Sunday, June 10, 2012


They went off to camp last week. There were tears -

from their little sister and brother!

Milla was sad to see them go and didn't quite get that they wouldn't be home. Rylan on the other hand - well all the parents standing around as the grade three's got on their buses were very symapthetic to a little boy who seemed very miserable at his sisters leaving on a bus..But secretly I think he just wanted to be on the bus himself!

Check out the cheeky little person who sidled into the shot in the first photo??
Cute much?

Hope you are all having an ace long weekend..
Cold and wet here..
Girls all having friends over..
Milla and Rylan going to see th model train exhibition tomorrow.
I am going to the movies tomorrow..

A win for one and all!



  1. Gorgeous cheeky boy, tho!!!! Cold & wet here, too. Even have the bar heater on [heeheehee - cold in Sydney is NOT the same cold as Ballarat, having experienced both!!!] Enjoy the movies:):):)

  2. Oh I hope they had a great camp! and cheeky boy!!

  3. I hope they had a fabulous time. I don't look forward to sending the boys off to camp next year. Although it might be easier than when I sent DS1 off because they will have each other.