Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My big boy:

his new "lightning queen'Harley), and his new do:

 It's been a very big week in this little man's world! Toilet training has begun in earnest and I am happy to report that he is currently on his third day without an accident. He has also been dry for three nights. Not holding out any grave hope of this lasting - but I'll take what I can get!

He also had a hair cut - courtesy of Cindy. And I took some photos to show her what we can do with his new style. He has had lots of comments about his new 'big boy' look. So this is him - hot hair and a little nappyless butt.

Times are a changin...


  1. oh man, he is very cute :) Love that big boy hair do... and as for toilet training... um... it taught me paitence.. LOL
    Have a good arve

  2. Oh wow he looks so grown up now!! and doubley as handsome too!

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