Friday, July 27, 2007


Here is a quick share of layouts I completed for a DT challenge over at LSBS I am glad I am finally scrapping some of the Christmas photos from 2006!!

And now I am saying
AOUREVOIR! (sp???)
My french was never very good!!!

I am off to spend the weekend with my highschool girlfriends in Daylesford. Just waiting for Rodda to get home and then I am away!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What a magical delight to wake up to! Beautiful big snowflakes tumbling from the sky!! We were already running late for kinder/school/work, but we slowed our morning to stand in the cold and watch with wonder....I took a few photos and then we had to whisk ourselves away..

Luckily for us, we live at the base of Mt Buninyong!!! The snow settled up there for the entire day!!! We took the girls up twice and had a ball! We even took the dogs up! Doesn't Wilson look like he was made to be a 'snowdog'???

Gracie got the coldest first and went from running circles to whining and wanting to go back to the car! Jemma was a bit starstruck by the fluffy white stuff - But soldiered on and even started palying with it! Hallie was delighted and even landed a few snowballs on me! I made a terrible snowman and Rod got cold - he forgot to bring up a coat!!

They all brought home a snow ball that are now safely ensconsed in our freezer!!
I hate the cold but I love the SNOW!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another quick share...

Thought I would also show everyone what I created as a guest designer for Limetart this month. It was a blast! I had the half tart and it was chock full of goodies! Definitely worth a look see!
Thanks to Phillipa, Mel and the other lovely 'tarts' who welcomed me this month!!

LSBS cybercrop

The Little Scrapbook Shop had it's July CC this past weekend and I got heaps of the challenges done - Just for a change...

I am thanful to have finally scrapped HAllie's first day of school photos, it looks so summery in th shots and outside at the mo' it is snowing. LOL! That's what you get for waiting to scrap photos for 6 months!!

I love the photo of my Mum and Sophia. YOu had to incorporate a splash of colour for that challenge - thanks Michelle!

The "Kids are..." is my challenge and everyone over at the LSBS did an awesome job of doing this one!!

So there is my little share for the day....
I will be back with photos of my girlies in the snow later!!
Gotta love living at the base of a mountain!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


We have been holed up inside for days! It is the school holidays and it is raining - ALOT!
I know that we are supposed to be thankful for the rain, but to a mother with three children, who wants some time to scrap (LOL), then one day where they can get outside would be nice!!

I folded the other day and took them up to the lake and the playground. We gotout of the car and ten minutes later we were all rugged up enough to brave the elements!!

I have some lovely winter snaps of the girls fromt hat day though. That is one good thing about the overcast skys - great photos! Mind you their noses are pink and dripping in most of the shots!

Throw in a dog who has had surgery and HAS to stay inside and well, our house is teeming and the heater is going gangbusters!!

On the plus side, we all sleep in and stay in our PJ's until late! I don't have to make a school lunch everyday and I don't have to race around between kinder and school!! We also had Macca's for lunch today - Just coz...

There is a positive in everything!!

Now, it is July the sixth...Will I still consider the Masters??
I do have plenty of indoor time on my hands I suppose...Hmmmmmmm

Celeste xx