Monday, June 27, 2011

Day book Monday: 27/6

Outside my Window..Can't see actually..The curtains are closed and have been all day.. Luckily I have just been out to the supermarket and I know that the sun is setting and it's bright orange and beautiful..

I am thinking... that I should start cooking dinner...Nah....

I am thankful for...three impeccable school reports....My gorgeous girlies..

From the kitchen - NOT dinner..Obviously! But I do have new BPA free plates and bowls for my littlies..

I am wearing.... my trackies and runners. Finally got a little bit of exercise, after many days of uuuggghness..

I am couple of clients jobs to do. I also made three canvasses for Paddy's first birthday and forgot to photograph them...rrrrrrr..

I am hearing... Milla..She is whispering beside me.Has dropped her afternoon nap. So I am hearing her ALOT more these days!

Around the house..Unmade beds, clean washing, a child virtually sitting on top of a giant flatscreen telly? What the?? I mean seriously? I get it in the 80's when I was a littlun..The telly's were alot smaller..Sob..sob... BUT she also has a massive 8 seater leather lounge she could be splayed out on!! Sheesh..
One of my favourite things..My little 'mini - me' Milla. At this very moment she too is typing away on the little computer beside me..When I breastfeed RJ, she too is breastfeeding her baby and patting it's little stuffed tushy...When I put him down to sleep she too puts her baby to bed in her room and closes the door.....
A few plans for the rest of the week...Maybe another walk tomorrow...And then enjoying the relative simplicity of having only 2 children at home...As we gear up for the school holidays the week after!

And of course a photo to share.. My little Rylan James...aka... Ryley J:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

They may not have won the new territory....

(and neither did we!!)...but they are winners..
Look what a beautiful family they are???
Go here to see their first photoshoot..
And they are my friends... So very glad to get the chance to capture you guys.. I really love photographing kids..But there is something really magical about doing the whole kit and kaboodle..Mum, Dad and bubs...Master 'Willman'(as he is currently known) is just such a cutie..
My fave is the last one. Certainly NOT perfect but terribly gorgeous and a little bit out of left field..

Love you guys..Territory notwithstanding....

C xx

Friday, June 17, 2011

the cold is winning...

But I am still functional..Just barely....So I thought I would post another challenge I completed before the dreaded lergy bashed me over the head. Always the over achiever..sigh..I did the June 123 challenge twice.. because I wasn't particularly satisfied with the finished result of this one:

But I did get to play with the scrummy new Rocket Age range from October Afternoon. Also played with paint and used a valuable tip from my good friend Fee..I held it over the toaster to dry it. Better than forking out 50 for a heat gun! Misting as well. The paint actually appears to resemble the mush he is devouring!
So I did this one:

And I feel satisfied with this one. Mostly because I scrapped one of the older girls.. This doesn't happen a often as I'd like.. Used some Girls Paperie paper as the background. Some paint, some old American Crafts bunting and old flowers too..  The challenge was to use:

1. the word create
2. brown ( I have brown buttons and brown in the ribbon)
3. Masking ( I have journalled on some masking tape)

This photo of Grace makes me feel cold..It was taken on a hot Summer's afternoon. They all sewed pillows for their special toys.. I will endeavour to scrap more photos of the biggies..I promise. xx

Happy weekend everyone....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh me..oh my...

A couple of shots of this little miss wearing Myrtle & Grace gear.. Taken during our recent photoshoot.. More lovely images of Rachael's clothes coming soon...

That's it from me today.. The kids cold has finally caught up with....


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Little Miss..

Just a few shots from Miss JP's photoshoot a few weeks back. Looking forward to capturing her again as she grows...Thanks Lis..  xxxx

Monday, June 13, 2011

Scrappy sunday:

Here's what I have been creating over this long weekend:

Now this layout started out on my desk late in the week - nothing like this. It was bugging me. I wasn't sticking anyting down because it didn't look at all right. I knew the large photo was bugging me. I don't print large ones to scrap these days. But this image was part of a collection with smaller ones that I was going to frame - that printed wrong... Any who...So...To get past my preoocupation with smaller photos I perused some blogs I like...People did still scrap big photos didn't they? And still get the effect they were after? I ended up here...and became inspired... Now I love the BIGNESS of the photo. So much so that I might have to frame this one! The challenge was to use the word AMAZING...

STUCK! June sketch challenge:

I really love the Little Yellow Bicycle background paper. And the Jilibean Soup butterfly paper..Oh so to die for....The 'you are here' sticker is from a Basic Grey boy range..I have pulled it off to use it heaps of times and stuck it back. It ended up working on a page about my sweey Lilly Lou..My current nickname for this little person...

Thanks for all your lovely comments lately and as always thanks for stopping by....
Oh - and I am having difficulties with blogger - leaving comments at all other lovely blogs.. Some I can and some I can't?? Lizzy C and Stacey in particular....So I am sorry..I have visited you both this weekend!

Off to decorate choc muffins with my  little muffins and then to watch Collingwood play Melbourne..

Bye xx

Friday, June 10, 2011


A few shots from his little mini shoot for his first birthday invitation. He is so super cute and Milla is secretly..Well not so secretly harbouring a little crush on him...
The little lad who sings karaoke  in this commercial  - is the spitting image of what I think Paddy will be in five years time.....and he's so super cute!
Sash - we need to do a proper full family shoot for you I think...

C xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sausage rolls, frozen peas and double-sided tape:

I have received alot of positive comments on my ability to find time to scrap with five kids.. So here is how I do - some of the time anyways..Last week I didn't scrap. My desk was a bomb site and it stayed that way...BUT I cooked healthy meals all week, I did all the washing (and put some of it away!) ...SO this Monday when Rodda was on night shift  we had leftover homemade sausage rolls, peas, raw beans (the girls love them uncooked) and this allowed me the extra time to scrap. Ryley J was sleeping and the girls were all playing happily and I immersed myself in tape and paper and paint:

Kraft It Up:

The challenge this month was a timeline. So here it is. My mister blue experiencing his first easter egg. I didn't journal that minute after I took these shots he swallowed green foil seconds before I could fish it out....Have been playing with paint again. I must admit that I do find it tiresome though. Al the washing up and drying time. Might have to invest in a heat gun - because in spite of my attitude I really do like the effect! Old easter stickers used up - check. Old basic grey chipboard title - check.

Once Upon A Sketch:

Based upon this lovely sketch by Nadia. Naturally I have tortured it... I always have difficulty with pastels. So I am not enirely happy with it. But I love the photos. So I love it. Paint again. Misted lace. Hand cut hearts. An old American Craft Lizzy sticker up there on the left..

Scrap the Boys:

Using this colour combo (there is a white block on the end that you can't tell is there!):

I love everything about this layout. The fact that all the photos are separated. Highly unusual for me. I love the little guitar and the typewriter..Again with the painting - and this time stamping - ooh aah...lalala..

Thanks for looking...What leftovers can I fill my kids with tonight???

Sunday, June 5, 2011

for the love of

No seriously..I made this for US.. we miled up 18 years yesterday.. When we were first going out he gave me a strawberry freddo for our one month anniversary. It was sweet and important. That one little chocolate promised me he was was sticking around, it said he cared but wasn't that big a gift that he wouldn't frighten me off!  And it also showed me that he remembered things like the date we met and that the gift wasn't as important as the actual celebration..

And well.. the strawberry freddo thing just kinda stuck. Sort of like us really..Every year we give each other strawberry freddos. Sometime lots..Some years just one. One year I hid them and left little clues for him. I have attached them to the top of cupcakes and  another year I totally covered the top of a scrummy chocolate cake in 'nude' freddos.. He has given them to me in amongst other gifts..But they are always there...

So here is the latest installment. It was very easy. Alot of cardboard and heaps of doublesided tape:
Oh and ALOT of freddos. So much so that I bought our local supermarket out of strawberry ones and had to fill in gaps with other flavours:

Happy 18th anniversary babe...I love you and our freddos..Seriously....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photo a day for may...second to last installment:

My fave part about these is Gracie's hair!!!! And the little man at the window wanting to be in on the outdoor fun!
Silly buggers with Dadda....
Always a blast..

His new fave pastime. Getting the girls to whiz him up and down the hallway on this..

Grainy, poor lighting, self timered shot. But it is very important to me. This is part of my day everyday. But it won't be forever. It will be gone so quickly. Already I am in deep doodie because he still feeds to sleep - and it's becoming a problem...Sigh..

And this to commemorate what I have been endeavouring to do for all of May..