Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little beauties

Her are my gorgeous girlies - working their magic. Rachel droppped around her new range of handmade dresses from Myrtle and Grace for me to photograph. I fed the little man and left him in the care of his Dadda and tossed the four females in the car. Around the corner to an empty paddock with a little old suitcase (full of barbie belongings no less!) and I snapped away. They used the back of the car as a change room and we powered through around ten different dresses in an hour! The girls were great - especially Milla. The weather wasn't particularly warm either so they really were little troopers.. I found thsi time that I get more natural pics with the others playing in the background - kept them entertained too! So if you like waht you see pop over to Myrtle and Grace and make a purchase - they really are very versatile. Took some photos of the boy in the grass as well. I was thinking I might be able to frame some of them... Will post them after I get a chance to edit them..
Bothe littlies asleep right now...aaaah peace.....
Look at ny biggest and littlest girl in the same outfit - a top on Hallie and a dress on Milla...


  1. and of course a strand of pearls...!! beautiful photos!!

  2. Stunning pics Celeste. Would love to get you to do a photo shoot of my family!!!