Friday, June 29, 2012

For the love of:

But it's bloomin' cold!
Seriously..Would chill the nuts off a .....Well let's just say Brrrrrrrrr..

So much so that my husband and I braved the biting chill to go to the shops to deck ourselves  out in a snug pair of uggs!
Well they're actually NOT the real deal..Obviously with five kids..We weren't shelling out the big bucks for a trendy pair of moccasins! I eventually got mine at Just Jeans after trying on about fifty different pairs in every shop I could say UGG in... Rod was successful in Rivers...

But seriously..I am living in mine.. I love how cosy and warm they are...They look good with whatever outfit I am wearing.. I even nicked to the supermarket in them yesterday and picked Miss M up from kinder in them today..
I step into them from bed..I have them parked beside me. And straight out of the shower..Ahem..Have to say they look good on me even when I am naked as J-bird...hehehehe...I'm right - M even said so...

The stink factor is yet to be determined though...Nothing worse than slippers than smell like old cheese eaten by an even older lady....

Will keep you posted..

Signing off in my uggs....Stay warm where ever you are...



  1. Those look super snuggly! Unfortunately (or fortunately) its not cold enough to wear them. Those gorgeous leather boots I bought last year with the fur trim? Nope :( Doc Martens I spent a fortune on... put on ebay.

    I don't miss the weather AT ALL! But I guess the trade off for the nice winter weather is the pitiful shopping up here. In the 20's here today but last week I wore my scarf for a while in the morning. The lace one though.

    Hope the cold doesn't last too long! You might need to visit :)


  2. Please don't go all bogan on me, I've already got the westy label for being a Collingwood supporter!!! ;-)) ha! ha! US PIES need to stick together. I even have a pair that are for outdoor purposes!!!! Keep warm my friend xx

  3. Well we had sunshine here today.. first day this week!! and I used to have some uggies, but they died.. so enjoy them..

  4. Your not going to wear them to the shops again are you darling??? xx
    I park mine by the bed also, they're as addictive as sugar!!