Tuesday, July 14, 2009


She likes giant carrots, long hops in the meadow and is a big fan of glitter...

... enjoys glitter as well (obviously) and a bit of grass goes a long way as well...
She loves a spash of colour and thinks that jumps racing is an abomination..Here here!
.....likes a cool drink during a big photo shoot..Being hydrated is important to a good model.. Fluffy also likes to nap on the couch and thinks bunny might make a nice meal..If only she weren't made of plaster... Hmmm?
They are our latest and greatest Plaster Fun House endeavours from the school holidays.. I encourage you to venture out for this activity. Kills a few hours..
I obviously do not expect you to spend your own precious time willingly setting up mini studio's and props in which to photograph the finished product..
C xx

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