Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ears lowered:

I can hardly believe he's had his baby haircut? What the hell was I thinking? I miss the wispy.. I miss the sheer blondness.. I breastfeed him and I feel like I'm letting a 4yr old latch on!

I asked the hairdresser if she could cut it like Dane Swan? Ummmm no...Was the surprised response.. Apparently taking clippers to a not quite 2 year old is a place a hairdresser won't go.. I didn't wan't him to have tattoo sleeves or anything  - just the cool 50's style do all the footy players seem to be sporting?

Alas it was just the scissors this time. He was very brave and sat mostly still. My girlfriend actually squealed when she first saw  him sans baby hair. I am still getting used to it. But we have attempted wax? With mixed results really. I am so used to ribbons, braids and ponytails!

All this growing up crap has made me nostalgic for his newborn days...I recalled today putting him in his capsule for the first time - leaving hospital. All the girls were fussing over his sweet little form.. Glee's "Don't Stop Believin" ( or Gracie's song as Milla used to call it) was playing in the car.. I was happy, sore and content..A beautiful time.. But I was only nostalgic mind..I don't have any desire to be back there.. The remembering is the sweetest and saddest thing - both combined..

Off to make muffins for school luncboxes and then chicken pizza for tea..
Hope your Sunday is good.. A bit nostalgic maybe? Or just plain relaxed..

Please leave me some comments to reaasure me that he looks cute with no bloody hair!

Bye xx


  1. Oh He is still very much a gorgeous little man!! still going to be a heart breaker!! but hey as mums it is our duty to re-think, go back in time and just for a few moments zone out of the now and just have "that" smile on our face and be somewhere back in time and remember.. doesn't mean we want to relive it, but just hold it in our hearts and minds for a few moments and get all sooky and then we snap out of it and get back to the 'now'... and I can see a scrap layout on the horizon about it!!hehe!!

  2. He does look like a real little man...which is a GOOD thing.... he looks cheekier, I reckon...hope that's a good thing! I LIKE it....& he's still got plenty of hair. It always seems to thicken up after that haircut, so that will be nice, too....we've had MY li'l man [grand baby is now 8 weeks old - where did THAT go???!!!] & he's such a cute li'l boy too...but he could do with SOME hair!!! It's great to be around family. Really nice.

  3. Oh, of course he still looks as cute as ever!!! I totally remember cutting my little boy's curls off. And that was it, no more baby curls :-( ... Granted, he is now nearly 3 so sort of needs a little boy hair-cut :-) hehe

  4. Oh Celeste - he's just as gorgeous as ever! Just think - you have about 20 years of his haircuts ahead of you!

  5. I think little boys get much cheekier after their first haircut...
    What happened to waiting until his second birthday???
    Darcy needs his cut again already.
    Can't wait to see the new do in real life :)

  6. Of course he is cute...look at those eyes!

  7. I would've done the buzz cut babe!!!! He looks cute but with a buzz cute even more adorable!!!!! I know, I know, it's all about his 2nd birthday coming up so I forgive you but it's only hair my love. It grows back :-) xxD (hope you aren't still devastated!!!!) C U 2moz xx