Sunday, June 17, 2012

All about:

She is 8 years and 8 months old
Her fave colour is still purple.
She still sucks her thumb when watching TV - if she thinks I am not looking..
Still sleeps and plays with Friendy..Who is 7 years and 8 months old.. She has a wardrobe of clothing items...
She loves SLEEP.. and a sleep in.. almost always last out of bed on the weekend..After 9am..
Is the slowest breakfast eater..EVER..
Is so gentle and patient with her little brother and sister.And encouraging with them too..
Like to take the 'middle ground'..So is almost always the mediator in arguments with her siblings..
In the unlikely event she is involved in the tiff - well then we have floods of tears..
Wants to do the RIGHT thing so BAD..Decisions are hard for her..Seriously..
Likes raw red capsicum in her lunch box..
Her hair is almost down to her bottom.
Loves anything related to Harry Potter...
Is up to reading book number six in the HP series..
Like Moshi Monsters on the internet..
Is super smart - we've been told..
Sometimes called 'the passenger' during clean up..Tries to get away with not doing alot..
Hangs out with her twin and a gaggle of other girls at school
Is shy initially..She can come across a little aloof. But will open up in time..
Notoriously quiet around other adults..Still..
Loves my homemade spagetti and meatballs the best..
Likes to 'fly under the radar' on most things..Goes about everything in a quiet non-showy kind of fashion? She stays on the edges of things? And  in this way she manages mostly stays out of the firing line..Shifty but extremely clever little miss that she is..
So softly spoken I have to ask her to repeat alot of things she says to me..
Will have a go at everything new.. Has that 'I can' spirit in a soft version.
Is called 'Memmy' by most family members..
Also known as Lizzy and Jem-Bob..

She is one very divine half of my twins..I love her so very much..My sweet Lizzy girl xx

Happy Sunday all



  1. She is a darling, and sounds a lot like my daughter Hannah.. a lovely girl who is a blessing to all who know her!

  2. That's really sweet Celeste! And a great idea to remember everything about your kids! Might have to steal this idea...;)

    Blog looks great too! I see you have labels now...!

  3. This is super sweet Celeste and the reason why Noah is in love with her ;-)))) and loves Grace too! XxDani