Friday, August 24, 2012


I haven't done a post where I documented an ordinary day for quite some time..Actually I haven't got my camera out to take random every day snaps like I normally do...

So here's my day rolled out:

4.30am: Rylan is unceremoniously dumped into our bed as Rod leaves for work..
5.00am: Rylan rolls on my head as he repeats his sisters names in order over and over..
5.10am: I yell..He wimpers and goes quiet..
6.23am: He is asleep above my head..I have been sleeping too and resume doing so..Toddler on my head notwithstanding..
7.35am: Milla crawls in beside me and fidgets..and fidgets..
7.50am she settles and we all sleep...Aaah..
8.30am All in bed awake..Time to get up..
8.45am: french toast on the go...
9.30am: Big girls make an entrance after a well earned sleep in from the concert the night previously.
9.35am: MORE french toast made and smothered in syrup and raspberries.
10.15am: put on load of washing, make beds, raise curtains..just the usual..
11.00am big girls finally dispatched at school for a rest day before second concert peformance tonight...
11.05am: Jode's and her gang arrive and we pump out an ab workout with kids crawling all over us..
11.50am: COFFEE
12.10pm: sandwiches all round for kids..
12.30pm: drop Milla at kinder and watch her chat with her boyfriend Edward..sweetness..
12.40pm: Park Rylan in front of ABC kids and make my lunch..brown rice with peas, spinach, corn chicken and mushrooms..A splash of oyster sauce and soy..Quick and easy rice..
1.00pm: check email..facebook...etc...
1.10pm: hang washing from earlier..woops...Fold washing..
1.20pm: quick photo op before nap..our only ALONE time all week:

1.30pm: get Rylan ready for bed..
1.35pm: chase up Rylans blanket that he NEEDS to go to BED..
1.40pm: Rylan goes to bed FINALLY..PEACE..
1.45pm: reheat coffee from morning that I didn't get to finish..
1.50pm: SCRAPBOOKING..some creativity at last..
3.20pm: wake buster to go and get Milla..
3.40pm: pick up popcorn at supermarket and collect older girls from school..
3.50pm: popcorn devoured..Finishing layout..
4.10pm: ALL kids separately come ask if they can have MORE to eat..Sigh..Fruit it is..
5.15pm: quickly photograph DT layouts before I lose light..
5.20pm: get Grace to snap me quickly for my bio too:

5.40pm: quick email check...and get girls into outfits for concert..
5.45pm: CRAP..No time to cook dinner for kids..
5.50pm: toasted sandwiches and tubs of yoghurt devoured..
6.00pm: hair and makeup for concert..80's  'single ladies' here we photos sorry...
6.03pm: Rylan fall head first into the empty spa...
6.05pm: Rylan insist on blue eyeshadow too...sigh..
6.15pm: shoes located..snacks the car..
6.25pm: drop girls off at hall and wish them luck and smother with kisses..
6.35pm: prep lamb souvlaki to have with Rod....
7.00pm: get into spa.. and read 2 pages of Fifty Shades and the littlies locate me..DAMN..
7.05pm: ALL three of us now in the spa..Book is WET..
7.15pm: Rodda home..Yay!
725pm: cook lamb and set table while Rodda bathes with littlies..
7.35pm: sit and eat TOGETHER..a small glass of red..
7.40pm: Rylan kicking Milla and rolling on her...sigh..TIMEOUT..
7.55pm finish eating after getting up from the table FOUR more times..
8.10pm: Leave to go and and sneak into concert and watch girls for ther second time..Still weepy..
8.45pm: Hallie performs 'All the Single Ladies' withe all the other grade five girls..She is awesome..
9.15pm: Grand finale..All school singing "can you feel it"..YES we can.. COOL..
9.30pm: Home..Girls reading..Littles asleep..Me blogging...

Night xx


  1. PHEW!!!!! I'm exhausted reading about your day Celeste :D

  2. Glad blogger is cooperating with you now!!!! What a day. What a life. Glad I'm into my 50s... & can give back the grand baby!!! Writing this in bed at 8am. Hubby & dog gone, enjoying peace & quiet:):):) I am in awe of how you do it. TOTALLY!!!!!!!

  3. whew!!!!!! and I thought my days were full..... bless your cotton socks.. your a beautiful Mumma by the sounds of it.. your kids will have a beautiful life and will thank you for it all one day.... when then all have their own. ..... LOL
    Love your work.. very beautiful and creative x
    Well done and congrats on STG