Monday, October 31, 2011

Sharing their party:

And didn't they have a good time? Phew...Thanks to Rachael for her marquee and decorations.. They were awesome.. The girls all loved decorating their plates.. Totally cool porcelain pens.. Cake was a simple choc sponge. I added some rose and daisies to the top to decorate...


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here is one of thelayouts I left at the Imagination Factory Retreat for a challenge - and it won! This is currently one of my fave photos...So cute...  Some stickers on here from the new Crate Random range and the fabric purple frame is from Little Yellow Bicycle..If the title is confusing...Milla calls Jemma Memmy...So sweet..

And here is theother one I left behind - and it to one something..Woohoo! The tockets are from the new October afternoon sidewalks range.. Letters are way cool Sassfras..Which sadly will be no more ..So I hear.. Woodgrain paper is from the new Crate range called...Wait while I look for it....Aha...Farmers Market...Little man playing peekaboo..Some of the fitrst shots I ever took with my new camera...

Off to drop five kids off to three different locations for a sleepover..As we are having a sleepover in Melb tonight for our anniversary.. It's never easy when you want a night off around here..


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wrokshop success:

Last Saturdays camera workshop was an absolute success! I was so pleased with how all the ladies were getting their heads around their cameras functions! We have even organised a catch-up next month to check on how they are going...

I was working so hard helping them..I actually didn't take any shots myself..

So having said that.....I will run another...As long as I get the numbers.. Please leave a comment or drop me an email if you are interested in attending...

After this I will be unable to run another until after Summer... I am also considering a follow up hands-on course in photoshop. Please leave a comment if you would be interested in this. I really need to know if this will be a viable course to run..

Also feel free to print out the flyer to hand to anyone you know that might be keen..

Thanks to all my lovely ladies who attended. You all did so well and i can't wait to see some of your images...
Thanks too to Jasmine and Rach..Who has already emailed and facebooked some samples that I could see. I am an instant gratification kinda girl!!

C xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gab & Ben:a wedding challenge!

If you can't tell...From the photos...MOST of the shots are taken inside..It was really wet.. and when the cermony finished it was pitch black to boot!
Thankfully I had no bridesmaids or groomsmen to squeeze into indoor shots..Just the lovely couple..
Gab and Ben proofs will be on their way soon..
You had a truly gorgeous and sweet wedding..

C xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a scrappy share:

I did both of these layouts on my day out at the Imagination Factory retreat.. I did more..But 2 I left as entries in challenges and the other two are for Stuck!...Thanks to Sue and ladies at TIF for hanging onto this Sassafras paper for me..Sunshine Broadcast I think it is.. I ADORE it.. It makes for the most cool background. Used Mel's cool art supplies too. Dropped ink with an eye dropper..Awesome much??

The layout below started out as a Kraft it Up challenge..Until I realised..I wasn't actually USING kraft..Duh..Borrowed Mel's huge cool flower stamp on the background...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stuck Oct 15 sketch:

The second of the circles sketches for this month. This layout started out with a different photo on it.. The colours weren't working so I swapped to these photos from last Summer... Circles making me happy. Have I said that lately? I hung out with Ebony on the weekend and found that circles make her happy too...No pointy bits.. Life's pretty sweet when there is no pointy ends to jab yourself with...

More layouts from my crafty Sat to come..`

Jump over to Stuck and have a go at the sketch..

If you don't have a large circle cutter, trace around a bowl and cut carefully. Any uneven parts can be the bit hanging off the edges.. Flowers on a boy page.. But it's ok. I'm in it too...

Friday, October 14, 2011

They are 8....

Ha! I can hardly believe it has been 8 years since our sweet twinnies arrived.. They are growing into such beautfiful, sweet and caring young ladies. At the time they were born. Our family was considered complete.. I even stated so on their announcement cards. Hehehehe.. I think though they are mostly the reason I wanted more children. I know I was crazy busy during their first year. But ever since, they have been super adorable, well-mannered and tight. Never separated at school, their teachers believer they complement one another. They have the same social circle. Have always shared a bedroom. Went on a sleepover together without a backward glance. Look out for one another and are the most sharing kids.
In the older photo, (please forgive my red eyes, wonky glasses, bad hospital chair, inordinately large boobies and early scrapbooking capabilities!) Jemma is on the left. I know this for sure because she was bright red. Her blood was too thick when she was born, causing her to look extremely sunburned. She spent alot of time under phototherapy lights and it literally took three months to fade completely. She was in NICU for 24hrs and then in the SC nursery with Grace for a month..

In the recent photo, Jemma is on the right and Grace the left. (Please applaud my contacts, straightened hair, new outfit, new wrinkles, awesome camera and husband for taking the shot while half cut...Hehehehe) What a difference 8 yrs makes.. My beautiful twins. Shy, soft-spoken in public, loud, silly and raucous at home...Happy birthday...

Love Mama xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For Kat:

I love that my 'housework' is editing little gorgeous munchkins! What could be sweeter? A sneak peek for you Kat and family.. Proofs winging their way to you tomorrow...

Better get back to that other 'housework'...Sigh....

C xx

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sometimes..Just two nights away from home is enough to recharge your batteries...A bit of sand and sunshine and just two three degrees warmer weather are enough.... We love it here at the river..

Making a real effort once more to be in the photos...
Giving husband camera. Eeeekkkk!

Back home tomorrow..
Getting workshop underway..