Saturday, October 30, 2010

11 yrs=

Our wedding day..11 years ago.. How far we have come....

Wedding anniversay Milla..

  • one horse...long ago sold..
  • 2 dogs.. once spritely and the light of our lives..Now.. old and medicated..Love them..
  • 3 cats.. All still surprisingly spritely!
  • a couple of kamikaze goldfish ( god rest their little fishy souls)
  • a few budgies.. aaargh..Will never have birds again..
  • 4 little girls..each as beautiful as each other
  • one precious little boy..our wonderful marvellous little bonus baby..
  • 6 homes..3 flats, 3 houses..Stating out at two bedroom...We are now currently at 5 bedroom..
  • one mortgage..STILL
  • 9 cars...Including a two-seat coupe in the early days and graduating to our current vehicular modes of transport...not one BUT 2 seven seater 4WD's...
  • We started with just one two seater  FABRIC couch on which we snuggled TOGETHER.. We still have it but now it currently resides in our toy room. We NOW own 3 LEATHER lounges suites..One of which the girls treat as a gymnastics arena...Ou newest suite is a SEVEN seater chaise! SEVEN!!!
  • And by the look of the old wedding photos ALOT more wrinkles!
I LOVE YOU RODDA.. Look how much we have accomplished together.. We may not have travelled the world yet..But to me you and our family are the whole world...That's more than enough for now..

Off to give Milla a bottle, because she's whiny and snotty and very tired...That's one aspect of our  simple little world..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little beauties

Her are my gorgeous girlies - working their magic. Rachel droppped around her new range of handmade dresses from Myrtle and Grace for me to photograph. I fed the little man and left him in the care of his Dadda and tossed the four females in the car. Around the corner to an empty paddock with a little old suitcase (full of barbie belongings no less!) and I snapped away. They used the back of the car as a change room and we powered through around ten different dresses in an hour! The girls were great - especially Milla. The weather wasn't particularly warm either so they really were little troopers.. I found thsi time that I get more natural pics with the others playing in the background - kept them entertained too! So if you like waht you see pop over to Myrtle and Grace and make a purchase - they really are very versatile. Took some photos of the boy in the grass as well. I was thinking I might be able to frame some of them... Will post them after I get a chance to edit them..
Bothe littlies asleep right now...aaaah peace.....
Look at ny biggest and littlest girl in the same outfit - a top on Hallie and a dress on Milla...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 x 2

A special happy birthday message to my little twinnigans.. They came in my bedroom, ( where I was dozing with Rylan)  so I could kiss them for their birthday before they went to school...When they went out I had little teary session into my baby boy's sweet little head. It hardly seems possible that my tiny premmie twin girls are now seven. I always think about the day they were born with a little sadness. It was, looking back a very stressful and emotional time.

THEN....They weighed a combined total of 8 pounds, couldn't breastfeed, were fed through a tube for weeks, spent 3 weeks in separate humidicribs, wore 00000 clothes for at least a MONTH and eventually learned to breastfeed together. When they came home from hospital it was total chaos too. They never slept at night and it was a time of total exhaustion.

NOW..They are beautiful, thoughful, kind and sort of shy seven years olds who sleep through AND often sleep in.. They ride bikes without training wheels, have lost opposite front teeth and a few more to boot, read novels,wear size 5 and 6 clothing, have buckets of friends ( who can and can't tell them apart) and whilst not super TALL by our family standards are big girls!


Mama loves you xx

Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 weeks old

Now I realise he is actually six weeks old - but I am a bit behind.... I can't take credit for this pose either.. I saew it over at Clair Bremner's website...I set me camera up on a timer in our bathroon (the room with the best light in the arvo!) and held him up in his muslin by hand. I must say he was pretty heavy for one month of age! Put he background in in photoshop...LOVE IT!

Rodda back for his first 12 hr day shift tomorrow - YIKES! Wish me luck..Gotta do the school run and wrangle a toddler and a newborn too....


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It s a good day when you get..

Creativity and exercise.. I had fun playing with my camera while the girls had fun playing on the sand..
A gold star for good sleeping! Doesn't he looked pleased with himself too!
A little bit of love...Awwwh.. I love this photo. Makes my heart melt...
Time to blog..
Internet back on the go..
A new couch..Yay!

All in all a good day...
All in all a good day...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Father and Son...

I just love the way they are studying one another...


Father and son..
A phrase, until this year, that I never thought would get put together in relation to Rod and one of his children. Almost brings a tear to my eye...Actually it does.. I get a special little shiver whenever Rod says 'son' too... That we even have hin is still sinking in really...
So anyways...I was at last able to tear Rodda away from his many and various household duties..Washing, folding, vaccuming cooking finally get these shots. I had been wanting to get them from the moment he was here.. I love them.. I love how big his hands are and how little Rylan looks even at one month old.. I took them in the bathroom one very SUNNY evening ( God bless daylight savings!) It got so HOT s quickly they were both sweating.. Mind you NOW it is barely ten degrees outside!

My DH goes back to work on Sat night now..He has two more days off so I can recover from a serioius bout of tonsillitis..Taking care of a three hourly feeding newborn whilst contending with fevers, chills and a freakin'sore throat ain't a whole hell of a lot of fun..

Did I say that I love my boys....LOTS  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

welcome william

My gorgeous best friend gave birth to her first baby last week.. a sweet little baby boy to hang with his little mate Rylan. I truly thought Tam and I would miss the chance to have kids together.. And here we are with little boys only one month apart in age!
Tamma and Ian  look pretty chuffed don't they? They are going to make the most beautiful family. Congratulations our friends..You are so very clever..Looking forward to getting to know Will....He is so very cute...
Love us xx

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good old Collingwood forever..

 We came..We saw..We conquered..And Rylan has the premiership pin and the ticket to prove he was there!
And look at the smile...He's a happy Magpie fan this fine Premiership 'mad Monday'...
The game was awesome..My little man was a fine little trooper..
Fed and slept thru the whole event..
He coped so well with:
The noise...
So many chants of "COLLINGWOOOOOD!!"
So many times the word "BALL" was screamed..
The cheers, the clapping...the whistling ...The booing...
The mama jumping up out of her seat..
and finally..
The SONG...
Good old Collingwood forever......................