Thursday, June 14, 2012

banana pops!

I  dont know about you, but my girls barrel in the door after school - Starving...You know.." We're STARVING Mum...." Said with venom and a touch of sarcasm, as if I couldn't possibly understand exactly how empty their stomachs feel... With only two hours or so unitl dinner it's always a minefield to walk (or should I say snack..) through!

Now I am the first to admit that on many afternoons I have quite simply opened a packet of biscuits ( sometimes healthier rice crackers - even though I abhor the preservatives in the flavourings these days) and sitting on the laptop while their mini mouthes demolish the entire packet before B1 can say "Are you thinking what I'm thinking B2?"... Easy..But not particulary healthy..

So having started to be mindful of this for myself, I decided I should probably be thinking of their empty little tums too..So yesterday I put together this delicious and fun afternoon snack for the kids:

It really is a mixture of nutrition and sugar! They really do desire crap food after school - so this was my way of adding a bit of fruit and fun into the equation! A few skewers and bowls of choc and caramel sauce..Honey, peanut butter and various sprinkles..Then I let them at it..

Double dipping was fair game..we share and share alike around here! I wish I had taken a photo of the pile of banana peels - wowsers! But the girls didn't complain about being hungry again until we had dinner after 7 o'clock.

A win in my book!



  1. Oh wow they do look yummy and lots of fun too... I am sure the sugar gets run off before bed time!! the nutrition in the bananas would over ride the sugar anyways I reckon!! and the photos will make a wonderfully colorful scrap page hehe!!

  2. I love it Celeste!!! Just wait until I make these "clean eating" banana pops, you're gonna love me for that! And the kids won't even know the difference ;-)

    Also wait for my "clean eating" caramel popcorn and honey joys. NO BUTTER, NO SUGAR just the a la natural sugar that comes in food.

    Looks like you had a very colourful arvo snack! xxDani

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