Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeding the frenzy:

My lovely friend Dani who has her own brand new blog: Fitness, Food and Style came over last Friday and while I buzzed about savvying up her blog she fed all of our kids and us too!

Pizzas on wholemeal wraps..A bit of sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese. whack in the oven and there you have it.. A perfectly healthy afternoon snack that doubles as an activity the kids can be involved in.. She's a goer she is...

Not sur about sucking on the pastry brush?? But the kid does love sauce.. Obviously ours had olives, feta, salami and basil..Yummo.. Not a bad effort feeding NINE hungry kidlets..

Thanks Dani...
She's talking about me giving up sugar??? What the??
I did have my coffee without one this morning!

Yay me!


  1. AHA!!!! I knew you could do it babe!!!!! Baby steps....

    Thanks for the lovely post, pics look great and how adorable are our kids. Bias aren't we??

    Thanks for all the positive vibes you send my way, really appreciate your support with my blog & our friendship xx

  2. I have just had a happy half hour trawling through your blog looking at your wonderful layouts and chuckling at all the narrative :0) How could I resist a regular dose of all this loveliness???!!! I am your newest follower...nearly 100 of us!!

  3. Wow! great effort in feeding the multitudes.. home made pizza is a regular around here.. I get Miss 11 involved. she makes hers i make mine.. and I have cut down on sugar... a bit hard to go cold turkey..but you can do it !!

  4. A small world it is. Your friend Dani, just happens to be a friend of one of my Kinder Mum's Alek. I saw your name up on Dani's blog the other day, talking about having a coffee with you! Alek put up a note on facebook to advertise Dani's blog as well!!! 2degrees of seperation I tell you.