Monday, July 20, 2009

Up and away..

She is eleven months old..BUT she has been walking for most of her tenth month. The bigger girls having gone back to school has made all the difference between crawling and walking.
Instead of being smothered with sister love everytime she managed to get onto her toes.. The house and the hallway was free of those pesky sisters, invading her personal space.. And just look at her go. The world viewed from all fours is practically behind her..
She turns..
She spins...
She weaves..
By crikey there is even a RUN in there when she is declothed!
How joyous hey? To run free and unhinbited when completely starkers?? I tried to imagine myself doing it and the wiggles, jiggles and overall mental image I had of myself running naked around the house sent shivers up my fully dressed spine... Ah youth..
C xx


  1. LOL, yes it's very cute to see dimply babies' bottoms streaking down the corridor. Quite a different thing when it's one's own dimply behind though ;).

    Look at her in those photos! she does look very proud of herself :)

  2. Oh wow, just take a look at her go. I can't believe she's walking. She's adorable.

    Take care