Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A little slice of MOTHERHOOD

8.15pm...I put them all to bed. A while later she wakes up..I brush the hair from her face and wipe her tears..Shhhh and I leave the room......She wakes again..I stretch on my tiptoes to the top bunk and tuck the doona around her...shhhhhh...I close the door softly...Later..She cries..I close the open window and take her to the toilet...'Night Gracie', I say...'Night Mama', she replies...Later again she wakes and I give her panadol and change her into cooler PJ's, yawning all the while...I leave the door slightly ajar...I go to bed...Drifting away..She cries out...I sigh..She cries out again this time saying my name...I go...I lift her from the bunk and in desperation carry her to our bed. She's hot and fidgety and falls from the bed...The crying begins again in earnest...She folds her arms around my neck and our foreheads rest against each other. I brush my fingertips along her brow over and over...For a time her sobs make her shake..They dissolve into little snuffles and eventually...at last... quiet even breathing.. Her arms unwind themselves and we turn away from one another but with our backs still touching...
Good night Gracie......See you in the morning.. 3.00a.m. At last I sleep...Motherhood..The Late Shift...

Monday, February 26, 2007


It seems like a good idea to use this blog as a way of recording journalling I might want to put onto layouts...So excuse my dribble and just skip over it if it doesn't interest you!
This photo has been floating around in my head for about 24hrs...So it must be the next one I want to scrap! Our litlle mini holidayto Yarrawonga was hot. The girls had become so confident in the pool we thought they might be able to handle the local waterslide. Jemma was quite simply the bravest. Darling girl. Whilst the other two squealed all the way down and even cried on their way to the top (Hallie!) you stoically went up the three flights of stairs time and time again. You sat in our laps without hesiatation, for the slippery ride to the bottom! I even tried going on a mat with you! Bad idea! We went so fast! Still not a whimper, no complaint...and at the end... this gorgeous photo and even a smile....Before I snuggled you up in a nice warm beach towell!
Brave girl Lizzy Lou...Love you xx

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I downloaded photos last night and here are my faves...The girls ahd been at the local Gold King festival abd the bubbles were from their 'lucky dips.' It was very, very hot! Hallie went in the parade but nearly melted! 38 degrees! It was hot in the shade..

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I was out walking the dogs last week and I found myself remembering the day I found out I was having twins. All aspects of that ultrasound are etched in my brain. I can even see Hallie wiggling in Rod's arms as the picture of those two little floating heads came up on the screen in front of me.. I realised that every two or three months I recall this life changing event...Just to make me smile. Sometimes it's when they are driving me crazy, other times when I feel sad about other things...This little memory never ceases to bring a little bit of sunshine into my days...Hence, my scrapbooked page...
I should have blogged before I did the journalling on the LO! What I have said here is better by half ! LOL

Cheers Celeste

Friday, February 23, 2007


Well this is a first! SC had asked for a layout last week and for the life of me I just couldn't work out the one they were talking about! I emailed and said that I was sure they had the wrong person??

They emailed back a detailed description and sure enough I remembered it! But do you think I could find it?? I went through all my recent albums - and I have alot of them! 17 in total..I was a wee bit stumped...

Eventually located it and it has left me feeling like perhaps I'm slightly addicted?? Hmmmmmmm? I have way too many! ANd they are all out or order...I have new ones in with old ones...Some come back formt he mags and have no home so I just slide them in where ever they fit!! Hehehe - better than not having them in albums at all I suppose! (Alot weren't last year!)

Here's some of my first layouts...from back when the bubs were tiny..Please remember they were first...They may not be glamourous but they are very important to me...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just quickly dropping in. Have been to playgroup, been waxed (ouch), been to Target am home now, but off to swimming soon and then back for a social ngit at the primary school!

Had a lovely evening last night..Scrapped with a couple of friends who are new to scrapping..Belinda and Kelly...Gotta love their enthusiasm! They are my good luck charms I think! Started and finished my layout for the Rebekka E challenge for S Memories.
Am really happy with it too! Here is the photo I used..Jemma..Beautiful girl!


Celeste xx

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A very quick and special thanks to Deanne from LSBS! Who helped me sort out my links! You ROCK!

Celeste xx


Hallie's 'present' for hr birthday was to have a friend sleepover instead of doing the whole party thing...

Well let's justsay they had a ball! Played on the barbie websire, in the sanpit, beading and bathing together and talking until 10.30pm! I finally threatened to remove Ainsley - lilo and all to the other lounge if they didn't sleep - and that seemed to have the desired effect!

So there - done and dusted - my very first little girl sleepover! It wasn't so bad...Rod did forget that she was there and went to the toilet with the newspaper and the door open though! I have never heard such giggling in all my life!


Celeste xx

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sorry here is her birthday cake!! That's what you get for blogging with girls swarming under and over you!! The photo was taken at Zagames - which is her fave restaurant (at 5!) and all of her close family were in attendance!!


I know I'm blogging lots but I just want to get some of my images up...I have created 2 LO's for a scarpping class...But forgot to take photos of thm before they were displayed in the store!!
Here's my darling girl's bday cake. She wanted a mermaid..God knows why??? So here was I late at night (when I should have been chatting online!!) cutting spearmint leaf lollies down the middle for her tail....It's the things we do.....She loved it!

Will put up my darling girls school photos now..She has been going to school for 3 weeks now. We hi-fived today because she didn't have a little teary session in the playground..

Live brave baby girl.....

Alright I am quite liking this blog and it does seem very easy to use.. Will keep playing and adding some recent images and LO's from our Summer...

Well I have a layout put up now..This was one of fave photos from Boxng Day. The girls are really close to Papa and this photo of Jem in his hat will be very special in the years when he is no longer with us..Not that that is going to happen anytime soon..

Celeste xx
All I wastrying to do was sign up with google so I culd leave comments for helen jolly and here I am with another blog!

I just though I would take it for a test run and see if it is any easier to use...