Saturday, October 30, 2010

11 yrs=

Our wedding day..11 years ago.. How far we have come....

Wedding anniversay Milla..

  • one horse...long ago sold..
  • 2 dogs.. once spritely and the light of our lives..Now.. old and medicated..Love them..
  • 3 cats.. All still surprisingly spritely!
  • a couple of kamikaze goldfish ( god rest their little fishy souls)
  • a few budgies.. aaargh..Will never have birds again..
  • 4 little girls..each as beautiful as each other
  • one precious little boy..our wonderful marvellous little bonus baby..
  • 6 homes..3 flats, 3 houses..Stating out at two bedroom...We are now currently at 5 bedroom..
  • one mortgage..STILL
  • 9 cars...Including a two-seat coupe in the early days and graduating to our current vehicular modes of transport...not one BUT 2 seven seater 4WD's...
  • We started with just one two seater  FABRIC couch on which we snuggled TOGETHER.. We still have it but now it currently resides in our toy room. We NOW own 3 LEATHER lounges suites..One of which the girls treat as a gymnastics arena...Ou newest suite is a SEVEN seater chaise! SEVEN!!!
  • And by the look of the old wedding photos ALOT more wrinkles!
I LOVE YOU RODDA.. Look how much we have accomplished together.. We may not have travelled the world yet..But to me you and our family are the whole world...That's more than enough for now..

Off to give Milla a bottle, because she's whiny and snotty and very tired...That's one aspect of our  simple little world..


  1. how beautiful!! congrats on 11 years...(me...28.. !!) God Bless your family!!

  2. Congrats! ilove reading your blog! You really have a way with words!
    i will definately email you about a photo shoot!!!