Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studio Calico winner:

I promise that I put all of you names into a hat and drew out a winner. It has been our football grandfinal weekend here. So alot of socialising going on and beer-drinking by husband...We are also desparately trying to pack to get to Yarrawonga today...So with all of that I didn't have that chance to photograph the proof!

So without further ado and more unintentional rambling from me..

The winner is:
Terry D
"Sounds like a fun class! Thanks for the chance!"

I will email your details to Studio Calico!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Studio Calico Blog Hop:

I have been lucky enough to be invited to contribute to the latest Studio Calico class: 1000 words: Capture More.
 I am so excited! Studio Calico is one of my all time fave scrapping sites and I luuurve all of their products! A class that combines photography and scrapbooking - It's a perfect fit for me and it a bonus that the scrappers and photographers that I have admired for such a long time are a part of it too. Read on:

Six amazing photographers from the Studio Calico design team are here to help you capture more of the emotion, more of the moment, and more of the story. This class is unlike other photography classes because it doesn't focus on the technical aspects of shooting. Instead, we'll be giving you a glimpse into the photographic style of each of our teachers and contributors. We'll be covering twelve different topics, ranging from everyday moments to special occasions, and helping you to look at photographing them in a more meaningful way. Becky Novacek, Kelly Noel, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner, Susan Weinroth and Tina Aszmus will be heading up this class - you can read more about them here.
Each lesson will contain four photos from our teachers and contributors with information on composition, using light and how the shot was set up, as well as insight into technical settings, equipment and editing. Our photographers will be sharing their thoughts on photographing the different topics, and sharing their tips and tricks towards capturing an image that's worth 1000 Words. The lessons will be wrapped up with a list of photo prompts on the topic, as well as a layout showcasing one of the images. At the end of each lesson, students will be able to submit a photo to the teacher for feedback. Students will also have access to four bonus PDFs - these will be cheat sheets with helpful hints for photographing in low light situations, capturing natural expressions, color schemes for group shots and combining actions.
Our teachers are joined by an accomplished group of contributors - some photographers by trade, some just passionate about photography. The line up includes Karen Russell, Melanie Mauer,Kristin Rogers, Andrea Jenkins, Erin Cobb, Lisa Leonard, Kelly Purkey, Maria Grace Abuzman, Rebecca Cooper, Melissa Diekema, Elise Blaha Cripe, Jen Johner, Allison Waken, Kimmi Robinson, Stephanie Dagan, Celeste Vermeend, Tami Gookstetter and Naomi Atkins. Each of these ladies has a distinct style and is ready to give you a little peek into their shooting process!
Syllabus :
week 1 : relationships, lake/pool/beach, sports
week 2 : iphone / instant camera, special circumstances (mental & physical disabilities, avoiding glare on eyeglasses), outdoors
week 3 : holidays, everyday routines, self portraits / getting into the shot
week 4 : personalities, photography for blogs, birthdays

 To purchase this class and get involved follow the link below:

Studio Calico 1000 words: capture more
Registration ends 30/9/2012 and the class begins in 1/10/2012
And as way of promoting and sharing the class, Studio Calico is running a blog hop.. Please go to the
Studio calico blog to see the list of all the stops.

As one of my readers -  leaving a comment could win you a $10 promo code off the price of the class! Yay!

Does it get any better?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy to be:

.....guinea pigs! These fabulous images were taken by my very clever sister-in-law Cindy...She has her very first wedding to photograph tomorrow and she asked us to pose as practise...

Let me just say, I was quite happy to put our hand up for this golden oppurtunity...

Firstly because she is an excellent photographer...
Secondly, because we love a very similar style of photography so I trusted her to take photos I knew I would fall in love with....

And finally because as a couple we never get photos like this?

Seriously?  Who in a committed loving relationship with 5 kids, one shift work occupation, one burgeoning photography business and numerous other distractions would ever be bothered to do it?

Plus - you feel like a tosser prancing around in front of a camera - when your not getting married - or you are married with wrinkles!!! LOL.. So, the mere fact that I was helping her out made it that little bit easier. Still felt like a try-hard.. wanna-be...bride..But ah well..The proof is here..I still very much love my husband - AND shit we're definitely getting old!!!

I am also going to frame some or get some on canvasses..I don't care if I look up myself.. Rod and I never got around to getting our wedding photographs framed..And somehow I feel like these photos are a real reflection of us living...You know? The wedding day is beautiful..But you are just embarking on life together? There is anticipation and expectation in the photos of your wedding day...

These images show me that we are toughing it out after almost 20 year together.. We are still affectionate and loving...Hehehe.. He still thinks I'm hot...Even though it was freezing and ALL 8 of our kids were 'running riot' INSIDE both of our cars while we were madly capturing the LUUUUURVE.....See? REAL...

Thanks Cindy....I appreciate it..I love them and I can't wait to see the wedding images on your blog...


Hmmm..On a side note..I do seem to be spending more time in front of the lens this year??
I like myself..I do.. I feel youthful..Energetic...Happy...
And apart from some dumb looks in front of camera and much blinking when the photo is snapped ( der)..I am happy to be captured... I am also featured in some fitness I will share these later too..
Enough of me and US for now though..
I'm getting a bit over myself...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Murray to Murphy:

It was my divine pleasure to be involved in Simon and Narelle's wedding day..I have edited SO MANY of your photos already..I just had so many that I liked! I think I might have been a little biased towards a certain little page boy..belonging to my darling bestie..But seriously he was so freakin'cute! All the kids in this wedding were gorgeous..

Being quite averse to cold..I think the bride looked beautiful..and the bridesmaids..Well let me just say -  I avoided editing any photos that incorporated a pink tweety dressing gown! Simon and Narelle, you both has such loving families..You are so very lucky and I too hope to be photographing William's cousins in the near future:

Thank you too for allowing me to be a part of your festivities! I danced the night away and LOVED my cappuchino brulee..SERIOUSLY...


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will she?

Will she always be this way?
Will she always roll her eyes at me when I say something she doesn't want to hear?
Will she sigh theatrically at every serious word I say?
Will she not meet my eye when she is grown?
Will she still sob quietly behind the couch where she she thinks I cant hear her?
Will she still sob loudly behind the couch so I can?
Will she always slam a door, a drawer anything -  to make her point?
Will she still sulk?
Will she still whine?
Will she?
Will she be like this at 13?
Will she be the same at 16?
Will she alway react to me this way?

Will she understand why I am consistently firm?
Will she run wild?
Will she rebel?
Will she confide in me?
Will she want to?

It's the conundrum of parenthood..It seems delightfully far away when they are tiny and small, snug in the safety of your arms...

But far to soon you are going head to head with your beautiful daughter.. Again and again..

And I worry...Will she  hate me for this? Will this look she gives me - will it mean much more in years to come?  She moves on each time..But I am left wondering what she hasd tucked away from each experience? Hurt? Anger? Resentment..Or maybe respect?? I can only hope..

Every argument, gentle discussion, rasied voice and subsequent consequence feels like a hurdle we are both jumping as we hurtle closer toward the teenage years..And I fear the teenage years..Always have..Perhaps I am overthinking this and allowing my own fears to cloud each situation with her?

I love her and want desperately to guide her into becoming a good adult..But it's not always a mapped out journey..And at times it's pretty darned full of potholes... But I am honest with her too..Expressing my fears and thoughts at her expressions and over reactions..Asking if she realises how her behaviour affects me and others?

Don't get me wrong though..She is otherwise a delightful and quirky child..Loving, cheeky and responsible..And although I fear it - I continue to dish out the same firm line..Not acceptable...

Whether or not her response is appropriate remains undetermined each time....And each time I am left wondering the same question...Which is at the heart of the matter really..

Will she?
Will she still love me?


Note: Please if you are reading this - I am not sobbing hopelessly into my pillow...I am fine..We didn't even have a rough day..  This was just me pondering over our dinner preparations about my feelings about it..And I just wanted to get it down..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh my..He's 2:



I'm officially beat! After his birthday Thursday, I had a big day out in Melb with a wedding to photograph and then attend. I am always knackered after a wedding's a busy, busy day..Sneak of these photos to come..
But before that I had to make the cake..He's crazy, mad for Thomas and Chuggington - like alot of little blokes his age - but when I googled Thoms cakes..I wasn't overly fussed with homemade results I was seeing. I think it is difficult to get clean lines needed for a train with either fondant of icing?
Then I stumbled across this 'no bake train cake'- and I loved it. Somehow it looked like a proper wooden type train. So I gave it a go. He LOVED it..To the point that when we dismantled the engine to serve it..He was most displeased - and desperately wanted to put the gingerbread drove back on!
He patiently waited all day for his presents and then waited while his Mama photographed him with the pile BEFORE ripping into them.. The Thomas track was a HIT and he quite liked little cookie monster and Elmo..All faves around here..
My beautiful baby boy..