Friday, July 27, 2012

Great advertising:

Watching my footy team LOSE to Hawthorn last week ... I found myself distracted by their promo.. The way they promoted two teams titles..I liked the graphic lines and it inspired this layout -even though I have photographed it crooked:

The title is significant too. A while back Hallie (Rosie) started calling him Boo.. And for about three months it stuck. I even started calling him that. She doesn't do it so much these days - But I wanted to comemorate and remember that time. I hope that when she is a young adult that she can look back at this layout and it warms her heart. I hope she smiles and realises just why she and her baby brother as so close. The bond was formed early.. I will probably give her this layout to keep eventually..

On another note.. This layout started out as a CSI challenge! Hehehe! AGAIN..I missed the boat on entering it.. BUT at least the layout was done. Once the deadline passed. I through my hands up in the air and added the red that the challenge didn't have and what I thought it was lacking. I am really happy with the result. Considering my scrapping mojo has deserted me of late...It's not too bad really..

My focus is being pulled in quite a few directions of late.. I am really into "clean eating"and fitness for both me and my family. I like to run.. I have so many photography clients -  I am always editin git seems.. So it seems something has to give and my scrapping has felt the brunt.

So I apologise to my scrappy readers if there has been a lack of layouts lately.. I DO have a mini  'bit and bobs 'kit almost ready to give away though.. It is a bit BIGGER this time and I have created it from the stuff I have used on two seperate layouts...

STAY TUNED... and I hope you are enjoying my focus on food and fitness..



  1. Just stunning and a beautiful memory at that. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Leanne! I just visited yours - and I LOVE your style. You can look forward to me dropping by more often!

  2. gorgeous layout, and stay healthy!!

  3. hmmm- how to leave a comment without gloating...

    Love your LO, totally get that scrapping can come last on top of everything else, takes too much thought sometimes...really nice photo and story as well, they forget these things when they get bigger!

    Ps go hawks - damn it just slipped out...

  4. So nice to meet you Celeste and very excited you downloaded my free digi kit, hope you enjoy it Absolutely love the graphic design-esque approach to this LO the grided background element is cool! P.S If your trying to reign in that missing mojo and like sketches I also have a free sketch site called pop over you never know you might find some inspo. P.P.S Boo to the Hawks Yay to the Might Blues ;))))) tee hee...xox

  5. We're always being pulled in different directions, it seems....go with where it takes you, I say, & if I have to suffer from not having so many of your FAB LO's to look...well, that's my prob:):):) And this one is a beauty, I have to it all....& congrat's on being firm with your DD...I'm sure she'll have had an absolute BALL on camp...the rest of 'em will hear tales of gladness & be rearing to go when it comes to their turn, I'm sure:):):)

  6. for some reason I can't follow your blog, its not working I have tried both visits now grrrrr, will have to come back later and see if it works then :) And thanks for following PD's Page :)

  7. This looks fab Celeste, great pic of the kids x