) and day trips..

BUT it's a trade off because on my island I do get:

  • Smiles, giggles, laughter, plenty of photo oppurtunities and seeing them everyday..
  • Sharing, playing with their baby sister..
  • Lots of FUN together..
  • No school uniforms, no school run, no school lunches to make..

C xx